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Banner Health is a famous non-profit health care network headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. The institution is well-known for its effective work and timely delivery of all health-related services required to the clients living in the Western states. The organization’s mission is to ensure the provision of excellent care, improve health, and assist individuals in critical medical situations. Clinical resources and technological progress help the institution to adapt to the ever-changing environment in a proper manner. Moreover, the non-profit has a great opportunity to build a strong healthcare system and provide quality care to every customer. The main aim of the paper is to examine the readiness of Banner Health Network to address the healthcare needs of Americans and deeply explore such issues as patient satisfaction, resource management, nurse staffing, and network growth.

The Readiness of Banner Health in Addressing the Healthcare Needs of Citizens in the Next Decade

Banner Health (2015) is well-known for the timely provision of the hospital, home, emergency, and primary care, as well as its outpatient surgery centers, laboratories, rehabilitation services, hospice, and pharmacies. As a diversified organization, it is ready to meet the nation’s demands through the constant connection with governmental agencies, a combination of healing atmosphere and technological advancements, and diversified service portfolio. Moreover, the institution demonstrates its readiness in addressing the healthcare needs of citizens in the next decade through research, care transformation, investment, expansion and renovation projects, as well as innovative treatment approaches in light of specifics of patients’ health status and conditions.

Comprehensive strategies, promotion of fellowship programs, and highly specialized care with the focus on modernization and innovation will also help to address the patients’ needs and improve the quality of services. Constant practice, the development of adequate policies, investment in research, technologies, creation, and advancement of hospital-based treatment frameworks will enable Banner Health Network to respond to the challenges of the U.S. health system in the next decades. In addition to excellent patient care, the non-for-profit organization will ensure uninterrupted access to the beneficiaries of the federal programs through education, technology, creation of simulation-education training centers, school-based clinics, and community engagement.

Strategic Plan That Addresses Issues Pertaining to Network Growth

The effective plan developed by Banner Health is focused on development and progress. If the institution wants to reach growth spurt and stability in its work, it has to adapt to the specifics of the ever-changing environment in its strategic planning, assess the present to predict the future, investigate growth and industry-wide trends. Enhanced productivity, geographic expansion, highly coordinated care provided to every American patient, increase in a number of qualified specialists, and sophisticated network applications will guarantee the constant growth of Banner Health Network in the next years.

The organization has to examine the current industry trends in-depth, as well as consider communications integration, partnership, the introduction of new services, organizational development with the focus on effectiveness, and properly planned health education in order to achieve successful network expansion. The steps of strategic priority for Banner Health Network should be the promotion of experimentation and innovation in decision-making and service delivery, humanistic values, the ability to address priorities critically, exchange of best practices, and provision of uninterrupted access to leading-edge technologies and practices.

Moreover, an adequate estimation of growth, market and industry trends is required. In order to accomplish all the intentions concerning network growth, Banner Health has to expand, improve productivity, and increase the number of medical specialists. Successful planning and assessment of requirements will not only improve the organization’s performance but also ensure effective management and financial security.

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Strategic Plan That Addresses Issues Pertaining to Nurse Staffing

Banner Health will have to improve professional nursing practice constantly since it is a key to success while delivering necessary services to patients. Therefore, the healthcare organization has to ensure an appropriate number of the medical staff since this aspect directly affects the overall care provision. To sustain the expansion and address the issue of effective nurse staffing, there is an urgent need to engage proficient and experienced nurses in the process of care delivery. For instance, flexible work scheduling to maintain proper work-life balance and offering career development opportunities can be among nurse recruiting and retaining options. Proper staffing as a strategic task will guarantee the establishment of the close relationship between nurses and their patients as well as exceptional staff engagement. Constant interaction also helps to promote safety in healthcare facilities (Sherwood & Barnsteiner, 2012).

The strategic plan of Banner Health Network is based on advancing clinical excellence, expertise, education, fostering an outstanding team of proficient specialists, and strengthening the community partnership. Particular attention is also paid to holistic patient-centered caring in light of with employee-centered approach and health optimization through inspiring leadership and shared governance models.

Strategic Plan That Addresses Issues Pertaining to Resource Management

For today, the management of resources is crucial since it directly affects the functioning of the entire system. Due to the constantly changing demands of healthcare providers, Banner Health Network emphasizes the effective use and rational allocation of available resources in its strategic planning (Simons, 2011). Resource management in this healthcare facility is concerned with technological advancements and innovative approaches to sustain both staff and patients’ needs. Therefore, the allocation of the organization’s resources in a proper manner will make a plan successful from the strategic perspective.

Implementation of Banner Health Network tactical plan that focuses on the management of financial resources, human skills, information technology, and inventory will ensure its competitiveness in the next years. Constant development and readiness to address the citizens’ needs make Banner Health Network one of the greatest healthcare organizations that emphasize resource management and patients’ safety as the highest priority. Through the correct organization of resources, the healthcare setting will gain enormous potential for improvement in the subsequent years.

Strategic Plan That Addresses Issues Pertaining to Patient Satisfaction

The diversified, non-profit Banner Healthcare Network operating mostly in the Western states pays particular attention to the patients’ satisfaction considering it a primary concern. The organization improves customer service since the content of needy clients directly affects its reputation. The famous healthcare provider promotes effective communication as an integral part of excellent performance and care provision. Medical staff’s coordination and professional assistance are crucial to Banner Health clients’ satisfaction.

Immediate admittance, constant communication between providers and patients as well as an adequate response to the needs of patients, will significantly distinguish Banner Health Network from other healthcare providers in the USA in the next decades. Nurse responsiveness, leadership training, communication, and the development of tactical strategy play a crucial role in the organization’s performance. In order to reach excellent results, healthcare specialists working in Banner Health have to be compassionate, as well as keep colleagues and patients updated as part of a renewed organizational code of conduct. In the course of time, high efficiency and coordinated patient care may lead to cost reduction. Therefore, to make sure that patients’ needs are carefully satisfied, the upper management of Banner Health should focus on the development and improvement of patient-centric organizational culture based on

  • (a) high-level competence of the staff;
  • (b) enhanced internal communication;
  • (c) development of shared-knowledge communication between professionals;
  • (d) a collaborative approach to care delivery, to list a few.


In conclusion, Banner Health Network has been established to deliver high-quality and integrated care services to the beneficiaries of the federal health programs. The famous diversified organization functioning in the Western states is ready to address the residents’ needs. The nonprofit will also further success through patient satisfaction, as well as well-organized resource management, nurse staffing, and network growth. Effective communication through the application of technological advancements and adaptation to the ever-changing environment will ensure the constant development of Banner Health Network and the involvement of new clients.

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