Argumentative Essay Sample on Freedom of Speech

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Freedom of speech is an essential entitlement that enables one to communicate the ideas and opinions to another recipient who is willing to listen. People have the freedom of speech which includes the act of receiving, imparting ideas or information, and seeking. The medium used to relay the information is not much considered during the freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is not equal in all the countries, and this affects the information passed to the recipient in a great way.


Freedom is essential to people because it facilitates the expression of personal views or ideas that affect the society. In a way, people claim for their rights if they think that they are oppressed by certain individuals. People have the right to defend their dignity because of the oppression that can undergo in closed doors. Freedom of speech gives people the rights to share relevant data and increase knowledge about specific urgent information. Here, the freedom of speech can be legally curtailed through some jurisdictions that include the legal and religious systems.

The most important freedom that I have is the freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is regarded as a political right that every individual has to express themselves through communication of one's opinions or views using one's body to any other person willing to receive them. Freedom of speech is essential because I have a chance to express myself freely regarding any issues that I think I need to address. I think that it is important because all individuals are entitled to their opinion, and they should be given the chance to communicate the same to others without feeling that they should not do so. This freedom serves many functions, for example, decision making at all levels through discussion and consideration of a range of views. It also allows criticism of the government.

Freedom of speech has some limits. Different countries have unique laws regarding the use of the freedom of speech. Some of the common limitations include slander, libel, being obscene, ethical hatred, and violation of copyrighted information that has some protection. It is required that people who violate these limits are not entitled to claiming their freedom of speech. It is expected that each person conforms to these requirements. The freedom of speech applies to everyone. It should be equal to everyone because all citizens are equal irrespective of who they are or what they do.

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Supporting Paragraph

At the company of my friends, we often review the political issues at the time. We discuss our opinions. For example, some of us are Republicans while others are Democrats. We allow each other to voice his or her opinion irrespective of the political side that he or she supports. We do not condemn one another but embrace the differences and appreciate one another.

Some people take freedom of speech for granted. I realize this when I read about other nations around the globe that do not have the same liberties I enjoy in the United States. In some countries, the reporters and writers who get to produce positive or negative articles about certain issues have been slain or missing and nothing has been done to allow these people to speak freely without fear. In other cases, the journalists’ sites are blocked without any explanation. Freedom of speech is also under attack. Many congressmen try to warn Americans on YouTube and videos are being censored as a violation of terms of service. The truth is being censored, and the American’s attention is diverted to petty crimes, non-essential issues and small talks. People do not realize that where freedom of speech does not exist, people are punished for speaking out even when they are treated wrongly.

Changes should be made in the society to keep the freedom of speech. Since technological changes are producing new forms of conflict, this freedom should be changed to promote individual’s capacity to take part in the growth and improvement of culture. Free speech should enhance creativity and make participation possible at the digital age. This freedom should stem from a full creative life which is satisfying for everyone and can lead to the development and betterment of the society.

There are some people who see freedom of speech as a bad thing. They feel that sometimes it can allow people to express their views that others may consider to be offensive. Others are of the opinion that some views may be provocative and may incite violence. Some people take advantage of the independence of expression to spread rumors and make fun of certain races and cultures. In response to those who feel that freedom of speech is a bad thing, I believe that their way of thinking is wrong because this freedom allows people to express their opinion with little fear of the authority, and it should be considered as an important political right of every citizen.


Freedom of speech is important when it is not used as a tool for harming others with a motive of being cruel. It is a right that should be honored with integrity and maturity. It should be taken as an important amendment within the constitution that can dictate who Americans are, as it allows us to state our opinions, state facts and speak whatever is on our minds at any given place and time.

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