Free Essays on Humanities

The Dark Knight Trilogy essay

The Dark Night Trilogy by Christopher Nolan Nowadays, comic books and movies based on them have become extremely popular all over the world, drawing viewers to cinemas and raising millions at the box office. However, most such films are traditionally considered to be quite superficial, a way to ...

Adolescents’ Decision to Undergo Plastic Surgery essay

Abstract Adolescents, who venture on plastic surgery, normally have different motivations and goals from these adults. Some of the reasons include having surgery to improve physical characteristics, which makes them feel flawed if not rectified. Secondly, adolescents may opt to have plastic surgery ...

American Popular Culture in 2 Broke Girls essay

Popular Culture The American nation is a nation of emigrants. Therefore, from the very beginning of the United States of America, its culture has been forming under the influence of emigrants from all parts of the world. Thus, according to Gruesz (20), the name “America” has been used ...

Research of Femininity and Conformity essay

What Is Feminity? Femininity is an ethical category that combines the set of qualities that are expected from women, such as emotions, vulnerability, and fragility. All these features full men with a desire to protect and defend the women. Study psychology of men and ...

Cosmetic Surgery in Venezuela essay

Rising in Popularity of Cosmetic Surgery in Venezuela Venezuela is a country located on the north coast of South America. It has a population of 29 million. Cosmetic surgery has become rampant for Venezuelan citizens, especially for young people and women (Espejo, 2011). Various factors facilitate ...

Fundamental Concepts, Methods and Modes essay

Neoclassical Period Neoclassical artwork, especially in architecture, still outshines those of any other art period, and even the most inexperienced in artwork people would still recognize it as one of the best art periods in the human history. Neoclassical works of art are visually impressive. ...

Humanities Reflection Essay essay

Introduction Humanities mainly concentrate on the human-oriented questions. Human values, beliefs and emotions are areas related to humanities. According to Terrence, a human being is a man and, therefore, nothing human is alien to him. Example of fields of inquiry are international relations, ...

Humanities Final essay

Tragedy as a Genre of Literature Tragedy is a form of drama, and it is usually based on human suffering that appeal to the audience by various mournful or terrible occasions, which are either done or provoked by the main characters. Tragedy refers to the work of art that detects extremely serious ...

The Parthenon Building essay

Introduction Parthenon is in the list of the world’s most famous buildings. It got built in honoring the goddess (virgin Athena) Athena Parthenos, who was the patroness of Athens. At first, the temple got named the Great temple, but later on - Parthenon. It was built as a temple that got ...

Industrialization in Europe essay

Useful Industrialization in Europe Essay Writing Tips Students say that producing academic works is one of the most complicated assignments. The thing is that it is impossible to be an expert in different fields of study and write superior papers. However, you can always get valuable information ...

Humanities Essay Questions essay

Islam Religion Islam has been regarded as one of the largest religions in the world today. The religion originates from the Middle East in towns of Mecca and Medina. After the death of Prophet Muhammad, Islam has spread, stretching from Persia to Egypt. At this point of the religion’s ...

Humanities: Questions and Answers essay

Introduction Human lifestyles and activities differ from one lace to another and from one generation to another. People’s practices and beliefs differ from one historical time to another, thus it is very difficult to conceptualize and relate them. Therefore, this essay is an analysis of ...

Li Bai’s Poetry essay

Introduction Li Bai was one of the most extraordinary representatives of Chinese literature. His works are controversial to many people, though some of his poems are considered the greatest heritage of the Tang Dynasty period in poetry. He is one of the most respectful poets of his time, even ...
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