Biological Impact of Climate Change

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Students write academic works on a large number of topics. Learners are often assigned to explore biological impact of climate change. The thing is that this subject is current today as there are a lot of talks about that our climate has changed completely. If you have to write an essay on one of these topics, you should take a close at the following text. It will help you understand what points should be discussed in your piece of writing.

Nowadays scientists and ecologists are concerned about the global changes and their influence on climate. It is known that these changes are mostly caused by people’s activity. Ecologists use efficient methods to examine the issue thoroughly. They want to analyze the impact of this phenomenon on physiology of people (RodrÍguez-Serrano & Bozinovic 2009). The aim of the experiment is to highlight the difference based on physical traits between individuals living in different places. A few in-depth analyses of physiological mechanisms have been made. Scientists explored the way animals react to climate global changes. It is proved that climate changes have increased the organisms biodiversity.

When it is very cold, placental mammals use their non-shivering and shivering thermogenesis to generate heat. Researchers proved that mammals would produce less heat if non-shivering thermogenesis processes were accelerated. There is a hypothesis that animals locating in warm geographical locations have lower rates of non-shivering thermogenesis than those living in cold places.

In order to make the experiments valid, scientists have tested about 39 species. In this way, they wanted to identify the NST capability. They explored different peculiarities of a non-shivering thermogenesis process during all seasons except winter. The scientists analyzed the obtained data and found out that NST did not have a powerful phylogenetic signal. Such a weak signal shows that non-shivering thermogenesis traits are not developed well. Thus, the researchers suggest that animals that live in cold places have a higher level of NST in comparison to those living in warm habitats. It means that climate changes make a great impact on the adaptation of living organisms.

It is obvious that environmental and thermal factors play a key role in creating biological hierarchies. Temperature changes make the procedure of adaptation more complicated. It influences the evolutionary process greatly. It is necessary to continue explore the issue to achieve great results in this area.

As it is seen, one has to know a lot to write an interesting biological impact of climate change essay. However, the material produced above will help you cope with the assignment.