Heartwarming Coca-Cola Life Commercial [Analysis Essay Example]

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Having a kid is not only about brining another human being into this world. It is also about heartwarmingly welcoming this ‘new life’, and developing it into a responsible and good person. However, in today’s modern society, the idea of parenting has considered as a mere another headache and burden. Day by day, the rates of abortion are growing drastically in the modern society. Recently, a new Coca Cola commercial for its new brand, Coke Life, has received massive popularity and attention in the world. The commercial has highlighted the pleasure of parenthood by celebrating a gift of new life. It is promoting the pro-life ideology and discouraging ideas of abortion (Mentasti, 2013). The current essay analyzes various aspects of the commercial by relating them with societal issues.

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Main Body

The advertisement promoting Coca Cola’s new Argentine soft drink brand, Coke Life, communicates with its viewers in a way that only few commercials have successfully managed. In mere 60 seconds, the commercial presents the excitement of pregnancy, the fatigue of a newborn care, the frustration and exhaustion of trying to manage all well with a baby, and the immense joy of parenthood.

The commercial opens with a newly married couple’s excitement over a positive pregnancy test. When they welcomed the arrival of a newborn, at the same moment, they also welcomed various challenges and difficulties of being a parent including messy, untidy home filled with various scattering things and baby toys, all-night crying episodes, interrupted privacy, and fatigue of all responsibilities of childcare. While walking in the park, they desperately watch other couples jogging in the park, watching those couples enjoying their lives without a child and memorizing the same time of their lives while pushing the stroller. At the end of the commercial, the wife reveals her positive pregnancy test. The long-suffering husband screams loudly, which appears to be shocking incredulity, actually turns into immense joy (Mentasti, 2013).

The concept of showcasing the ecstasy and agony of parenthood is not new in the advertising industry. However, the Santo Buenos Aires advertising agency has given the unique touch to the old concept for the advertisement of Coke Life (Moye, 2013). While portraying the chaos of parenting, the Advertisement-makers have skillfully avoided screaming kid noises, parents panic, and dismissing their children as a headache, by using the musical background of Bee Gees’ “To love somebody.” The lines, “you don’t know what it’s like, baby, you don’t know what it’s like” (Mentasti, 2013) are emphasizing the great feeling of being parent.

While playing these lines in a background, the director has captured the moments where parents are annoyed by the mischievous acts of baby, yet bearing all the agony with patience and love. This method of filming has highlighted the unique message, i.e., the people, who think it is a total headache and pain to raise a baby, are actually missing the essence of love and pleasure of parenthood, indirectly, “you don’t know what it’s like (to being a parent).” Also, the moments, where father finds green ectoplasm on his record, baby’s attempt to eat dog food, his cute smile when parents find him hiding in a box, the reaction of father when his wife reveals the news of second pregnancy, are simply priceless as they make the viewers smile and weep at the same time. The effective use of soundtrack, “To love somebody” is simply admirable.

The marketing purpose of the commercial is to promote Coca Cola’s new product, Coke Life, which is a low-calorie soft drink that is sweetened with sugar and stevia, consisting almost 60% less sugar than the other Coca Cola products. The product is launched in Argentina. The tagline of commercial is “Destapa Tu Naturaleza”, which means “Open Your Good Nature”. In the advertisement, by raising the child with affection and care, the parents have “open” their kind-behavior towards their kid (Moye, 2013). The tagline becomes more evident when the parents truly love their child and even after all sacrifices and troubles welcome the news of their second child with great pleasure. The objective of commercial is to develop a bond with consumers convincing that Coca Cola understands you and your sacrifices very well. The ad-makers are trying to appeal to consumers’ emotional side that since Coca Cola understands your life, it understands what kind of soft-drink would be suitable for you. Coke Life contains less sugar and is relatively healthier than other products, so it is best for consumers. The objective of commercial is portrayed effectively by means of parenting concept.

From the ethical aspects, the advertisement carries a hidden social message about the responsibility of being a parent. Having a child is not just life’s crucial moment, but the ultimate exam of discovering own best side. Rather than getting annoyed by difficulties of raising a child, one should try to find the joy in those precious moments of life. Pro-life ideology is significantly highlighted in the commercial.


In conclusion, “Heartwarming Coca -Cola Life Commercial” is a masterpiece in the commercial world. The ad-makers have effectively promoted their brand by touching the emotional side of consumers. Also, the way commercial conveys its social message about pro-life is simply remarkable.