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Shakespeare was a master of words, and his mastermind allowed him to create new worlds with his talent. The beauty of Shakespeare’s works is in the fact that they can be interpreted in many different ways. There is no clear interpretation of certain phrases because Shakespeare hid many meanings behind them. This is why it is not always easy to understand what the author meant when he wrote certain lines.

When in comes to analyzing Gertrude, there is never an easy interpretation. Many actresses played this role in different ways; this is why there are various portrayals which suggest opposite treatments of this heroine. Nevertheless, it is hard to consider Gertrude either a victim or a murderer because Shakespeare never wanted her to be either of them. Author’s intention was to create beautiful and filthy woman who can be quite controversial, but who would not kill or harm her husband. Definitely, Gertrude did not call kill her husband; also, she did not even know that Claudius killed him. On the other hand, she cannot be viewed as a simple victim. She did not kill her husband, but she grew extremely close to Claudius; too close, in fact. The intimacy and the feelings she had for Claudius would probably cause her to forgive him his doing which makes Gertrude look more in a negative light. Her dead husband was killed by his brother, and it was not an unfortunate accident which only makes the plot darker and more gruesome.

Shakespeare draws the audience into the plot by using original dialogues and by providing the public with the words of the ghost. Hamlet’s monologue is also an example which proves author’s ideas and speaks to the audience. Hamlet begins to suspect not only Claudius, but his mother due to her words and actions toward him. He thinks that a woman is capable of doing anything for the man she loves. In many plays, Gertrude was portrayed in such a way that she looked like an accomplice. Hamlet looks at her with suspicion while he speaks to her, evaluating her actions and the manner of speech. His madness is the reason he exaggerates and imagines many things. This way he may escalates the atmosphere making Gertrude look guilty.

Nevertheless, it is enough to draw the audience into play because the plot magnifies, and the possibilities to interpret the plot are various. Hamlet begins to believe that his mother and uncle and guilty of killing his father by watching them and evaluating the words of the ghost; he starts to think about it deeply which causes a mental disruption. He is seen as a person torn to pieces by the audience, and the public is extremely drawn to him. This is why this play attracts so many readers and spectators despite the difficulties while reading and interpreting it. Shakespeare still remains the favorite writer of all times, and modern public values that.