The Effects of Online Education

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Due to the increasing amount of students enrolling in online schools and courses, the popularity of online education grows annually. The given essay deals with an urgent issue of modern life - online or distance learning and its effects on students. The main aim of the paper is to discuss all the effects of online education, its advantages and opportunities as well as its impact on students.

Considering the fact that the systems of online learning play a key role in the training process with the use of technologies of distance training, it should be noted that the majority of systems of distance learning offer a wide set of the collaborative means. It allows to create a more available and flexible environment of training for students. It also helps to transform the systems of distance learning from a platform to the environment, which considerably expands the opportunities for the collaboration of students during distance learning.

The institutes, which are able to integrate new instruments into their environment of online and mixed education, will become the founders of the educational technologies of the next generation. Technologies transform education, and their influence constantly grows. By creating the basis for distance learning and using the advanced systems of distance learning, higher educational institutions will be capable to considerably improve the progress of students at present and in the future. The paper summarizes all negative and positive effects of online learning on students. Moreover, the essay states that online education is spread all over the world. The online education is revealed through the process of new knowledge acquisition, its accessibility, speed of information processing and the possibility to store large volumes of knowledge.

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