Argumentative Essay Sample on Rock Lyrics Music Research

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What Should Be Done About Rock Lyrics?

Many scholars and writers have addressed the social meaning of music. Music is a potent force in the construction of cultural identity and social norms; often, it is a metaphor of social-cultural processes. Many studies of the rock music in societies have relied on approaches stressing the exegesis of the rock lyrics representing a textual rather than sociological approach to culture. Examining rock lyrics as the embodiment and reflection of resistant consciousness is a significant segment in a more general cultural analysis of the counterculture of rock music. Yet, interpretation of rock lyrics should occur in a more general approach giving primacy to the actual experience of the musicians.

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Rock lyrics are said to be sexually explicit or violent promoting adverse behavioral effects. The possible explanation for this is that rock fans always do not know the lyrics, and at times, they fully comprehend their meaning. Therefore, specific descriptive labeling of rock lyrics content as violent or use of offensive language would be pleasing. Additionally, the music industry should be encouraged to exhibit sensitivity to its production.

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The Case for Torture

Violence against women is a pressing issue deemed acceptable by the media, and hence challenges the perceptions on how people should be treated in a relationship. The prevalence and complex nature of the violence makes it a hot topic and interesting issue for media coverage. The portray violence both visually and aurally by normalizing the use of force correlates with the fact that one in three women have been tortured in one way or another.

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For instance, music in particular contains more sexual content than any media outlet, presenting the women using lyrics objectify, exploit and/or victimizes them. With the awareness of the issue, censorship should be imposed to curb the trend as media coverage can influence behaviors and attitude of individuals. It is important for the media to get the right depiction of violence against women so that the issue can be handled with care.