How to Create an Effective Presentation

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In 250 words, please answer the following.

  • Why is important that you know how to create an effective presentation?
  • What common mistakes do people make when presenting information to a group?
  • What tips did you learn about effective PowerPoint presentations?


Presentation is an effective way to deliver one’s thoughts to people. Nevertheless, keeping the attention of the spectators might be challenging. Moreover, not knowing the basics of creating an effective presentation will result in its failure and undesirable consequences in academic or professional life. Therefore, it is essential to possess the necessary presentation skills to deliver information effectively.

There are several mistakes people make when doing a presentation. First, the absence of preparation. It is essential to know the topic sufficiently to deliver it to the audience and answer all questions afterward. Second, monotonous speaking. Although one may be well-prepared for the presentation, the audience will not perceive the information if the speaker talks in this way. Third, monotonous reading from the paper with no eye contact with the audience (Brownlee, 2019). Fourth, too much text on the presentation slides makes it both difficult and uninteresting to read.

Considering the common mistakes when making a PowerPoint presentation, I would highlight a few tips that I learned to make the presentation effective. The most important is to avoid overloading a slide with text. One should use bullet points and short sentences for summarising the information instead of printing the entire message. Additionally, the speaker should use appropriate and one font size on all slides to make the text readable and avoid distracting the attention of the spectators. Specifically, the background must be neutral and visual elements must be of high quality and correspond to the topic (Kayama, 2013). I am sure that if these tips are considered when creating a presentation, it will be effective and successful.


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