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How to Find a Summer Job

how to find a summer jobs

Summer is a wonderful season of the year due to many reasons. This is the time of vacations as many people travel around the world, go camping, throwing pool parties, etc. Many choose to spend two or three weeks next to the sea or even ocean. But there are those who view summer primarily not as a season of rest and all kinds of festivities but rather as an opportunity to find a job. Surprisingly enough, young people often want to use this time of the year as a chance to get a good summer job. The very fact that many people like to travel during summer means the number of available jobs increase significantly as small company owners seek to grow the sales of their seasonal businesses. 

What to Do and Where to Look for a Summer Job?

People try to find summer jobs mostly because they need money. Or at least that is what the majority of people think. However, a summer job can give you way more than just money. First of all, this is an opportunity to gain experience and even gain new skills. Not many people think about a summer job in this perspective but the truth of the matter is that sometimes a seasonal employment can boost one’s future career. Now the question is how to find a summer job and where does one need to go to in order to discover decent opportunities?

  1. Figure out what you want. Do you want to earn some extra money? Maybe you are looking to gain experience in a particular field or gain a specific skill? Want to try out new career? It is extremely important that you understand your own goals when you look for a summer job. This will help you narrow down your search and focus on things that matter the most.
  2. Start your search. Tap into your connections, talk to those around you. Share with your family members and friends what you are looking for and why. They may not have a job for you but they may know someone who has or they can give you a good advice where to look. Check online job boards and similar resources. If you are in school then talk to your counselor or principal – they may have suggestions where to look and how to approach this job search endeavor. Contact local companies and ask if they need a person for a part-time job. It is also worth surfing through summer job programs. In other words, exploit every single opportunity to find the most fitting employment.
  3. Create opportunities. Sometimes it is impossible to find exactly what you need, especially today when people want bigger salaries when companies have so tight budgets to pay from. So getting a foot in the door means you have to offer your services for free sometimes. It is quite likely that you will come across an employer who would like to have you but wouldn’t be able to afford to do so. In that case, consider offering your services in the role of an unpaid intern. Or you could also volunteer for a local charity event – preferably by doing something you are interested in.
  4. Start your own business. Now that may sound like too much for a summer job at first but the matter of the fact is that a lot of people are afraid to launch their start-ups because they think they don’t have enough money. However, there are plenty of things you can do without having a start-up capital. Making things, reselling products, offering services – these are things that don’t require big investments. Besides, if you were thinking of becoming an entrepreneur one day then it could be a great experience. Summer is a wonderful time for doing a seasonal business so you may want to consider this idea.


Those who ask how to find a summer job should first have a clear understanding why they need it. Without having proper motivation and drive people will likely quit very soon when they face the first serious obstacle on their way. So we recommend developing a detailed plan of actions before sending a resume to multiple job openings. This should help you guide your efforts in one direction that should consequently contribute to the overall success. Keep in mind that it may take a while so don’t get upset when you don’t get the job after your first interview. Failure is the part of the process and it doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a summer job or any other type of employment. Having a plan though should keep you on track regardless of what happens along the way.  

Summary: Finding a summer job may seem like an easy thing at first but that is not so if you want it to be a part of your future career.



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