Guides for Brides: Wedding Project

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Wedding day is a monumental day for every woman. As little girls, future brides dream of having a wedding of their dream. They rehearse walking along the aisle, being the most beautiful bride ever. Nowadays, more and more coupes hire a wedding coordinator, because planning a wedding can be rather complicated and time-consuming thing to do. A wedding is a very personal occasion. The bride and the groom can talk to a planner and decide what the wedding will look like. Obviously, music lovers will spend a ton of money on having a great live band. Those people who love food will probably pay the utmost attention, focus, and money on the great catering. Nonetheless, when it comes to the steps of planning a wedding, the first thing the couples do is determine the budget. Budget is very disturbing point of every wedding. Once a couple has determined the budget, they select the location. Once it is done, the bride and the groom invite guests by means of invitations or personally. The most important things seem to be completed. All the future couple has to do is to relax and wait for the day to come.

Planning a wedding involves also planning of the pre-wedding activities. These include invitations and a rehearsal dinner. Next step is planning of the wedding itself, which would include flowers, church, and other items. And finally, the post-wedding events’ planning takes place. It consists of the reception or honeymoon planning. Our elite writer can help you with all the planning as part of the project, just send your request “do my assignment for me cheap,” let the expert know how you see your wedding and we will help you.

As it was mentioned earlier, the wedding coordinator helps greatly in the planning of “the big day”. A project charter template is usually made in order to organize all the process and not miss a thing. The main purpose of such a charter is to plan, coordinate and execute one definite wedding. The following aspects should be taken into account: the objective, constraints, resources, the budget, and the schedule. The following project charter template was taken as a model: The Wedding Project by James Leocata.

The objective of every wedding project is to plan and execute a successful wedding by using the provided budget. The wedding planner or a group of people responsible for the arrangements should analyze the budget and the wedding criteria. Moreover, they should research the actions that have to be taken and the cost that they have available; start to order reservations, services and products needed for the wedding; send invitations, and rehearse the wedding.

At the time of the wedding some equipment or services may be unavailable. To avoid this, all the equipment, reservations and services should be researched and booked in advance. This information is available in ‘Risk analysis’, part of the wedding template.

Project constraints or limitation defining is a very important part of the whole planning process. For example, “$10,000 is the maximum to be spent” or “the budget of the wedding is between $30,000 and $40,000”. Limitation might not concern the budget only. These could be the terms on services, probable date change and other points, as well as measures in case something goes wrong.

Among the available resources, there can be a number of professional internet sites, which help to choose and buy a wedding gown or to book a band or catering.

The adopted methods to communicate essential information will mostly depend on the scale and size of the specific project. Typical methods include written, verbal, collaborative and interactive ones. The project will be shared by means of both written and verbal methods, as well as interactive ones.

The matrix style of the template will be presented mostly by means of tables, as it is the most convenient way to collect and analyze the information. can prepare such a template for you and help you calculate the budget and even risks. Simply, contact our support team with the request “do my excel homework” (yes, it sounds weird but it is kind of homework to prepare perfect wedding), and we will prepare a matrix template for you. Let us take as an example the table representing model cost for wedding. The costs were modeled to give the understanding of budget analysis.

Table 1

Model Cost for Wedding

Items Quantity Cost
Wedding dress 1 $ 55.85
Bridesmaid dress 4 $ 39.85
Grooms Suit 1 $ 150.00
Groomsmen’s Suit 4 $ 150.00
Wedding cake 1 $ 400.00
Honeymoon 3 $ 138.30
Wedding rings 2 $ 400.00
Photography 1 $ 850.00
Reception food 200 $ 15.50
Flowers 1 $ 750.00
Music/ Band 1 $ 860.00
Invitations 10 $ 8.90
Ceremony 1 $ 400.00
Reception 1 $ 1,350.00

To conclude, a successful wedding project charter template will definitely help the future bride and groom not to miss any issue and make the wedding much more memorable.