Technology Research Paper Topics: Get Unique Writing Ideas from Expert Writers

Technology Research Paper Topics

When you have to submit a research paper on technology, you need to choose the best from the number of technology research paper topics. One of the most challenging aspects of research paper writing is to come up with appropriate and successful research paper topic ideas that will be interesting and practical to research. Students are frequently assigned research papers for writing. They get such assignments almost in every subject and definitely have to provide such paper at least at the end of the semester. When getting such task from professors, students should never underestimate the importance of research paper writing and the role of well-chosen research questions topics.

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Such writing assignment demands much time, effort, and dedication to complete. Nonetheless, if you have no sufficient time to manage the research project, it is not a reason why you should sacrifice your rest and study all nights long. In such cases, you can seek professional help from a research paper writing service like With the help of our company, you can free yourself from stresses and worries regarding your academic writing tasks. What is even more important, our company’s writers can help you come up with the best research paper topics if you are given free choice in writing. As such, you can be sure that the topic of your research paper will best demonstrate your competence and knowledge you have gained throughout the course.


List of Research Topics in Education and Technology

Each year the technology advances more and more, so the list of research topics in education and technology provided below will give you a fresh look on the things around us that are constantly changing. The motto of each year is smarter, smaller, and faster. If a tiny gadget can store a lot of information, it is considered successful and effective.

It has been evident over the last years that education and technology go hand in hand with each other. That is why it is recommended to add some technological perspective into the topics on education you have chosen. Still, you can focus on traditional education topics if you want. It is up to you what topic you choose unless you make it interesting to your target audience. Check out the following research paper topics in education:

  1. Medical application the CDC Milestone Tracker
  2. The importance of developing critical thinking among students in the educational process.
  3. The evolution and development of teaching approaches over history.
  4. The positive and negative influence of the modern technologies.
  5. Compare and contrast face-to-face learning and online learning.
  6. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of sex education in schools.
  7. Different modern approaches to education.
  8. Analyze the pros and cons of same-sex school.
  9. Does practical education have more benefits for students?
  10. The role of apprenticeship in technical education.
  11. Compare and contrast basic education is two or three countries of your choice.
  12. What basic skills and knowledge should be taught in pre-school education?
  13. Discrimination in educational context. What consequences might it have for the future generations?
  14. Do you agree that modern education should aim at developing emotional intelligence?
  15. How do disabled and mentally impaired students socialize?
  16. Discuss and analyze inclusive vs. non-inclusive classes.
  17. What are the best and fairest ways to evaluate student’s knowledge?
  18. Is there still a need for grading system in the modern educational system?
  19. What can motivate students to study?
  20. The reasons for bullying and deviant behavior in schools.
  21. Pros and cons of parents’ involvement in the educational process.
  22. Do you agree that the process of education stops when people leave college or university? Or do you agree that the educational process continues for the whole life?
  23. Should books for studying undergo thorough censorship?
  24. Advantages and disadvantages of wearing school uniform.
  25. What role does adherence to discipline and strict rules play in the educational process?
  26. Do you agree that the modern era can be called an epoch of information overload?

Social Media Research Paper Topics

Social Media Research Paper Topics

Nowadays, social media research paper topics are some of the most interesting ones when it comes to presenting your study or delivering a presentation on your research. Social media have become an inseparable part of people’s life, so research on social media is definitely worth attention. Check out the following topics:

  1. Investigate and analyze the role of visuals in the social media.
  2. How do the social media impact buying behavior of consumers?
  3. What role do the social media play when one wants to launch a business?
  4. Can people be called sick for being dependent on social media so much?
  5. Do parents have right to monitor their children’s behavior on social media?
  6. What is the connection between cyber bullying and the increasing use of social media by schoolchildren?
  7. Do you agree that social media have become one of the most influential tools on people’s minds and consciousness?
  8. How far are people addicted to social media sites?
  9. What is the influence of social media on people’s routine activities?
  10. Is online communication beneficial or does it actually set people apart?
  11. How is social media used in business and politics?
  12. Is it possible for one to develop individual business with the help of social media?
  13. Do you agree that social media are one of the reasons why some people tend to commit suicide?
  14. What are the pros and cons of allowing schoolchildren use social networking sites while studying?
  15. Do you believe that your personal data is protected on social media?
  16. Is it safe to search for jobs online, particularly via social media?
  17. Have the social media changed or transformed people’s values?
  18. Should there be some age limit for using social networking sites?
  19. What is the biggest threat for children using the social media?
  20. How to recognize true and false information on social media?

Business Research Paper Topics

Business Research Paper Topics

When writing a research paper on business, you should be particularly picky when choosing business research paper topics. First of all, you need to make sure you are well-versed in the topic of your research. Second, you need to ensure that you know where to search for relevant information and also make sure the topic is researched at least a bit in order to find supporting evidence for your claims and arguments. Check out the following topics for research papers in business sphere:

  1. How has business evolved from the ancient times till the present day?
  2. The role of cotton industry in the development of the USA.
  3. Do you believe that the vegan movement will eradicate the fur trends in business and marketing?
  4. Investigate and analyze the concept of fast food industry.
  5. What role does the mass media play for the development of companies?
  6. Discuss the notion of illegal businesses in the modern world?
  7. Are ethics and pharmaceutical industry compatible things?
  8. How do religious and ethical aspects influence the alcohol industry?
  9. Do you agree that online marketing and trade will slowly eradicate real-life one?
  10. Do you agree that children in advertisements are an example of unethical child labor?
  11. Discuss the concept of body positivity.
  12. How has the concept of beauty in business and advertisement changed over the history?
  13. Can the book industry survive the era of electronic books?
  14. Provide concrete examples of rise and fall in business.
  15. Do you believe that discrimination in the workplace can be eliminated?

Pop Culture Research Paper Topics

Pop Culture Research Paper Topics

The provided below pop culture research paper topics comprise good research topics if you want to deliver an interesting presentation for the general audience. Virtually all people are fond of watching series, movies, and listening to music. Pop culture also focuses on such life aspects as fashion, music, gaming industry, and others. Therefore, if you want to be more down-to-earth with your research paper ideas, check out the following list of research topics on pop culture:

  1. What are the pros and cons that cosmetic surgery has become so widespread and accessible?
  2. To you agree that the femininity propagated from the screen is toxic for most women?
  3. The problem of eating disorders: are young girls and women still severely impacted by the trend of being thin?
  4. Is it healthier to be a vegetarian or to eat meat products?
  5. Why is it more natural for women to pay more attention and time to looks and appearance?
  6. Should each person create a powerful image of himself/ herself? Should a person at all work on building a brand image?
  7. Why eyebrows have recently been a center of attention in a woman’s image? Why have they become so trendy?
  8. Do you believe that celebrities are being worshipped by ordinary people? Why do prominent people pose so much influence on the general public?
  9. Why is there a growing trend of watching movies and TV series about dystopia events? Do you agree such movies are somehow predicting the possible future that waits for us?
  10. Do you agree that many manifestations of pop culture cause stress, anxiety, and even panic attacks in people?
  11. Focus on 2-3 types of women characters that are often depicted in movies or TV-shows.
  12. Focus on the art of Andy Warhol and think of the Andy Warhol type of the modern generation. Who might it be?
  13. The popularity of vampire stories in movies and literature.
  14. What are the pros and cons of the modern digital era? Do you believe that we live in the epoch of information overload?
  15. Paper books vs. electronic books: do you believe the former will stand the technological advancement and remain popular in the future?
  16. How is masculinity manifested in movies?
  17. Why are some countries less interested in the development of popular culture than the others?
  18. Pick a superhero from DC comics and provide a comprehensive discussion and analysis.
  19. Focus on a superhero from Marvel and evaluate how he/ she is depicted in the comics?
  20. Why Batman is such a popular character throughout many years?
  21. Why are action movies more popular among people than the other genres, such as dramas or documentaries?
  22. Do you agree that comedies reveal the true nature of what real relationships between people are like? Provide some specific examples.

Climate Change Research Paper Topics

Climate Change Research Paper Topics

The following climate change research paper topics will be among top research topics that can be used by students in preparation for a presentation or research in environmental studies. In the list below, you will find both easy research paper topics and more difficult but at the same time unique research paper topics. Please look at the following examples of research paper topics and choose the best one for you:

  1. What is the connection between deforestation problem and the grown of the average earth temperature?
  2. Discuss and analyze the negative impact that many industries pose on our planet.
  3. What are the long-term effects of the global warming on mankind?
  4. Do you agree that the global warming is an elaborate hoax?
  5. Is there a correlation between human behavior and changes in the environment?
  6. Do you think the ongoing controversy and debates around ecological issues distract people’s attention from some other global problems?
  7. What contribution can people make to tackle the environmental problems?
  8. What are the ways of informing children about the dangers of greenhouse effect?
  9. Do you think that alternative sources of energy can solve the ecological problem? How many years can it take?
  10. What are the causes why many animal species disappear?
  11. What are unusual weather conditions that are caused by changes in the climate?
  12. What are the tragedies of the ocean life that many people are not aware of?
  13. What are the ways of eradicating air pollution?
  14. How to promote recycling all over the world?
  15. Do you believe that there will be a time when people will have sufficient drinking water?

Hopefully, our list of interesting research paper topics in various disciplines will help you deliver a successful presentation on your research paper. Just choose one of the great research topics provided and order academic writing help right now.

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