Argumentative Essay Sample on Compyter and Mobile Technology Area

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Mobile technology has taken over the contemporary market today. This technology is made up of a huge variety of devices such as cell phones and computers. With the dawn of new innovations from technological advancements, the need for mobile utilization is imperative for every generation.


This paper focuses on the importance of mobile technology in the modern world. It argues on the significance and relevance of its use in the activity of man. The paper uses secondary sources of information to develop a credible argument that supports the use of mobile technology. Information from these sources forms a reliable reference for the subject matter.

This technology developed in the mobile industry, and it offers easy portability for its users. This is to say that while using devices such as cell phones, it is easy for the user to move from one place to another without any inconveniences. It is easy to conduct business from any place since the telephones that were situated in a specific area are outdated and replaced by mobile phones. This advantage does not only apply to cell phones but a huge range of devices like laptops that allow unlimited access to information in any place. The fact that there is unlimited access for these devices gives the technology a benefit of catering for emergencies and freelance activities. Consider an employee who is able to communicate their transactions miles from their organizational headquarters. This is an important feature for mobile technology.

Advancements in technology, especially in the field of mobile technology, have provided faster communication. Mobile devices like phones and computers have achieved little time for interactions. For example, with the use of computer networking, it is possible to send and receive information with minimal effort. Computers, both laptops and desktops, allow easy access to the Internet that forms a local network of data for users. It is easy for a manager to send instructions to a respondent in remote areas without having to meet them. This also applies to the cell phone industry where information is easily exchanged over the network. A technological research done on American citizens who have phones shows that almost every individual possesses a phone. This is advantageous as communication can be established across borders without any travelling costs.

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Wireless technology is another important feature of mobile technology. Wireless technology offers a local area network that is accessible in many places including institutions of learning and coffee shops. This advancement creates an ease in research and general study, because the user needs to be in an area of coverage with their computer to be able to use it. This creation was developed so that the number of users can improve. Remote areas are catered for in this technology as it does not incur high costs of creation. For instance, modern libraries are equipped with wireless network to make the studying process easier.

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In professional sectors, this technology has improved in both organizational and individual activities. It is possible for organizations to organize their transactions with less difficulty as compared to the old approach. In the past, firms had to keep their records in huge piles of books, but this has changed in recent times; the use of information technology has improved this activity. Organizations use computer programming to conduct record keeping for unlimited data.

Construction processes have been favored by mobile technology to a large extent. This is because many constructors and architects use computer technology in drawing and drafting of projects. It is vital for all construction work to meet specific requirements thus using computer innovations confirms this need. For instance, computers give a more accurate set of drawings for architects and the applicability of projects is better.

Market accessibility has been enhanced as it is not situated in a specific area. Business activities and market transactions are now global as this technology creates a link with many organizations and individuals. With the onset of Internet services, it is easy to locate and interact with many corporate sectors. For instance, accessing a distant sales company from a local area is easily done. This benefit works against any difficulties in advertising and marketing of a firm’s services across borders. The cost of international investment is hugely reduced by this creation in technology.


In spite of the limitations in mobile technology which question the need for its presence in the market, it basically offers desired and efficient services. These limitations focus on device handling and manipulation. It is a requirement that all individuals have knowledge in this industry; this explains why it is incorporated in various curricula. There is the problem of limited resources that allow access to this area. This issue relies on the developments made by the authorities and personal interests.

Creation of modern communication devices has improved daily activities in many ways. For example, it is possible to send and receive money from people across various geographical areas. These benefits have created easy living for users. It is therefore relevant and crucial that these products are sold in the global market for better living.

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