Argumentative Essay Sample on Facebook as an Important Educational Software Application

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Communication Role of Facebook is an Important Educational Tool

Nowadays, the aspect of social networking has taken the center stage of nearly all activities within human beings’ social life and businesses. Facebook is a software application tool concerned with the postulation of relevant issues of communication. However, the introduction of Facebook to classroom activities comes under intense controversy, since one group of stakeholders within the sector is considered to be opposing it, while others perceived it to be a core-driver in the learning outcomes of students. There are emerging issues that Facebook will be misused by students for purposes which are non-conforming to positive learning: Students are expected to waste much of their time chatting rather than acquiring knowledge.


Supporters of integration of Facebook into learning environments argue that the feature should be trusted and emulated in classroom, since it equips the students with the know-how of accessing Internet and creating social pages rich in privacy-settings. This attribute is considered to be positive in the manner through which it allows students to surf Internet even on their personal computers at home. Subsequently, these Facebook supporters argue that the software application can be incorporated in lessons by teachers who should use it to update the crucial matters about ongoing assignments. In this way, students get to comprehend the rectifications and effect the necessary changes which are affected immediately. In addition to this, Facebook allows for easier streaming of news reports and updated news articles which are considered to be of great significance to both the teacher and the student. This is because of the material content held by the aforesaid news report and articles which contribute positively to the curriculum.

Supporting Paragraph

In case all students in the country are allowed to integrate Facebook into classrooms, there is a possibility of increased internal and external communications. As a software application, Facebook is mainly used as a platform upon which communication materials are conveyed and sorted. In case students are allowed to chat with other students from within and outside the school, there will be increased performance, since most of the communications are aimed at locating relevant content which was never presented to the class in the course of the lesson. Also, the use of Facebook allows for relevant and real-life based learning experiences, since students are taught on how to open, manage and maintain an account which they can later use in looking for prospective jobs in that matter. Nowadays, most companies advertise their job openings through Facebook and, thus, it is a crucial matter to teach students on which Company fan page to like and which to avoid.

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Facebook supporters further argue that the incorporation of such social sites as Facebook increases the ease with which students locate relevant material content. With Facebook, one needs only a connection and a computer or mobile device through which they can use to locate materials faster and easier.

On the other hand, opponents of the integration of Facebook into classroom activities claim that introduction of the software application into classrooms will enhance idleness which will negate the requirements of a favorable learning environment. The argument put forth to support this claim is that the feature can be used largely as an entertainment tool rather than an educational model. The possibilities of immense distractions in the course of learning are not ruled out by the opponents of software application. These distractions can result from exciting news reports, as well as articles, which are in motion throughout.


Notwithstanding, there are risks involved with cyber-bullying in the sense that whenever this software application is not controlled fairly in the course of classroom, the rampant cyber-bullying activity might flow out of hand. Facebook does minimize the capability of a face-to-face form of communication. Taking into account that Facebook is the technological advancement, it is argued that there is the possibility of negative effect on social skills to students, since there, communication skills are conveyed through informal platforms. In the sense that multiple Facebook accounts are created for students, the possibility of time wastage is not ruled out, since these Facebook accounts need to be updated on a continuous basis. Time can also be wasted through the ongoing need for filtering and planning. This is because of the fact that educational institutions have the duty of care to its students and, as such, they need to actively engage in those activities which enhance discarding irrelevant and unreliable videos, images, as well as texts.

Having assumed all these derivations, resistance to Facebook integration in the learning environment is illogical. In fact, the software application is user-friendly and can be used by everybody irrespective of age and education level. It increases communication capabilities, as well as association of individuals irrespective of location and time. Thus, it is high time to engage Facebook into classrooms as a way of improving the curriculum.

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