Air Pollution in Auckland (New Zealand)

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The technological development of contemporary life has brought many changes to the lives of individuals. On one hand, it eased the life and made it more convenient from the point of view the time spent on conducting certain activities. On the other hand, such progress has provoked various problems connected with people's health and general life expectancy.

Individuals have decided to use various technological advances in order to save their time for doing other things. For example, the use of a car instead of walking saves much time. However, it provokes obesity on an individual level as a person loses less, and the usage of cars pollutes the air, which is reflected on the general health of the citizens in particular areas on a global level.

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The global pollution became more vivid as a result of active urbanization processes that faced that society all over the world. People chose to work intellectually such opportunity is possible mostly in the cities. At the same time, those who stayed in villages have also moved with the rapid pace of new technological advances. They require more machines to work in the field, and they need personal transportation to get to the cities.

On the one hand, staying in the city helps to protect the environment by using public transportation. However, on the other hand, many people still tend to prefer having their own cars and use them in their daily activities. As a rule, people first think for themselves and then, when they see that some global catastrophes are happening, they start realizing their behaviour regarding the environment and afterwards choose the alternatives in their behaviour to protect the nature.

This paper is an exploration of air pollution in the Auckland area of New Zealand. The basis of this research is the analysis of various literature sources on the topic. This study includes the investigation of the Media sources, the information from the local authorities regarding the topic, and the scientific data. The ways, in which human activity caused the issue and reasons for the effects on people’s health with the delineation of the management of those health effects based on examples and evidence are discussed.

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Auckland’s Air Quality

Humans, living together in large numbers usually experience various health challenges. Some of them are connected with the provision of elementary needs such as food or water. The other problems may result in a contaminated environment, which is provoked by wastes including air, water, and soil pollution (Tord Kjellstrom, 2007). However, many particles that are considered serious pollutants are not vivid at first sight. These are air pollutants that impact humans' health as a result of transportation overuse.

Various mass media try to raise this problem by presenting the information to their readers (Field, 2014; Fuatai, 2013). For example, Fuatai (2013) states that the air pollution of New Zealand, in general, is similar to such of large cities abroad. The author presents the results of the study that was conducted by Canterbury University representatives regarding the quality of air commuters in Christchurch and Auckland City.

The results are the evidence of humans’ choice of taking public transportation or cycling to work instead of tried cars' use. In comparison to other countries, the citizens from the aforementioned cities while travelling breathe cleaner air with carbon monoxide particles. However, it is still related to the particulates if to take some of the largest cities in the world. Summarizing the research results, Professor Kingham concluded regarding the adverse effects of air pollution on human health outcomes such as hospital admissions, morbidity and mortality. He supported that at the dunes by mentioning “500 cases of premature deaths” of New Zealanders because of the air pollution exposure (Fuatai, 2013).


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Bennett (2011) compared Auckland air being as polluted as the air of Tokyo city. He states that compared to Sydney, according to the World Health Organization, Auckland is considered as the most polluted one with the concentration of airborne damaging particles being twice concentrated compared to Sydney. The Minister of the Environment Smith said that the aforementioned figures of World Health Organization (WHO) were not completely accurate, and the other city that has air condition worse is walls Christchurch, which can be compared to New York.

Despite the fact that Smith’s work in the government was directed on the improvement of the air quality with his program to convert around 20,000 homes for having clean eating and tightening vehicle emission and fuel standards, the WHO numbers demonstrated that around two million people die every year because of inhaling airborne particles that are present in the air because of transportation pollution. Moreover, the report presented by the Auckland Council demonstrates the cost of the health that resulted in air pollution of Aucklanders, which results in approximately 730 deaths yearly (Bennett, 2011).

Moving on with the reporting issues the representatives of the State of Auckland presented the Air Quality Report Card (State of Auckland, Auckland Council, 2014). This illustrated evidence includes information regarding the causes of air pollution and demonstrates quick facts regarding the target audience of the sufferers of contaminated air. It also includes the information regarding the PM 10 and PM 2.5 particles’ impact and the nitrogen dioxide’s influence on humans’ health.

The main sufferers of air pollution as the effects of burning fuels such as gas, petrol, diesel, wood, and oil are the children that suffer from asthma. Thus, every fourth child has this illness. The facts demonstrate that the number of 300 premature deaths in the Auckland area occur every year because of air pollution.

$1.07 billion per year is considered an estimated social cost from air pollution in Auckland. Despite the fact that compared to other cities all over the world Oakland is considered to have a relatively clean air hog heaven the amount of the particles that are admitted into the air every day has that excellent 200 cement bags (State of Auckland, Auckland Council, 2014).

The aforementioned facts suggest that the Auckland area has a poor level of air quality, which should be managed properly. The Auckland Council is the responsible body that ensures the fact of clean air in the region and healthy people.

The information on the web page of the Auckland Council (, 2014) includes the range of steps and actions that the Council’s representatives conduct in order to achieve clean air and healthy people. The main measures include the air monitoring activities, the organization of plans, corresponding policies, and the awareness activities regarding the issues of air quality, and the rules that everybody should follow in order to reduce the pollution of the air.

Special attention is paid to do that part explaining how everybody can reduce air pollution. The information is concentrated on that health effects regarding the surroundings of the citizens what can be done by them both at home and on the move. For example, the activities that can help to reduce the pollution of air is about the installation of houses, upgrade of citizens’ heating appliances, consideration of various fuel options, and wastes' recycling.

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The citizens should also minimize their car using while they are on the move, consider the ways they drive and the right vehicle for their trip. They should also think of the necessity of using the corresponding services regularly if they decide to use the vehicle. The information on the website of the Auckland Council also contains the regional plans regarding water, land, air and other necessary documents that should be of interest and use by the citizens regarding the management of the air quality and the effects it may have on their health.


Air pollution in the Auckland area of New Zealand is a significant element that impacts the health of the population. The main suffers from citizens' overuse of private transportation are children who are diagnosed with asthma. There is much scientific evidence that the area of the Auckland area is highly contaminated. Moreover, it is even compared to other largest cities of the world such as Tokyo and New York.

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Mass Media representatives try to bring this information to a wider audience by representing the main facts of air pollution in the area and human health effects because of the overuse of private cars. It should be at fault provoking factor in humans conscious towards thinking for their own health and the life of future generations.

Auckland Council is conducting the corresponding activities in order to minimize health risks because of air pollution. However, the main initiative should go from every single citizen both in their daily activities while they are at home and on the move, and while educating their children doing the same.

Citizens should be aware of the strong connection between their daily activities, the effect on the environment and the reverse reaction of the impact on their health. It is essential to realize that individual egocentrism should not win the mutual societal benefits and every step should be considered in saving people’s own heath and, thus, the planet.