Argumentative Essay Sample Abortion Shouldn't be Legal

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A young woman from California was cramping and bleeding in a toilet at her friend’s house, trying to abort her baby. Ironically, it was her birthday; however, instead of celebrating her own birth, she was deliberately making sure that a life which was growing inside her would never have a birthday to celebrate. Despite having a successful abortion, she could not get over the grief and guilty feeling for killing an innocent life. It is not the first case. There are many women in the world who opt for abortion due to immense pressure from society and fear to stand against the majority. Many of such women agree that they regret their decision and would not take such a step, if abortion was not legal. Therefore, abortion should not be legal. Even unborn babies are human beings with the fundamental human right to life and it needs to be conserved.

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Abortion can be tagged wrong not only on the moral and religious basis, as science also has agreed that it is an intentional killing of life. Many abortion supporters claim that the fetus cannot be consider as a human being as it is not born. However, as argued by Jan Langman in “Medical Embryology,” the development of a human being starts at conception, a fertilization process by which two highly specialized cells, the spermatozoon from the male and the oocyte from the female, merge to give rise to new living organism, zygote. From this moment, the human being is formed, has the ability to gain energy, and respond to the environment. Also, it has the ability to adapt and reproduce, divide, and develop new cells. Certainly, non-living things do not possess such characteristics. Therefore, it is a baseless argument to consider a fetus a non-living thing and defend its killing (Why Abortion is Wrong?).

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Supporting Paragraphs

Often, pro-choice activists defend abortion under the terms such as “unwanted burden,” “it is my body, I’ll do what I want,” “mother in danger,” “rape,” and so on. These are weak arguments on ethical and moral grounds. A child is better off dead, just because its parents cannot take care of it. How can such a brutal act be justified? Certainly, rape is an evil thing and anyone who suffers it needs support. However, killing a baby growing inside a rape victim woman is not going to make things easy for her. Instead, women who opt for abortion are more prone to clinical depression, alcoholism, and suicide. A better solution for such a predicament is adoption. There are many people out there who are truly willing to adopt children and assure a better future for them.

Besides, abortion exerts immense effects on the woman. The immediate consequence of abortion is the risk of injury to the woman’s reproductive organs and loss of her fertility. Also, issues such as the abortion-depression link, the abortion-breast cancer link, and the abortion-suicide link are gaining widespread coverage. The psychological damage, which is also known as post-abortion syndrome (PAS), can be physical, emotional, moral, social, or medical. Its consequences are seen long-lasting and destructive (Effects of Abortion).


In conclusion, considering all the facts and scientific proofs, it is crystal clear that abortion is an inhumane act of intentional killing of life. Also, it causes damage to the woman’s health and life in various aspects. Definitely, abortion is not the answer to the issue of unwanted pregnancy and it should not be legalized. Instead of it, by providing a large number of options of contraception, by spreading awareness about safe sex, and imposing strict laws, the government can restrain abortion rates in the country.

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