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Email-writing Guide

email-writing guide

Nowadays email is one of the most popular means of communication due to its apparent convenience. However, it has a serious drawback too: once you have sent a message, you will not be able to change it. It will remain there whether you like it or not. In order to be always sure that you will not regret sending an email, follow our 6 tips for professional emails writing.

Tips on how to improve writing skills

1. Make your message easy to understand

In your email, provide the person you are writing to with all the necessary information on the topic discussed: make sure that he/she will not need to ask you for more details, which should have been included in your email. In addition, format your text email-writing skills in such a way that it would be easy to perceive visually: divide it into logical parts, use bullet points, etc.

2. Be precise

Pay attention that the subject line corresponds to what you are actually writing about. To make your message accurate, state the dates, names and other specific information and always check the correctness.

3. Avoid bad grammar

Your email-writing skills greatly depend on your grammar. Always revise your email to correct any grammatical mistakes and misprints.

4. Make sure your tone is appropriate

Always consider the style of professional emails writing, which you are using, and try to stick to a happy medium: try not to sound too formal or too informal, too authoritative or too compliant. Approaching a person in an inappropriate way will certainly not help you to make a good impression on him or her.

5. Concentrate on the addressee

Sound actual and clear addressing to an individual you are writing to. State your reason for contacting at the very beginning of the email. Also, write about your desire of further cooperation at the end of the email.

6. Take into account the current events

In formal email writing it is important to take the world events into consideration. If you are going to send your message during the holiday season you should include congratulations in your email. However, make sure that your addressee celebrates the holidays; otherwise, you will get into an awkward situation.

These tips will help you improve your email-writing skills and create a flawless email. Yet, if you still hesitate about texting your message, you can always speak to a person on the phone or face-to- face.

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