8 Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Resume Mistakes to Avoid

When students make mistakes while writing an essay, it may cost them a good grade. But when job seekers make mistakes while writing a resume, it may cost them a job (an interview). The thing is that job competition is so high today that hiring authorities have a really tough job of choosing one applicant among so many job seekers. But some do their job easier by making deadly mistakes in their resumes. This way hiring managers can discard such applications right away and don’t spend time considering the applicants. Below you will find the list of most common resume mistakes that may cost you a job.

Deadly Resume Mistakes

  1. Too much information. If your resume or CV is too long, no one would want to spend half an hour reading your 5-page resume. HRs value their time as they spend less than a minute on a resume in general scanning through important information.
  2. ‘Fancy’ design. If you are not a designer it is better not to try to impress employers with your creative design skills. Many people go too far with this and what they often get is a rejected application. Although it may appear attractive to you, it may not be so for hiring managers. Most of them prefer black and white classics.
  3. No clear structure. Since hiring authorities used to scan through resumes and not read them in detail, it would be a deadly mistake to list your information in a way that would make your document look like one solid block of text. Make sure you split everything into sections, such as work experience, education, training, skills, etc.
  4. Irrelevant information. Now the mistakes listed above will result in HRs not even taking your resume to scan it through – they won’t bother to. This one actually relates to the stage when your resume has passed an initial look. But if they find too much of the irrelevant information (information that doesn’t have anything to do with the job you are applying for) then they will likely throw it to the discard pile. One of the most common mistakes in resume writing is listing irrelevant information employers have no interest in whatsoever.
  5. Outdated information. Among the resume mistakes to avoid is listing outdated information. Save some space on your document and don’t waste it on listing the experiences that you had 20 years ago. Employers are not interested in what you did that long ago.
  6. Focusing on responsibilities. Many applicants tend to focus on things they did in the past when hiring authorities are looking for people who achieved some results or success. It doesn’t really matter what you did but rather what you accomplished.
  7. Requirements not met. Many people send their resumes to job openings which they didn’t even bother to read. Most of the job openings have the requirements section that lists things employers expect you to submit (for example, they may expect a resume to contain specific information). Failing to meet the requirements will automatically result in a rejection.
  8. Spelling and grammar mistakes. If you never cared for your resume to look flawless, it simply means you never cared for getting a job. That’s how hiring managers think at least.

Now as you know the resume mistakes to avoid, you can start writing your resume. Another option is to order resume writing services online. For example, one of the most reliable resume services online where you can get that kind of assistance is EliteWritings.com. But this is not the only one for sure. There many online services that offer this kind of resume assistance that can rid you of the headache of writing your own resume.

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