Free Nursing Essays

Evidence-Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research essay

Describe, Explain and Discuss Describe the Process or Procedure, and then Include Reasons/Supporting Evidence Why this Needs to be Changed Effective discharge from a health care facility requires careful planning and continuing assessment of the client’s needs during the stay. Ideally, ...

Benchmark: Evidence Based Practice essay

Abstract Evidence-based practice has become extremely popular and widely used in a variety of public health settings. Public health nurses are expected to be familiar with the most relevant research evidence and successfully translate it into practice. However, according to Doody and Doody (2011), ...

Evidence-Based Practice Evaluation essay

Major Depressive Disorder Numerous American citizens of different ages, genders, and races suffer from major depressive disorder. Such feelings have the considerable negative effect on the lives of patients, which is why it is very important to choose the most effective ways of their treatment from ...

EHR and Nursing Practice essay

Introduction The integration of technology into every dimension of health care has been crucial in promoting patient monitoring, assessment and eventually treatment. Most of the contemporary changes realized in nursing and the entire healthcare industry are due to technology. As a result, nursing ...

The Health Belief Model Theory essay

Abstract The Health Belief Model is one of the most widespread and successful theories used in the sphere of health education and health promotion. Initially, the researchers created this theory in the sphere of social science in the early 1950s with the primary purpose to understand and assess the ...

Healthcare Shortages in Georgia essay

Question Outline some of the staffing shortages in the market where you live. Are they consistent with national trends? Atlanta, Georgia Design a strategy that describes how your organization would alleviate some staffing shortages, including whether you would hire licensed practical nurses ...

Evolving Practice of Nursing and Patient Care Delivery Models essay

Introduction The U.S. healthcare system is undergoing a transformation. The system is increasingly shifting from a curative system to a preventive patient-centric model. The healthcare reforms were introduced by the enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) in 2010. The ...

Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia essay

Abstract Health is one of the greatest concerns in the world today since it guarantees human welfare in the world. The World Health Organization published a list of the greatest health concerns in the world. This list was compiled considering the diseases and infections that claimed most of the ...

Constructing the Written Evidence Based Proposal essay

Abstract The prevalence of urinary tract infections (UTI) increases with age. The illness cluster is common among the elderly. Moreover, infections occur among female more often than among male with the ratio of 2:1. UTI is an inflammation in the urinary tract that causes morbidity resulting in ...

Schizophrenia Disorder essay

Description Schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder that has affected people since time immemorial (Schultz, North, & Shields, 2007). Individuals who are suffering from this disorder sometimes hear voices that other people do not hear. Moreover, these individuals might believe that other ...

Significance in Oral Hygiene essay

Introduction Oral hygiene entails ensuring that mouth or oral cavity is kept clean to prevent the occurrence of dental problems or even worsen already existing problems. Research studies are a necessity in determining the effectiveness of different oral cleaning methods in maintaining oral hygiene. ...

Telemedicine Essay essay

Question 1 The emergence of technology has changed health care delivery over the last 20 years. Imagine that your clinic proposed adding telemedicine as a health care delivery method. Outline the specific steps you would take when conducting an analysis to determine the costs and implementations of ...

Understanding the Importance of Health Care Organization's Mission, Vision, & Values Statements essay

Question In 250 words answer the following: What are some internal and external barriers to the health care organization’s mission, vision, and values? Why is it important to understand and be able to articulate these characteristics about an organization you want to work ...

Evaluation and Disseminating Evidence Plan essay

Part 1: Evaluation Plan Methods of Evaluating the Proposed Solution In order to evaluate the effectiveness of this proposed training cycle, it is important to remember that the aim of the program is to increase the number of nurses who can administer oral care with the goal of preventing VAP ...
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