Free Essays on Environment

Air Pollution in Auckland (New Zealand) essay

Introduction The technological development of contemporary life has brought many changes to the lives of individuals. On one hand, it eased the life and made it more convenient from the point of view the time spent on conducting certain activities. On the other hand, such progress has provoked ...

Deforestation essay

Introduction Deforestation of rainforests has become a challenging issue during the last decades. Such forests exist in some parts of America, Australia, and Asia. Rainforests occupy big territories of land and have various species, i.e. plants and animals. These unique locations with large amounts ...

Effects of Global Warming and Human Activities essay

Introduction Running for 3900 miles from the Tibetan Plateau to the East China Sea, the Yangtze River is the world’s third longest river (Stone 378). Apart from expressive biodiversity, there are bustling waterways, towering mountains, dense forests, and fertile wetlands. Moreover, the rich ...

Issues Pertaining to Forest Ecology in Canada essay

Canada has a diverse variety of trees falling under many species. In the boreal zone, moving northward from Quebec and Ontario, maple, birch, and spruce forests are dominant. In the prairies, there are poplar, pine, hemlock, Douglas-fir, and cedar. The forests are a great contributor to the ...

Effect of Increasing Demand for Food on the Environment essay

The natural environment of the earth provides critical platform upon which all life based. Ecosystems provide regulating as well as supporting services that are essential for food production. Agriculture provides food to the rapidly growing global population of the world. It also remains the ...

Biological Impact of Climate Change essay

 Buy an Original Biological Impact of Climate Change Paper Students write academic works on a large number of topics. Learners are often assigned to explore biological impact of climate change. The thing is that this subject is current today as there are a lot of talks about that our climate ...

Aviation Communication Tools and Climate Change essay

Abstract The aviation industry contributes significantly to the climatic changes that are experienced across the world. The contribution may be directly through emission of gases from aircrafts or indirectly through the dependence on activities like mining of fuels which depletes the environment ...

Economic Adaptation to Climate Change essay

Comparison of Bangladesh and the Netherlands The world continues to face new environmental impacts every dawn. These environmental dangers have been associated with the increase in the level of global climate change. However, some areas of the world appear to be more vulnerable to major natural ...

Energy and Environmental Policy Issues in US essay

Abstract A research paper presents energy and environmental policy issues that affect the United States and should be addressed by the office of the Congress. It tackles the problems associated with energy, politics of pollution, and how these issues are addressed through the American Public ...

Environment Protection and Global Warming essay

Introduction The environment is an essential part of human existence and people are required to protect the environment for future generations as part of sustainability. They have to take care of the environment even as they rely on its resources in their daily lives. However, the global warming ...

Extent and Effects of Pollution in China essay

China is on a way to become the next superpower in the nearest future, and to achieve its goal China has made numerous economic, urbanization and industrialization gains at the expense of air, water and land pollution. Perhaps, it is due to that neglects that China has faced numerous consequences ...

Importance of Environmental Laws and Regulations essay

The environment consists of everything that exists on earth. Over the years, the environment has faced a lot of challenges, which have led to deterioration in its appearance and provisions. Its deterioration has majorly been because of the actions of man. Such actions have led to the formation of ...

The Negative Effects of Pollution and Global Warming on Marine Environment essay

Introduction Currently, the problem of pollution of water bodies (rivers, lakes, seas, ground waters, etc.) is the most relevant since everyone knows the phrase “water is life”. People cannot live more than three days without water, but they still continue to rigidly exploit water ...

The Use of Fertilizers essay

Abstract The world’s food production relies heavily on the use of fertilizers. This paper presents the benefits and risks of fertilizers’ application to food and the environment. Fertilizer use is crucial in ensuring maintenance of the world’s food security. However, they have an ...

Global Trade and Environment essay

Introduction There is a great relationship between trade and environment. However, this relationship is complex and has been highly debated globally. It is essential to understand and address this relationship in order to provide the sustainable development of trade in different parts of the world. ...
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