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New Music Recommendations

New Music Recommendations

You enjoy music everywhere, in every mood, and regardless the weather, am I right? If so – then you are just like me. Obviously, you are constantly looking for more awesome music and would appreciate a good music recommendation. Find the list of the best spots that will recommend new music you will certainly add to your constantly expanding personal collection!

Finding Good Music:


Certainly, it is the best option ever! It is quick, easy, and has lots of music options to offer. You can search, you can choose, you can add it to your listen-later list, and even arrange the Autoplay mode. Moreover, YouTube claims to launch a new YouTube Music app that will sufficiently expand its potential. Only $10 per month is a fee for the awesome YouTube Red subscription plan, and you receive a range of personalized Pandora-style radio stations capable of tracking your preferences and making a perfect fit of recommended songs.

Yes, it is definitely the best spot if you want to not only receive lists of recommended songs, but also keep track of your listening history and do it via several devices and apps such as Spotify, Windows, iTunes, Mac, and other ones. Good taste in music means you prefer quality to quantity, and is definitely a nice place to check your taste – there will be always more and more new tracks for you to choose from, and build your personal playlist! is a creative and personalized service for music fans. is curated by DJs, bloggers that write about music, music editors, and other people professionally related to music. It relies on online radio stations and provides an algorithm-driven approach to music search since songs are selected by real individuals. So, it is an issue of quality again – you get a personalized list of recommended songs, or if you are not ready to entrust the choice of music to the strangers and rely on chance, just search via genres or singers.


One more option for the people with good taste in music is Gnoosic. There is a range of traditional functions and also a Gnod that provides the users with comprehensive recommendations. You get it started with three bands or singers you are keen on, rate the bands, and receive intuitive hints on music you may like. Give it a try – and enjoy the streaming of beautiful and inspiring music all the time!

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