Definition of Courage

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Detailed Analysis of a Free Definition Essay

When studying a certain type of culture we may come across different terms. Each of them has its exact definition which depends on people’s beliefs and the place where culture has been developed. Students often write papers examining the meaning of different words, set expressions, phenomena, etc. Here, we are going to analyze a free definition essay sample of interpreting the meaning of the word “courage.” The discussion presented below will help you understand how to produce a top-notch work.

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According to Funk & Wagnalls and Daniel Webster, the term “courage” means, “A feeling that enables someone to face difficulties or dangerous situation.” The word with the opposite meaning is “danger”. The definition of this word determines whether a person is a coward or not. However, the meaning of some terms may vary depending on the environment where it develops. The thing is that people have their own ideas about some sort of things. Thus, the term “danger” has different shades of meaning in each society. For instance, some people like police officers, doctors, firefighters, etc., face dangerous situations every day. Others do not think about danger at all, as they are not exposed to it. This is a vivid example of why people understand “courage” in different ways. By the way, learners often analyze this issue when preparing their expository definition essays.

If you want to write a good work, you should examine the matter thoroughly. Thus, let us go back to the detailed analysis of the definition of the word “courage” and its connection with that of “danger”. There is a great difference between the meaning of “danger” for policemen and criminals. The later create risky situations by themselves. That is why they cannot be considered courageous. On the contrary, they are cowards who perform dirty deeds. They kill people, commit robberies, etc. Thus, their foolish risk cannot be justified. Moreover, criminals never think about the consequences of their actions. It is right to say that people do not respect criminals and never award them. Nevertheless, thieves, murders, etc., find themselves rather brave.

It is also interesting to examine the way different tribes live. Thus, if you want to know how to write definition essay on this topic take a close look at the following analysis:

Some actions of the members of the tribe may be also considered foolish. For example, the methods of hunting, ritual initiations, and others may be judged. The point is that we do not do such things today. However, we do not even think that this is their traditions. They have been following them since the time their grand grandparents lived. In this way, tribes try to develop their culture. Imagine a situation when a lion has attacked a cow. Some members of the tribe start hunting it. They think it is rather courageous. On the contrary, we find such a risk rather foolish. Nonetheless, we do not take into account the fact that the lion will come again and again if not to stop it. It means that hunting a lion is quite a wise decision.

The hunting procedure is another matter that should be examined. The thing is that tribes use a spear in order to catch an animal. It seems to us rather unusual or even funny. However, first, it is necessary to find out why they use a spear for hunting. The, some conclusions can be made. We may consider it stupid to hunt with a spear. At the same times, the members of tribes may find us cowards to hunt with a gun.

All people have their points of view on different issues, even if it goes about “courage”. We usually analyze situations taking our personal experience into account. Sometimes, we do not understand that there are a lot of approaches to exploring subjects. If you do not know how to produce such a work, analyze the free definition essay templates presented above. They will help you organize your paper correctly.