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How to Rewrite an Essay

How to Rewrite an Essay

Rewriting an essay enables one to rectify mistakes that might have been made. In essence, we can say that rewriting means writing well where one might have gone wrong. In our entire college career, we always find that it was very rare for one to be given an option to rewrite a paper. Therefore, ones given that opportunity, it is highly recommended that we grab that opportunity and try as much as possible to improve on the paper in question. Presenting a rewrite always strengthen one's writing skills and also improves class average and eventually shows your professor how much you are committed to your academics.

On how to rewrite an essay and eventually come up with a quality work, here are some of the guidelines one must always follow:

  • Identify the essay’s objectives and see whether you have answered the essay question,
  • Creating an outline that highlights the main points that must be addressed is also important. The outline should always include some supporting details,
  • To be able to identify the missing points, it is advisable that you read through your paper,
  • It is also important for you to read the paper loudly. By doing this, it will enable you to identify the missing important detail,
  • Always ensure that each paragraph roots back to your thesis statement,
  • The first sentence should always be a topic sentence. Topic sentence summarizes and engages the reader. The final sentence prepares the reader for the next paragraph.
  • One of the reasons for a rewrite is to strengthen your paper. It is, therefore, important that you rewrite the introduction and conclusion. This is because the two holds the essay together. 
  • By using "track changes" in a micro-soft word, you should always keep track of all edits.
  • It is also important to take advantage of all the features used for editing at your disposal that include spell check. While doing this keep in mind that spell check does not always recognize all the grammatical errors.
  • After completing a rewrite, it is advisable to reread again. Put the paper aside for even a day after a complete rewrite. Then come back and read it aloud in order to be able to identify any possible errors and other changes.

Therefore for you to know how to rewrite an essay and come up with improved quality work, it is important for one to follow the above-mentioned procedures. Ones these procedures are followed, then your work will automatically be perfect and even your professors and other stakeholders will be able to take you seriously.

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