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Sample Essay on Investment Banking

One of the most challenging career options in today’s marketplace is in the investment banking sector. Usually, salaries are very attractive but the expectations placed on bank employees by their employers are extremely high. Put simply, only those candidates who are exceptionally good will be selected for vacant positions. This investment banking essay seeks to explain what a career in this sector entails.

The investment banking sector typically provides a training backdrop for the elite as Wise notes but although many want to join, “few are given the opportunity”. As many an essay on career choices will attest, it is commonplace for one vacancy to attract many hundreds of applications, which makes competition fierce. Because investment banking plays a crucial role in business a career in this sector is considered prestigious. Banking is the main facilitator of critical, high-profile acquisitions and all types of business transactions. The role of an investment banker generally includes providing consultancy in relation to acquisitions and mergers, conducting transactions in the capital market and providing other financial assistance to corporate organizations. Therefore, it is obvious that investment banking careers are very competitive.      

Skill Sets and Experience

As indicated earlier in this career choices essay, the investment banking sector revolves around the provision of and management of a wide range of finance-related products and services. Therefore, an extensive set of skills are required for a position in this sector. An investment banker should be capable of working effectively in a high-pressure environment and they must be capable of adhering consistently to tight deadlines. Excellent analytical and numerical skills are also a must if the position-holder is to make sound decisions according to the available information at any particular time. Investment banking is also of such a nature that employees must be effective as both team workers and leaders. Employees of an investment bank generally work in smallish groups, but each player must be capable of demonstrating strong leadership skills.

Where understanding investment banking and the experience required is concerned, potential employees must demonstrate excellent educational achievements. In typical terms, candidates should hold at least a degree from Oxbridge. Yet, this is not sufficient by itself and those who want careers in this sector should underline their aspiration by doing an internship during their academic years. Completing an internship in an investment bank, as stressed by Wetfeet (publication), is essential to “breaking into the field in today's business environment.” Therefore, candidates must have relevant on-the-job experience as well as an exceptional academic record to be considered for such a position.

Strong and Weak Points

For the purpose of this investment banking essay, one hopeful candidate has described their preparations for a career in investment banking as follows: I proved myself capable of producing the highest standard of work during my years in education. I showed I was capable of working to the tightest deadlines without compromising the quality of my output under pressure. I also felt I showed strong leadership skills in various out-of-school activities. If I could pinpoint one flaw in myself, I would say I am sometimes overly eager to lead and, consequently, my team working skills could be improved. Nonetheless, I am aware of this weak point and am currently working to significantly improve my approach to team working. I have also gained considerable experience by undertaking an internship during my summer break. This work experience showed me how important it is be able to work quickly, accurately and efficiently in a high-pressure environment. Furthermore, this work experience helped me prepare for any investment banking position. Therefore, I now feel I have all the requisite skills and work experience for a career in the investment banking sector.    

Finding Suitable Positions and Employer Types

The marketplace comprises of many different types of investment banks and each one has its own unique culture. All investment banks, however, employ individuals who are exceptional and who possess wide-ranging skills and relevant experience. It is usually possible to find lists of internships and full-time vacancies on individual company websites.