Argumentative Essay Sample on Higher Education by Tom Nixon

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The main purpose of the paper is to study and analyze the article “Higher Education Is Now Ground Zero for Disruption” by Tom Nixon, the contributor of the Forbes magazine that is devoted to the problem of higher education cost and quality within the contemporary American education system (Nixon, 2014). The author claims that contemporary higher education in the United Stets is of the poor quality, high costs, and does not guarantee the future success of the graduated specialists. At the same time, he underlines the rapid growth of the popularity of on-line education that can be an effective solution to the enlarging problem that exists within the society.

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On the other hand, despite the facts that are presented to the readers within the article, it is essential to mention that there is a series of arguments opposing to that of the author. Although Nixon makes a good point about the weak sides of higher education within the country, he ignores the fact that this system is supported by the years of successful work and the generations of graduated professionals, while the on-line education has not proved its efficiency and high quality.


Within the article, Nixon tells about the serious crisis in the national higher education. It is based on the contemporary rates demonstrating an extremely low level of college graduates employment together with unbelievable growth of costs that make it impossible for the parents to give their children a good education. This problem is followed by the fact that the whole education system is out of date and does not meet the contemporary demands of both students and employees. As a result, the author underlines the rapid development of on-line education that is really attractive and provides a wide range of opportunities and lower prices offered by the institutions. As a result, Nixon sees the future of online education quite optimistically in case the investors and businesses together with the prospective students will get rid of all the stereotypes. Also, he properly evaluates all the advantages of this type of education.

The arguments proposed by the author are well-supported and clear although he does not take into account the opposing opinions that are also quite reasonable and rational. Together with impressive and credible evidence that supports his point of view, it is essential to underline the ineffective parts of the work to make the research more objective and accurate. We can also see the strong sides of the contemporary higher education that are also extremely important to analyze.

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Supporting Paragraph

First of all, it is necessary to state that higher education in the United States has been successfully developing for centuries. Its high reputation is supported by the huge number of American and foreign students that every year apply for the state institutions. The education costs can be considered as high, but there is a wide range of scholarship programs that aim to stimulate students for the new academic achievements and the development of their potential. Also, there are programs for children from poor families and a series of special social groups to make higher education affordable for all groups of people. Therefore, these programs reflect the high price of the rest of the places within colleges and universities. At the same time, online education is a comparatively new opportunity that has not shown its reliability and effectiveness. This type of education can be present in the whole system of education although it does not seem to be good enough to the domain within the sphere.

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As can be seen from the article, Nixon supports the thought that higher education has become extremely expensive, old-fashioned, and ineffective that reflects the crisis within the area. At the same time, he sees the high perspectives in the alternative proposed by online education. However, while mentioning the positive sides of higher education, the author forgot about the facts and opinions opposing the ones he defined to be the only truth. From my point of view, higher education in the United Stets has the perfect reputation that it has been gained during its long and bright history, while the modern innovative on-line programs are not supported by the real evidence. Therefore, they cannot be compared to the old and stable education system that has been always the basis of our society.