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Writing an Interesting New Deal Essay

Writing papers in History is rather interesting. However, it can be complicated if you are unaware of some historical events. Professors often give assignments on examining the life of some historical personalities. Thus, students often have to produce a new deal essay. If you are among the learners, who have to prepare such a piece of writing, pay close attention to the facts presented below. They will help you write a work of the finest quality.

The “New Deal” is a reform adopted by Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was implemented without any revolutions or movements. A lot of Americans had a critical attitude towards Roosevelt’s approach called “try anything”. They said the expenditures were huge. However, Roosevelt managed to save the American free enterprise system. The thing is that he helped unemployed people during the Great Depression.

After the elections, Roosevelt introduced a set of reforms. He wanted to solve considerable problems that American society faced. Even though some of them were blocked, others have become efficient. It should be noted that the New Deal was a major “revolution” introducing long-lasting reforms such as the Fair Labor Standards Act and Social Security. Some of the key decisions made in the past have an important role even today.

Remember that essays on the new deal have to be informative and provide considerable details about the issue. Thus, consider the following:

Roosevelt was convinced that the American government was supposed to help citizens, especially during a crisis. Note that not all presidents had the same point of view. Roosevelt believed that it was much better to do anything than do nothing at all. Thus, he was often criticized for such a position. Nevertheless, some of his actions and decisions had a positive effect.

Roosevelt started with establishing the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). As a result, about three million men got their jobs. They did a lot of useful work. However, someone said those were unnecessary tasks. They controlled floods, were involved in reforestation, draining swamps, etc. Another useful agency was called the Works Progress Administration (WPA). During the period of Great Depression, it contributed about $11 million dollars to bridges, public buildings, and roads. Therefore, a lot of working places were created. Roosevelt’s system was not like that of other presidents. The authorities started helping farmers, homeowners, who were unable to struggle with mortgages on their own, or families, who had not enough food in winter. Roosevelt always knew how to plan an expenditure budget to help Americans. Other major changes were also made with his New Deal. If you provide detailed information and sound arguments in your Roosevelt’s “New Deal” essay, you will definitely get an “A” for it.

Roosevelt’s major concern was about workers who were in a terrible situation. That is why he did a lot to make the working conditions better. First, he set up the National Recovery Administration (NRA). Its aim was to help labor unions fight against huge corporations. Owing to this administration, the members of labor unions had a right to select their own representatives when making bargains. Moreover, the maximum of working hours and minimum wages were established by the Fair Labor Standards Act. It also prohibited children under sixteen from working. As a number of working hours was limited, even more jobs were offered to people.

Roosevelt was the president who defended the workers’ rights. By the way, the Fair Labor Standards Act is still used today and the unions do possess their rights granted by Roosevelt. The most important Roosevelt’s achievement was the Social Security Act. It was signed in 1935. According to it, the disabled and old people had a right to have pension and insurance. It is necessary to admit that Social Security exists even today. It is rather useful to people who are not able to take care about themselves, although some people are against it. As you see, there is enough relevant material about the topic in order to write an outstanding new deal essay.

When the Wall Street crashed in 1929, it became clear that overselling stocks, bonds, and speculation were the main reasons for the crash. Thus, Roosevelt introduced the Federal Securities Act. He wanted to make the procedure of selling bonds and stocks honest. Even though a lot of businessmen hated Roosevelt for this, historians said that it was a wise decision that saved American system from being completely destroyed. When passing this act Roosevelt wanted to discourage speculation and make the trade fair.

Roosevelt was a prominent person of his time. Someone consider his actions controversial. However, they had a positive influence on the development of the American society. It is obvious that preparing essays on the new deal is rather interesting. However, you should bear in mind a lot of details to produce a great paper.