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The Popularity of Painting

The art of painting comes along with the humanity. From ancient times to the present day, people evolved together with many different kinds of arts. During the whole period of its existence, humanity has created and developed a huge variety of visual arts: painting, architecture, sculpture, photography, and other. Every abovementioned art form has transformed into huge variety of different and unique kinds. However, through the whole period of evolution, the most popular kind of art has always been painting.

People receive and pass information in three different ways: vision images, sounds, and shapes. Generally, human’s brain works on images and sounds, and the daily information is mostly phonic. Thus, most people pass their special thoughts and feelings with images. The popularity of painting above other kinds of art, for example sculpture or architecture, can be explained by its main characteristic. Painting is a two-dimensional art, unlike three-dimensional architecture and sculpture. For the majority of people, it is much easier to create something that is flat, and doesn’t require full space perception. With painting, one can express feelings and thoughts with numerous plain shapes and huge variety of colors. Since the appearance of the humankind, painting evolved into several types. In fact, a variety of paints has been created. Today, there are watercolor, pastel, oil, acrylic, tempera, fresco, ink, and many more kind of paints used in the art. In different periods of history, using some particular paint prevailed, for example fresco and oil become principal medium in the Renaissance. Today, there is no dominating medium within classical paints. Moreover, for the last decade, digital art tends to become the most popular one, due to its novelty, economy and almost unlimited possibilities.

For thousands of years, painting holds the leading position among all existing kinds of art. Such phenomenon can be explained by the general simplicity of its creation on one side, and enormous abilities to express thoughts and feelings through shapes, colors and even formation on the other side.