Argumentative Essay Sample Does Age Matter in Relationships

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The relevance of age in romantic relationships is a subject of considerable debate, yet it becomes inconsequential when two individuals share a profound emotional connection. The essence of such relationships transcends societal norms and the judgments of others, focusing instead on the deep mutual understanding and the unwavering commitment to support and cherish one another through life's journey. This foundation allows couples to navigate the complexities of life together, irrespective of the age disparity that might exist between them.


There are many couples with the huge difference in age 20 or even 30 years. Regardless of the age differences, these couples have lived for a long period without separation. This is good to prove that age in relationships is not an important issue in relationships. For instance, “Nicolas Cage is 20 years older than Alice Kim” (Stritof). In such cases, people think that a man is very rich, and a woman is interested only in the amount of money he has. However, nobody has an idea that maybe this woman feels safe, or maybe the feeling of the partner’s power is luring. Such a woman is fond of the success, not of the money.

Many women prefer partners older for more than 7 years. The reason for it is that women’s psychological development is faster and when a man is the same age, it may seem to a woman that he acts like a child. Besides, older men are more able to solve urgent problems in women’s life. These are some of the believes that many people hold in their daily lives. It is due to this that some people value age differences between men and women before marriage.

Many people are even more judgmental when a woman is older than a man is. Nevertheless, older women are more serious about relationships and have more experience, which makes a man feel more self-confident. Such a man for an older woman is a way to feel younger, desirable, and more beautiful. When women are older than men are, chances are that the relationship is likely to be very strong and long-lasting. They guide the men in every activity and this create a strong bond between the tow. Mature women are ready to settle in relationships, and conflicts are never witnessed in such relationships.

Many people consider such relationships abnormal because one of the partners will grow old and die sooner, which would be painful for another partner. On one hand, there is some truth in that. On the other hand, some of them can suffer the whole life with a person of the same age instead of being happy with an older partner at least for several years.

Supporting Paragraph

Individuals should avoid the belief that age should be an important issue in relationships. Most people confuse age with maturity and knowledge that individuals have. Maturity and knowledge are what really can affect relationships. People should evaluate whether their relationships are enhancing the lives of each other. If this is the case, then it means that they are compatible and their relationship can last for a longer period.

As opposed to age, the maturity of individuals in relationships is important. Maturity means that an individual is able to make good decisions that are supported by reason. Such individuals will make a relationship enjoyable and strong every day.


Discovering a genuine and enduring love that transcends the bounds of age is a profound experience that embodies the essence of human connection. In such unions, the joy and fulfillment derived from the relationship far outweigh societal scrutiny or the potential challenges posed by age differences. While acknowledging these differences is prudent, they should not overshadow the critical aspects of love, commitment, and mutual growth within the partnership. True love, characterized by a deep bond and shared life goals, serves as the cornerstone for a lasting and meaningful relationship, proving that the heart knows no age. This principle guides individuals towards forming partnerships that are not only resilient in the face of adversity but are also marked by an enduring commitment to each other's happiness and well-being.