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The introduced material sheds a new light on American history and its role from different points of view including various aspects. For centuries, American history was discerned only from one point of view; in other words, it was the American vision of the history. There is no doubt that those who write history will change some facts or make them less or more significant in order to enlighten the particular event in the right vision that will satisfy the current demand. According to this fact, history as the means of introducing events of the past can be changed by those who dictate the rules of a particular historic line.

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American History Essay

American history has been always perceived as the true evidence of the past. The most significant events, beginning with the first colonists, are introduced in the correct vision. American history dissembles the fact that the conquering of the new world was not only the establishing of a new nation, but it also had the crucial strike upon a civilization that had already existed on the continent.

Another specific feature of American history is its multicultural diversity. American history is the product of a melting pot, which consists of all those cultures that were united under one nation in the New World. According to this fact, multicultural history predetermines that American history cannot be analyzed only from one point of view. For instance, American history includes events that refer to numerous conflicts of other cultures, such as the war between colonists and Indians, the war against British Empire or the war between Mexicans and Americans. All these events prove that American history is a multicultural phenomenon, which embraces various cross-cultural aspects.

Power and privileges are probably two the most influential sources, which had a great impact on the development of American history. Power gives an opportunity to operate with those facts that are beneficial for a particular circle of people, while privileges justify the usage of these particular methods. In other words, those who have power and privileges can create a history, which he or she wants to see and nobody can deny his/her right to do it.

Despite the fact that American history is relatively young in comparison to the European ones, it gave many principles and values to the global society and influenced their cultural identity. The example of the American Revolution is, probably, the brightest argument, which illustrates that even one nation can be divided into two opposite camps because of their differences in culture and values. Hence, American history became an ultimate constant, which illustrates the power of culture over the development of the society and the human progress.

Ethnic Studies in Arizona states that the American history teaches about precious times that one can proud of. In other words, all facts and events are introduced in such a manner that every American cannot feel sorry about them. The sense of proud is, probably, one of the most essential parts of the American culture and, as a result, of American history. The citizens of the United States of America should know that they have a great and glorious history, and one cannot allow that these priorities will be dishonored. Unfortunately, the true history is not always the same history, which is introduced to the wide audience and especially to the own citizens. American history has its own rises and falls, events that one may be proud of and mistakes that cannot be denied. Hence, the struggle for Ethnic studies in Arizona is an attempt to demonstrate a new vision of American history. It includes the interests not only of the American society, but also the interests of other ethnical groups, which are a part of the American culture and have its own place and role in American history.

During readings, I have outlined more new information rather than questions. However, there are still a few questions, which arose while I was reading these materials. The first question concerns the validity of arguments, which one may find while reading American history. The fact that some events could be changed in order to satisfy the elite of the society makes the history a not full trustworthy source of information. Thus, I am wondering whether history can be used as a credible source of information of the past if it is written according to the particular demands. The second question refers to the multicultural nature of American history. American history includes the events that concern various cultural minorities, which live on the territory of the United States. However, the superiority of the American nation is out of discussion. Therefore, one cannot receive credible information about cross-cultural contacts, which existed between the American culture and others.


To sum up, it can be said that American history is a source of information that enlightens the events of the past, but from the national point of view. All facts may be viewed as the non-credible information because American history is written, first of all, for the American citizens. It means that it should correspond to the values and principles of the American life. In other words, a citizen of the United States should believe in superiority of the American culture over others. The rightness of the American nation and history is the most powerful weapon for achieving this goal.