Crime in Correctional Facilities

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Correctional facilities are provided to isolate individuals with violence issues from society. Violence in prisons is a very serious problem that needs to be explored and handled carefully. Today, correctional administrators face more difficulties in correctional facilities. Thus, they must be more qualified in dealing with violent actions between prisoners and have a high level of leadership skills.

Current prisoners are more prone to gangs, serve longer sentences, and have more problems dealing with anger and proper behave (Skarbek, & Marcum, 2012). To reduce violent actions, such as riots, hostages taking, rapes, and maiming between inmates in correctional facilities, prison officers must provide properly designed actions. Also, correctional administrators must be proactive and always provide actions for preventing and intervening inmate’s violence (Peak, 2012). Since, penal institutions contain people with violence issues it is not easy for prison employees to maintain discipline. Simple threatening may not gain a proper feedback from inmates. On the contrary, with the high possibility it can cause more acts of violence from prisoners directed to their inmates and prison officers as well. Increasing prisoner’s control, eliminating blind spots on the correctional facility territory, providing sessions with local psychologist, and using of force in the cases of emergency are the most efficient actions to maintain discipline (La Vigne et al., 2011). To inspire good behavior, various incentives should take place in every correctional facility, for example visitation privileges or the additional sum of money for spending on store privileges. Incentives for every particular prisoner must be provided individually. However, in some cases, they can be the reason for riots from individuals who continue to misbehave.

Every correctional facility contains own closed culture that dictates the level of violence between inmates and correctional administrators must be aware of psychological challenge they may face, and always provide properly planned actions to maintain the order.