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Adolf Hitler's Life essay

Introduction In terms of the world history, Adolf Hitler was a very bright and significant person, being German by nationality. The list of events connected with this person and actions performed by him made this man one of the most famous politicians and dictators of the twentieth century. The ...

Cigarette Addiction essay

Outline Abstract Cigarette Addiction Effect on the family when one parent is addicted to cigarettes. Nicotine addiction – is a current and unsolved problem of the entire world. Smokers’ children copy their parents’ behavior. Researches’ results demonstrate harmfulness of ...

Drug Addiction essay

Introduction It is often heard about a drug problem on television and other media. Drug addiction is a progressive chronic disease caused by the use of narcotic substances. A main symptom of addiction is the occurrence of withdrawal symptoms as a consequence of the presence of the physical ...

Racism in America essay

Introduction The United States of America is the most powerful modern democratic republic in the world. It has its own ideology based on the principles of liberty, individualism, egalitarianism, and laissez-faire. As it is declared in the US Constitution, each person is equal before God and human ...

Crime and Racism essay

Abstract Criminal justice should be based on moral and ethical values and norms. One cannot build a perfect criminal justice system without respect of police officers to each other and to people who surround them no matter of what race they are. At the present time, there exists such problem as ...

How to Create an Effective Presentation essay

Question In 250 words, please answer the following. Why is important that you know how to create an effective presentation? What common mistakes do people make when presenting information to a group? What tips did you learn about effective PowerPoint ...

Internet Addiction for Teenagers: Online Problem for Parents essay

Topic: Internet Addiction for Teenagers Driving Question What role the internet plays today in teenagers’ life and what impact it has Audience Teenagers and their parents Guiding Research Questions How often is the Internet used by teens nowadays? (reasearch, interview) What content is ...

PBC NewsHours essay

 On September 2012, teachers in Chicago went on strike for the first time in 25 years. They protested against disagreements in new labor conditions that appeared after Rahm Emmanuel became the Mayor of Chicago. The media covered the event in very different ways. PBS NewsHour claimed that the ...

Racism in Hospitals essay

Introduction Nowadays, the issue of racism in hospitals is the sad reality that people face all over the world. Besides, racial discrimination and bias in hospitals are also connected with the social status of people who are in need of professional medical help. For example, the absence of ...
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