Persevere: Don't Allow Your Circumstances to Define Who You Are or What You Do

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Human psychology combines a huge variety of interesting phenomena. In fact, person’s behavior and perseverance is determined by the character type. A lot of conditions form the type of character for every particular person. Character formation can be developed in early childhood, as well as in the adult life period. The main reasons are family interactions in childhood, health, social and living conditions. Taking into account all the above mentioned reasons, one can analyze why certain person has acquired individual temperament type: lymphatic, choleric, melancholic or sanguine (Cocoris, 2009). Oppressive conditions of living can cause behavior with more introvert actions. On the other hand, if certain person lives in favorable conditions from childhood, his or her character type and actions became more extravert. Also, the intensity of perseverance can be caused by the religion type. For example, many Christians are very persevering in questions of their religion.

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However, various situations may happen and different people can show both signs of persistence and total lack of it which affects living conditions.

Problems and Levels of Personal Perseverance

Human nature peculiarity is caused, in many ways, by evolution. Survival of the strongest dictates certain rules for surviving; perseverance is one of them. Since the very beginning of human race, perseverance is one of the main qualities of improving basic living conditions. Moreover, persistence is an integral part and, in some way, the main key to the personal success in life in the modern world (Wheatley, 2010).

Perseverance itself can be held in different levels. Let us divide those levels into three by intensity: low, medium, and high. At the first level, one can do everything possible for possessing some insignificant things, for example, a comic book. The second level is oriented for more expensive or more valuable things like owning a house, a car, a better position at work or being healthy. The last level of perseverance is the highest above all and it indicates the willingness of some people to possess luxury things or positions, for example, becoming a president of a country.

As an example, a story about a man who wanted to be rich can be provided. One day, a man, who had a fair financial income, decided to be the world’s richest man. Though, he did not want to work hard, but looked for easy money. He thought about it a lot and decided that the best way to become rich was to go to Las Vegas and win in casinos. On the first day, with the beginner’s luck, he won $300,000, but he wanted more and more and thus, started to play more as well. With such extreme perseverance, by the end of the third day, he lost almost all his savings and became practically a beggar.

Perseverance can be dictated by good or bad intentions. In the case of having good intentions, a person can improve own living conditions or the quality of life. Such type of perseverance can be seen with many handicapped people who became Paralympics Champions. Also, there would not be any computers, cars and lots of other common things if scientists would not be persistent in their researches. Unfortunately, perseverance can go with the unfair intentions. In such situations, a person who sets a goal to achieve what he or she has in mind, he does everything possible to get it. Even if those actions can bring serious harm to random people, relatives or nature. Among the most vivid examples there are factories that pollute the air or water with chemical emissions and waste. Mostly, it is caused by the will of the owners to save some amount of money that they normally should spend on the pollution control facilities. In fact, in the majority of cases, wars are caused by this kind of excessive persistence.

On the other hand, total lack of perseverance can be observed. Such kind of thinking mode can be mostly seen in the Third World countries and poor people in general. According to the statistics, we can see total percentage of poverty and richness in the world. There are 40 percent of poor people, the other 40 percent represent people with the average income, and only 20 percent of rich people. Since wealth directly depends on perseverance, the above mentioned statistics show how people’s actions and attitude affect on their common wealth (Shah, 2013). Different types of characters cause diverse ways of behaving and various levels of perseverance as well.

Causes for Perseverance in Actions

The variety of different life situations define the intensity of perseverance in every person’s way of thinking and actions, such as an extremely poor health condition, the utter lack of proper financial income, psychological issues and diseases, as well as  inadequate social relations and relationships with family members.

Very interesting case of perseverance can be shown with a person who considers own beliefs as the only right ones, and with facing at least slightly different point of view he or she simply rejects it. However, this particular type of behaving causes the most troubles to that particular person. In this instance, a person unintentionally plays the victim’s role. Also, there is a type of people who place their needs and feelings above everybody else’s. A short story about one loving couple can be shown as an example. Once, there were a boy and a girl who loved each other for several years. When it was a time for them to go to the higher school, they got applied into two different colleges. Before parting, they decided to stay together as a couple. Unfortunately, after a couple of months, the boy found himself a new girlfriend and he told about it to the former one. She was very furious and frustrated about it and decided to punish him. She started doing everything possible for not letting him go. For few moths, she stalked him and his new girlfriend, wrote letters and called him several times a day. The boy decided to end this and politely asked her to leave him alone. After this, the girl realized that she cannot do anything about it and simply told everybody that he is HIV-positive.

From this story, we can see that victims can become persevere and become dominant in actions with bad consequences.