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Correct Format of Descriptive Essay

Format of Descriptive Essay

A format of a descriptive essay is an essential part of writing papers of such type. Every time you are going to write a descriptive essay, you will have to follow certain rules. Nevertheless, the format of the descriptive essay can be considered as easy. It consists of the main three parts: introduction, main body, and conclusion. Each of them is extremely important for the appropriate organization of text in the paper and for expressing the main thoughts of the essay.

Specific Features of Descriptive Essay Format

The essay format is necessary for outlining the paper topic that has to be described in an essay. To organize the paper correctly, different details have to be taken into consideration.

The Main Components of the Essay Format

As it was mentioned above, there are three main components in the process of writing a descriptive essay. They are:


This part of the paper is used to introduce the subject of the paper. The main purpose of the introduction is to make the readers interested in the paper and make them read it to the end without losing their interest.

Main Body

Just like the main body of any other essay type, the main body of a descriptive essay is used to explore the object or subject of the paper. Every aspect of the given topic should be discussed in this part of the paper. Moreover, every idea or statement should be supported by examples used to make the paper more vivid and informative. In addition, numerous descriptive devices are often used by writers to make their writing catching and lively. Such devices may include adverbs of adjectives, which make the paper easier to comprehend and remember.


The conclusion is the last part of the descriptive essay. It summarizes the information represented in the two previous parts, as well as provides thoughts of the author regarding the given topic. This part of the essay is greatly dependent on the author’s perception, writing style, and skills.

By ensuring that all three components are written properly, the author will receive the desired descriptive essay format. Consequently, the author will also receive a high-quality essay. If you are able to present the information in the three above-mentioned parts of the paper properly, you will have no problems with submitting the professionally written papers.

The Main Steps for Writing a Descriptive Essay

In order to make a writing process easy, it is necessary to follow specific rules and recommendations as described below:

  1. Choose an appropriate subject for your future paper.

One of the most important and responsible tasks in descriptive essay writing is choosing a topic. If you know what you are going to write about, you will have more chances to complete your task without problems. To choose the topic properly, think of what you want to describe. If it is someplace, you can simply go there and then share your emotions and observations in regard to what you have seen there.

  1. Think of details, which will help you support your main idea and attract readers.
  2. While considering the descriptive essay format, it is important to pay attention to the organization of the information in a paper. Structure the paragraphs of the essay chronologically, use transition sentences, and give examples to make your paper interesting.
  3. To make your language look lively, use different descriptive words. Try to avoid general adjectives and use your senses to describe things of events. Share your observations and emotions.
  4. Despite the fact that the conclusion should be clear, do not be afraid to use additional descriptive devices. It will help you finish your paper effectively.
  5. Pay attention to your language.
  6. While using descriptive language, do not forget to make it relevant, as well. Choose the most suitable words and phrases to describe the essay subject.
  7. Structure your paper properly.

In the process of descriptive essay writing, the writers often tend to combine their feelings and emotions. It may not always be useful as such a method can lead to the fact that the paper will be overloaded with incoherent information. Make sure you provide data in a logical way.

The main objective of descriptive paper writing is to make readers feel as if they know the subject of the essay. If they cannot stop reading your paper, it is a good sign of a professionally done job. Follow the above-provided instructions to make your writing more interesting and catching.

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