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99 Good Persuasive Essay Topics

good persuasive essay topics
April 26, 2016

Persuasive essays are almost the same as argumentative essays though they mainly aim at convincing the reader that they have a sensible argument. When choosing a persuasive writing prompt, choose a topic that interests you, a top that interests other people, a top that you have knowledge about and one that you can find enough evidence to back it up. When you learn how to write a persuasive writing, it becomes easy to identify a good persuasive essay topic. A persuasive essay should be well researched on. One should also look at both sides of the topic. Some examples of good persuasive essay topics are;

1)    Most forms of social media create distance among family members.

2)    Carrying weapons in campuses should be allowed for defense.

3)    Does giving a reward to everyone on a team benefit them?

4)    The rising level of technology is making people too dependent on it.

5)    Parenting lessons should be offered at high school level and should be completed by all students.

6)    The minimum salary should be increased to help low-income earners get out of poverty.

7)   Should the school hours of learning be reduced or increased?

8)   Should children be taught handwriting or should they be taught keyboard?

9)   Vaccination for children should be made mandatory.

10)  Schools are meant for learning. At the same time, schools need resources. Should other businesses run as learning continues?

11)  Juveniles should serve their time even after they become adults.

12)  Should people be allowed to keep harmful animals as pets even if they pose danger to others?

13)  Workers should be allowed to wear casually even to their workplace.

14)  Security cameras, though they protect businesses, have now become a form of invasion of people’s privacy.

15)  Public means of transportation should be made free for all citizens.

16)  Fracking is very effective yet dangerous. Should it be banned or should protective measures be put in place?

17)  Education is very important, yet some people cannot afford it. Should it be made free for all students?

18)  When it snows, families get enough time to be together.

19)  Giving too much money to children is spoiling them.

20)  Should high school students be offered specialized degrees in arts or sciences?

21)  Should people go to jail for abandoning their pets?

22)  Children should always be rewarded when they perform well in school.

23)  Should more women than men be given power?

24)  A lot of assignment is not good for kids.

25)  Etiquette is a very important skill in society. Should it be taught in schools?

26)  Everyone has freedom of speech. Should it have limitations?

27)  Should teenagers be allowed to babysit or should professionals do it?

28)  Should recycling of materials be made compulsory for everyone?

29)  Internet access should be made free for everyone.

30)  Should people be tested on their driving skills after a period even after getting their license?

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31)  Is the moon as important as the sun?

32)  Should religious freedom be limited to a few religious groups?

33)  Should letter grades be replaced by pass or fail?

34)  Should children be paid for doing their house chores?

35)  Should the teacher’s wage be increased?

36)  Due to the increased population on earth, should the moon be occupied?

37)  Life is better in the city than in the countryside.

38)  Do single-sex schools always provide a better education than mixed schools?

39)  Digital technology is better than the analog system.

40)  Students should have nutrition lessons at an early age.

41)  Should driving students be accompanied by a parent during their first year of driving?

42)  Soft copy books are better than hard copy books.

43)  Should students carry their food for lunch or should the school provide?

44)  Only adults should be allowed to have their Facebook pages.

45)  Should abled citizens provide for the poor or should they be given better-paying jobs?

46)  Should skateboard helmets and motorbike helmets be made compulsory?

47)  All countries in the world should share a common currency.

48)  Does music lyrics promote violence in the society?

49)  Does performing medical tests on animals make one immoral?

50)  All schools should perform drug tests to their students.

51)  All schools should perform pregnancy tests to girls after opening school.

52)  Schools should offer both daytime and evening lessons.

53)  Manual labor should be replaced by machines to save time and money.

54)  Celebrities should be protected against harassment by the media.

55)  The number of holidays per year should be increased.

56)  Students should only be tested at the end of school year.

57)  Sex education should be made one of the compulsory subjects in school.

58)  Everyone should be able to speak in their native language.

59)  Community service should be made compulsory for everyone.

60)  Should all schools give their students uniforms?

61)  Every family should have a piece of land to grow their food.

62)  Clubs should only be opened during the day.

63)  Children below ten years should not be left home unsupervised.

64)  Students should be given free equipment for learning.

65)  Children under 16 years should not be allowed to secure jobs.

66)  Is life today better than it was years ago?

67)  Should kids be given voting rights?

68)  Schools should not give junk food to their students.

69)  Corrupt officers should be fired.

70)  Students who bully others should be offered guidance and counseling sessions.

71)  Should cigarettes and alcohol be made more expensive?

72)  Should pets be allowed in school?

73)  Advertisements which are exaggerated should not be put in magazines or on tv.

74)  Black people have the same rights as white people.

75)  Kids should do house chores instead of hiring a cleaning agency.

76)  Should the government impose household trash limits?

77)  Can the world be changed?

78)  Every building with more than five floors should have an elevator.

79)  Students should be allowed to carry phones to school.

80)  Illegal immigrants should not be allowed to vote.

81)  A lot of time spent on co-curricular activities affects student’s academic work.

82)  Kids should not be allowed to attend parties at night unless they are supervised.

83)  Adults are the only ones allowed to purchase condoms and birth control pills.

84)  Every learning institution must have free WI-FI.

85)  Should the government place a tax on unhealthy foodstuff, alcohol, and cigarettes?

86)  Schools which do not attain the expected mean should be closed down.

87)  Should workers who have retired be put in charge of ministries?

88)  Should death sentence by hanging be performed on terrorists?

89)  Phones should not be used while driving.

90)  Drivers who are caught driving while drunk should be fined and their license taken from them.

91)  Should minors be registered as shareholders to large businesses?

92)  Should every adult in the society be allowed to punish children when they find him/her on the wrong?

93)  Scientists should not be allowed to clone human beings.

94)  Teachers should not carry their cell phones to class.

95)  Should students be allowed to carry their food to class?

96)  Should teachers who fail to attend many lessons be suspended?

97)  Prostitution should be legalized.

98)  Should prices of food in the city and countryside be made similar?

99)   Should students be allowed to carry out business activities in school to raise money for their use?

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