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Defense Attorney

A defense attorney is a legal professional who represents defendants in the court of law during the determination of a criminal offense. He/she has the right to receive instructions from an accused person and advocate for him/her during the hearing and mentioning of cases. As a lawyer, a defense attorney is expected to use all the evidence required to ensure that his/her client enjoys and benefits the due process of law. For one to qualify as a defense attorney, a law degree is a prerequisite. Upon passing the rigorous pre-admission Law School Admission Test (LSAT), one goes ahead to pursue his/her course and specialize in the area of personal interest. He/she may graduate with bachelors (LL.B), masters (LL.M) or doctorate (LL.D) degrees (Burnham, 2006).

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For one to qualify for admission to a law school, one must demonstrate good communication and language skills, especially fluency in English as an international language. This is essential in conducting communication with both the local and foreign clients and other stakeholders. The attainment of the above academic degrees is then followed by passing a series of examinations. For instance, the department of Judiciary requires all the attorneys to be officially registered.

Although each state may determine its own licensing procedure, it is required that potential defense attorneys should sit examinations. Some of them include the Regular Continuing Legal Education (RCLE) and Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE). They are continuously administered to each practicing lawyer. This implies that one can only become an attorney after getting licensed. Otherwise, the person cannot be authorized to perform any activities in the court of law.

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The legal field is a relatively lucrative career. It provides its practitioners with attractive remunerations. A defense attorney has favorable employment opportunities. Apart from establishing their own agencies, defense attorneys can be engaged by hospitals, insurance firms, unions, corporations, non-governmental as well as government agencies. These institutions and establishments can hire attorneys and pay them for their services. Defense attorneys have to do a good job in order to earn a good name and renome for their respective firms (Fletcher, 2008).

They must take pains to adhere to all the necessary instructions and help their defendants to win their cases. If this happens, they will gain a reputation and enjoy a competitive advantage over their rivals. Not all can accept to hire the services of a less competent attorney because of the higher chances of losing a case. Even when one is attached to a certain firm, one is obliged to prove their professionalism and commitment. It is only through successful work and dedication that they can ensure their clients are served with justice.

American International Assurance (AIA)

One of the major employers for defense attorneys is American International Assurance (AIA). As an insurance firm, AIA banks on attorneys to execute most of its legal obligations. They engage attorneys during cases involving compensation and the indemnity of their clientele. As a well-established multinational company, it recruits lots of lawyers. Apart from providing legal counsel, they are in charge of any suit filed against the company. In such a situation, they advocate for it and defend it against the alleged charges labeled against their employer (Burnham, 2006). Their competence determines the financial position of this organization since most of the legal suits involve fines.

AIA is a favorable employer for defense attorneys because it pays well. Apart from providing permanent pensionable jobs, it can promote its lawyers from the lowest position to the top management. This is the reason why many law students seek internships and contracts with this organization. Currently, it has advertised nine vacancies for defense attorneys. Future defense attorneys will work for its emerging branches in Sri-Lanka and South Korea. However, the advert only called for experienced licensed attorneys.

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