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Urbanization in USA:19th Century

Students often say that it is sometimes very hard to write papers in different subjects. It often happens that they do not know what to begin their academic works with. If you have to produce a piece of writing in history, here is a useful history sample essay. You should study it carefully to understand what to focus on when doing your assignment.

The 19th century was coming to an end. Cities developed very fast and they served both as a linking and separating element of the American society. They attracted rich people from the whole world. As a result, a diverse metropolitan area was created. For the first time, people of different social classes were obliged to work and live together and it joined them together. There were a lot of immigrants from Britain, Germany, Scandinavia, and Ireland. Thus, the diverse population was growing all the time. All of them wanted to achieve their American Dream.

Large cities attracted a large number of people from all over the world. During the 19th century, there were a lot of immigrants from Germany and Scandinavia in particular. They were impressed by interesting stories about fantastic life in America. Freedom, three meals a day, and social equality were the main aspects that they focused on. Unfortunately, their dreams did not come true. The point was that industrial giants exaggerated the benefits of living in America. Their only aim was to attract cheap workforce. As a result, during the urbanization 19th century, people from almost each country came to the USA. They wanted to escape from terrible economic, political, and social situations they faced with in their countries. Therefore, they brought their traditions, language, and culture to America.

One of the foreign journalists said, “If you walk down the street in New York, you will hear hundreds of different languages.” It should be noted that Germany and Scandinavia were not the only countries where immigrants came from. A large number of people from Britain and Ireland continued coming to the United States. Thus, they made American culture diverse bringing their political, religious, cultural, and sociological traditions. Some immigrant even changed their political views. Therefore, some Irish Catholic and German immigrants decided to become democrats. However, those from Scandinavia and Ireland became conservative Republicans. Political preferences of other immigrants were determined by different political machines. A lot of them agreed to vote for particular candidates just to get a great job.

Such a large concentration of political and cultural views in one place has never been noticed before. There was a tendency among the minorities to locate in one area and give it a certain nickname. For example, there are such regions as “Little Italy” in New York City or “Chinatown” in San Francisco. However, the key factor, which unified all immigrants, was social and economic oppression.

It often happened that people immigrating to the USA found themselves in a worse situation than that in their country. The problem was that the majority of them did not speak English. Thus, they were badly treated. Besides, they got very small wages. Huge enterprises did not want to pay more as they knew that immigrant would work under any circumstances.

Immigrants formed a greater part of the American workforce. Industrial giants understood that they could earn much higher profits if they fired their current workers and hired immigrants. The latter were ready to work for very low wages. American residents were very disappointed. They did not want immigrants to take their job positions. As a result, anti-immigration groups were created. The aim of such groups was to fight against immigrants. Nativists wanted to adapt some laws that would make the life of immigrants very complicated. They wanted to make their living conditions terrible and introduce very high taxes. For this reason, they introduced a few acts. One of them was the Chinese Exclusion Act. According to it, Chinese were not allowed to cross the American border because of their large number in the California area. In addition to the same financial problems, immigrants fell under the influence of corrupt political machines. Immigrants began to realize that they had much in common though being from different countries. They understood that it was necessary to unite to protect their rights. Thus, they took part in different movements. One of them was Progressivism. Its aim was to solve the problems cause by urbanization and industrialization.

It is obvious that one has to know a lot about historical events to write an interesting and informative paper. If you analyze the history sample essay presented above, you will understand what material should be collected for your work.