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Handy Doppler Effect

How to Write an Original Doppler Effect Essay

Students consider writing papers in sciences the most complicated of all assignments, especially if it goes about physics. Thus if you have to write an original Doppler Effect essay, you should take a close look at the text provided below. It will help you focus on the key ideas that have to be discussed in your work.

Christian Doppler is an Austrian physicist who explored the change in frequency of a wave for an observer that moves relatively to its source. The aim of the experiment is to explore the velocity of earth by using Doppler shift. One may use a synthetic source of light and a moving object may be used if the test is done in the laboratory. Such a phenomenon has been also investigated by Buys Ballot and Hubble. They also confirmed that when the source of sound approached, the sound pitch was higher than the frequency and vice versa. The thing is that when the source recedes, the length of waves is short. On the contrary, when source approaches, the length of waves is longer.

Connection between Earth’s Velocity and Doppler Effect

 If you study astronomy, you should know that the velocity factor is determined in line-of-sight of a star or planet in relative motion. It should be noted that Hubble was the first person, who has used the Doppler Effect to measure the velocity of distant galaxies.

How It Works

When a planet is in motion, it causes a shift of the wavelengths. The Doppler Effect depends on the external motion of a planet that is relative to the observer. Meanwhile, the formed lines do not depend on the physics of the planet. According to Hubble, it is necessary to multiply the Hubble Constant H and the distant covered by the moving planet to determine the velocity of a galaxy that moves relatively to the observer. The covered distance is identified by the wavelength shift.

To summarize, in order to determine the velocity of a planet it is necessary to multiply the Hubble’s constant by the covered distance of the moving object. In real life, we can observe this phenomenon when an ambulance (police) passes by.

Students will agree that writing a Doppler Effect essay properly is rather difficult. Nevertheless, the facts presented above will help you examine the subject fully.

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