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When I have to do my essay, I always think about why I should complete such an assignment. The thing is that I do not possess great writing skills. I wish there was someone who could do my essay for money. Producing papers has always been a challenge for me. When I had to do my homework, I was confused. I did not know what to start with. I could sit for hours staring at the topic of my work and it made me feel nervous.

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It is known that professors are very demanding. They want students to submit perfect papers only. Thus, I decided to ask my friends to help me do my essay. I could not understand how to complete it properly. I even though whether it was possible to write an exclusive paper in a night. I was not sure that my friends would be able to prepare an original work. I started thinking that it would be good to pay someone to produce a unique piece of writing for me. I knew that I was not able to meet the set deadline.


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It is a fact that I do not like writing academic works. However, I have writing lengthy papers. I cannot do one and the same thing for a long period of time. Watching long movies or reading books for hours irritates me. Now you understand why I am not able to do my essay, especially if it has to contain a large number of words. Thus, I have no other way out to turn to my classmates for assistance. They are educated enough to complete such assignments. By the way, the topics of my papers are usually very boring, so that is impossible to examine them in the right way.

It is understandable that one has to collect relevant material for the paper. Besides, it is very important to formulate the main idea correctly and explore the subject in detail. I find it very complicated. The next thing is to write a coherent work. It is essential to make it clear and interesting. I understand that I have to bear in mind a lot of valuable information to do my essay appropriately. However, it is like torture for me. I do realize that it is impossible to avoid writing academic works. Moreover, during the college years, we have to complete a huge number of assignments. I hate doing them as it is my Achilles’ heel. I sometimes think that it is much easier to pay someone to carry out my writing project instead of me.

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When I was assigned to write a paper, I tried to find a great topic. However, all my attempts failed. I wanted to create an effective mechanism for producing works, but I could not invent anything worthy. The thing is that I lack inspiration and creativity to do my essay in the best way. I do not know how to put forward fresh ideas and how to develop them. I think that preparing papers are not my forte. The paradox is that even when I make every effort to write a superior work, I fail. (Scott, NYC)