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People with Disabilities and Their Place in the Employment Cycle

Bonaccio, S., Connelly, C. E., Gellatly, I. R., Kathleen, A. J., & Ginis, A. M. (2019). The participation of people with disabilities in the workplace across the employment cycle: Employer concerns and research evidence. Journal of Business and Psychology, 1-24.

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The paper focuses on the question of the people with disabilities and their place in the employment cycle. Irrespective of the existing legislation on workplace diversity, disabled individuals do not get the same access to work, promotion, and opportunities as their healthy colleagues. It has been found that there many ill-founded views about the investigated group of people. It mainly relates to the concerns that they cannot properly fit in the employment cycle. Therefore, the researchers provide primary information received from evidence-based responses. Finally, they summarized and provided the evaluation of the empirical evidence based on the topic under investigation.

Moreover, they suggest recommendations for employers who want to create friendlier, more effective, equal, and inclusive workplaces and encouraging hiring disabled people. This is a valuable source that clearly outcomes the areas for further research. Also, the recommendation provided in the paper contributes to the solution of the issue of disabled individuals.

Issue of the Legitimization Process of Disabled Students in Canada

Bulk, L. Ghanoumi, P., & Lee, M. (2015). The legitimization process of students with disabilities in Health and Human Service educational programs in Canada. Disability & Society 30(10), 1505-1520.

The paper covers the issue of the legitimization process of disabled students in Canada. The primary focus is made on the Health and Human Service educational programs. It is suggested that students with disabilities are underrepresented in most universities. Therefore, the program has been developed to help students eliminate the challenges that disadvantage them. The researchers used in-depth interviews to explore the challenges experienced by students with disabilities. It has been found that students usually have to legitimate their ability to perform their roles of a student and a future practitioner.

The researchers have come to the conclusion that the legitimization process contains three main components, including selective disclosure, the negotiation of the disability label, and advocacy. The research findings show the subtle and insidious marginalization and stigmatization can create barriers for the disabled students. The paper provides interesting and valuable information that can help many students of higher educational institutions solve their disability-related problems.

Issues of Visually Impaired Individuals

Garcia, V., Porlier, S., Faleschini, S., & Boucher, N. (2016). The meaning and importance attributed to work for visually impaired people of the metropolitan area of Quebec. The Journal of Blindness Innovation and Research, 6(2), 1-19.

The researcher is dedicated to the issues of visually impaired individuals. The scientists aim at determining the significance the investigated people give to their work. Also, they seek to identify obstacles and facilitators associated with their workforce integration. The research data is collected workforce through the interview of more than 50 adults from Quebec to get information about the professional experience of these people, and the perceived impact of the social and physical factors. The research results indicate that stimulation is vital as it enhances self-realization.

The participants state that work ensures autonomy. Therefore, the scholars suggest that technical help leads to work integration, improved attitude to employers and colleagues, and others. It is concluded that it is essential to consider sensitization. Thus, this is a reliable source that provides valuable information for disabled people. Also, it suggests ways to solve the employment problems of impaired people. The analysis of the metropolitan area of Quebec is of vital importance to the people who reside there.

Issue of Employment Possibilities among Individuals with Mental Illnesses

Gewurtz, R. E., Cott, C., Rush, B., & Kirsh, B. (2015). How is unemployment among people with mental illness conceptualized within social policy? A case study of the Ontario Disability Support Program. Work, 51(1), 121-133.

The article covers the question of the lack of employment possibilities among individuals with mental illnesses. It is suggested that government policy tends to shape and is often impacted by social views. The authors aim at exploring how social policy characterizes and understand unemployment among individuals who suffer from mental illnesses. The qualitative study design has been applied to explore the policy reform construction and implementation within the Ontario Disability Support Program. An emphasis has been made on the examination of assumptions and attitudes regarding the issue of unemployment among mentally ill people as well as their influence on the employment services and support.

The research results indicate a lack of motivation and limitation are closely related to the unemployment issues among the investigated population. Poor attention to the complex social problems and systematic inequalities within employment services and social policy contribute to the problem. The article provides valuable information related to the issues of unemployment among mentally ill people, highlights the lack of social understanding. It helps better understand the increased need for the development of interventions and the provision of extended employment opportunities for such people.

Mentally Disabled People and Their Occupation Opportunities in Toronto

Illman, S. C., Spence, S., & O’Campo, P. J. (2013). Exploring the occupations of homeless adults living with mental illnesses in Toronto. Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 80, 215-223.

The research focuses on the investigation of the mentally disabled people and their occupation opportunities in Toronto. The issue discussed in the article has been poorly investigated. Therefore, the researchers aim at providing a better understanding of how the investigated people engage in occupations. Hence, they design the study to answer the question regarding the nature of occupational engagement by homeless mentally disabled adults who live in Toronto. A constant comparative analysis method has been used to collect the data and answer the research question. It has been found that the occupational engagement nature for the invested group of people can be explained through the perception of occupation as enjoyment, survival, self-management, and passing time.

The article provides valuable information as the nature of occupational engagement for the homeless mentally disabled individuals is not properly understood. Hence, the current paper provides a deep insight into the questions that have remained long not answered but are essential for society. Finally, it can inform occupational therapy interventions and enhance the engagement of such disable people into the workplace to improve their well-being.

Support of the Transition of Young Disabled Adults into Employment

Jetha, A., Bowring, J., Furrie, A., Smith, F., & Breslin, C. (2019). Supporting the transition into employment: A study of Canadian young adults living with disabilities. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation, 29(1), 140-149.

The article aims at providing information regarding the support of the transition of young disabled adults into employment. Also, it addresses the question of the perceived barriers that prevent meeting the support needs. An online survey has been applied to collect research data. The research participants were more than 150 young Canadian individuals with disabilities. The survey has assisted in collecting the data concerning disability characteristics, work content, and demographic details. The researchers conducted multivariable logistic analyses to investigate and analyze the factors associated with a greater need for accommodations and health benefits of young people with disabilities.

The study results indicate that people with various disabilities are frequently employed. However, it has been found that soft accommodations and health benefits were most needed by research participants. Moreover, employers have reflected that they can and are ready to support the employment of young disabled adults through the provision of soft accommodations and extended health benefits. Thus, addressing the accommodation barriers can result in the minimization of the unmet workplace needs. The study provides reliable information that can be further used to investigate the topic. Also, it can assist in improving the employment outcomes for young disabled adults as they seek to get career promotion and begin the life course.

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Experience of University Students Who Suffer from Mental Health Issues

Kirsh, B., Friedland, J., Cho, S., Gopalasuntharanathan, N., Orfus, S., Salkovitch, M., Snider, K., & Webber, C. (2015). Experiences of university students living with mental health problems: Interrelations between the self, the social, and the school. Work, 53(2), 325-335.

The study examines and analyzes the experience of university students who suffer from mental health issues. Higher education has gained an increased value in modern society as it prepares people for employment. However, many university students fail to complete their degrees due to the mental health issues that occur during their higher education courses. Hence, such students experience a number of problems and need help to solve them. Therefore, the paper aims at providing a good understanding of the factors that affect the lives of university students who suffer from mental illnesses.

A semi-structured interview has been used to collect the research data and meet the research objectives. A social-ecological theory and grounded theory methods helped explain the received results. The research findings suggest that it is vital to address different areas and their interrelations. The article provides variable information as the suggested model can be applied to guide universities in designing relevant interventions.

Employment of Females with Fibromyalgia

Oldfield, M., MacEachen, E., MacNeill, M., & Kirsh, B. (2016). ‘You want to show you’re a valuable employee’: A critical discourse analysis of multi-perspective portrayals of employed women with fibromyalgia. Chronic Illness, 14(2), 135-153.

The research focuses on the employment of females with fibromyalgia. The authors seek to attract attention to the employment issues experienced by women with this chronic illness. The primary objective of the paper is to provide a deep insight into the portrayal of the females with fibromyalgia, their family members, and workmates and their relationship to employee retention. The researchers collected the data for further analysis through the interviews. The application of the critical discourse analysis methodology assisted in analyzing the data, coding it, writing narrative summaries, and providing the relational mapping. It has been found that there are various stereotypes related to the employees with fibromyalgia. Hence, they are considered to be lazy, less productive and malingering compared to their healthy colleagues.

However, the research results indicate that irrespective of such assumptions, participants portrayed the females with the illness as valuable employees who are the same as others. The researchers suggest that such portrayals might help change the public attitude to these females, assisting them in managing their identities in competitive workplaces and retain employment. The article provides reliable information as it analyzes a lot of reputable sources. Also, the provision of the job-retention strategies is valuable not only for the further discussion of the ways to eliminate employment issues, but also contributes to the significant change of the public opinion.

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Related Issues of Employment among Women with Fibromyalgia

Oldfield, M., MacEachen, E., Kirsh, B., & MacNeill, M. (2015). Impromptu everyday disclosure dances: How women with fibromyalgia respond to disclosure risks at work. Disability and Rehabilitation, 38(15), 1442-1453.

The paper addresses the question of employment and related issues among women with fibromyalgia. It has been found that the investigated category of women remains employed. However, the topic has been commonly discussed in the scientific circles as females with fibromyalgia experience a number of work-related issues, including stereotyping. The researchers used a critical-discourse-analysis to collect the required data. Semi-structured interviews helped collect the data for analysis. The received information was coded and compared through the narrative summaries, relational diagrams, and dimension summaries. It has been found that females with fibromyalgia and other stigmatized illnesses have to improvise disclosures when they had to explain the deliberating workability.

The same practice is common when women change workplace relationships and need to remind about invisible impairments. The paper concludes that females tend to tailor disclosure to altering immediate circumstances. Finally, the authors examine and discuss the disclosure concept through social theories of everyday risk. The article provides valuable information that enabled to use the above-mentioned theory to explain the issue under investigation. Also, the use of reputable sources ensures the reliability of the received results. The information provided in the article can help rehabilitation professionals consider the risks when suggesting women with fibromyalgia for employment.

Inclusive Mosaic Project

Pilkington, F. B., Singh, M. D., Prescod, C., & Buettgen, A. (2013). Inclusive mosaic: Promoting diversity in nursing through youth mentorship. International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship, 10(1), 1-10.

The article focuses on the discussion of the Inclusive Mosaic project that was developed to promote diversity in the sphere of nursing. The program united nursing student mentors and middle school and high school youth that come from diverse backgrounds and encouraged to participate in the program to increase the confidence and interest of participants in pursuing higher education and getting a career not only in nursing but also in other healthcare fields. The theoretical foundation of the research presupposed the use of the concept of emancipatory education and self-efficacy. The authors thoroughly discussed and analyzed all processes and stages of the project, examining the outcomes, and making relevant evaluations.

The article is very informative as it provides the readers with the strengths of the project, challenges, and issues that may appear on the way to inclusion in the workplace. Finally, the authors outline the literature gaps, indicating the areas that require further investigation.

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