How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation is a reference paper that contains some characteristics and qualifications of a person in focus. Students have to complete recommendation papers in case they want to apply for educational institutions or a job. The article below will provide some basic information on how to write a letter of recommendation. The main goal of a project is to get to know a person from the third party. This letter informs the reader about the knowledge, skills, intentions, and ambitions of a person in focus. It helps better understand an applicant and draw the decision regarding the acceptance of this person to college or a job position. Being an important piece of writing, many people prefer using a professional letter of recommendation writing service for writing such papers.

Why recommendation letters are important

A recommendation letter is a valuable part of an application anywhere because the people who accepts you knows nothing about your skills and abilities, and only such a paper may inform them about you as a personality, your strong and weak sides, your abilities, intentions and even ambitions. People around us may usually use this paper in a different way. When the third party writes a letter about you as a person, they add their personal convictions regarding you. It helps the members of the committee to have a clearer vision of you as a person. You may speak about yourself either from an exaggerated position or from the perspective when you diminish personal achievements. The opinion from another side may help develop a better picture of you as a person, a student, and a professional.

Recommendation letter types

Even if a recommendation letter has a specific purpose, there are different types of such papers.

Scholarship recommendation

Education is very expensive, and many students seek scholarship. The application for a scholarship requires a student to send several documents, and this paper is one of the obligatory ones. When writing a letter, ensure you follow some specific rules:

Be honest. Mention why a student deserves the scholarship.

Be open. When reading your letter, a person has to understand the qualities, intentions, and abilities of an applicant. Thus, even if the structure and format of the paper are important, you still have to pay more attention to the person you write about.

College recommendation

Applying for a college, each student has to complete the requirements, and writing such a letter is one of them. If you are responsible for completing this paper, you need to consider the following aspects to help a student be accepted:

  • Make stress on students’ academic skills and personal features
  • Avoid negative descriptions and focus on positive aspects instead
  • Focus on strong aspects that fit the college needs

Graduate school scholarship recommendation

A college instructor or a supervisor who has seen your skills and abilities, who can make an adequate assessment of your qualities, and who knows for sure what you can do and you cannot do due to your personal skills usually complete such papers. If you are writing a graduate school recommendation letter for students, keep in mind the following information:

Specify students’ academic achievements especially those related to the program in focus.

Provide a detailed explanation of practical stills a person obtains in the requested field of interest.

The information to include in the paper

  1. Start with who you are and how you know a person you want to write about (an applicant).
  2. Focus on the student’s strengths trying to explain why you have noticed this specific student.
  3. Mention some common activity you did with the student and what you have learned about him or her in the process.
  4. Mention the level of student engagement in the course and the reasons for it.
  5. Discuss the quality of the student’s performance or even quote some parts from his or her written works.
  6. When writing such a paper, you need to check the requirements of the college or university and pay attention to the features the students possess.

Structure of a Recommendation Letter


Like any other written academic paper, the recommendation letter starts with the introduction. Most papers of this kind begin with the phrase “Dear Admissions Committee” or turn to a particular person if you know the name.


Depending on the requirements of the recommendation letters, you may write 1-3 paragraphs with the reference to the skills, knowledge, and qualifications of a person in focus. Write about a person discussing unique skills and qualities applicable in the educational establishment in focus.


Consider to include the last paragraph where you need to summarize the strongest reasons why a committee has to accept a person. Include your contact information for clarifications if necessary in this part.
Finish the paper with the standard phrases like “Sincerely” or “My Best”.

Tips for writing

  • Speak to the student who asks for recommendation letters and clearly discuss what you are going to write, what visions you have about him or her, and how you see his or her skills and qualities.
  • Ask this student to prepare a list of qualities he or she possesses and wants to cover in the paper along with some specific stories related to those features.
  • Take into account that each letter has some specific requirements regarding format, style of writing, and deadlines. Do not violate those:
  • Make sure that you write about your experience of communication with the student;
  • Do not exaggerate information and avoid writing some descriptions without examples;
  • Indicate some particular points that make the student special from your opinion;
  • Print your piece on the letterhead of your school in case a hard copy is required;
  • Add your contact details to allow the admission committee to contact you in case of any questions or concerns.

Mistakes to avoid

If you need someone to write a letter of recommendation for you, check the following information. It will help you avoid some common mistakes.

  1. Ask whether a professor wants to help you with the letter and do not think that everyone is happy to do it. Also, ask whether you can add the professor’s contact details if some reference is required without the letter.
  2. After you get an agreement from the professor, meet with him or her for discussion; do not just send the requirements for letter writing.
  3. Do not think that the professor’s refusal means you do not deserve a good recommendation. The professor may just be busy.
  4. Do not send any reminders regarding your letter. The professor who agreed to write it for you may have requested the deadline and you will see your letter by this time.
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