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Dissertation Topics in Education

dissertation topics
September 17, 2018

Education is a sphere that is changing on a regular basis alongside with advancements in technology. It can be particularly evident when you look through the dissertation topics available now and what researchers study in particular in the field of education. Regardless of which level of education you want to focus on (whether it is higher education, primary or secondary), you will have something interesting to explore and research. To make your academic research and writing appealing and worth consideration, we have prepared a list of dissertation topics in education.

One of the basic things about the proper choice of dissertation topics in education is that they should add some value to the existing research in the area of education and adjacent fields. Besides, you need to be concise and logical when formulating aims and objectives for your study in order not to make your readers confused. The education dissertation topics proposed by us are multiple and versatile, which shows that education is a broad field that has so many interesting aspects to discover. Each of the topics will enable you provide a piece of original writing relevant to the current ideas and interests.

University Education Dissertation Topics

This section deals with undergraduate, college, and post-graduate education. Among the most popular topics, the following can be found:

  • Analyze whether degrees in business administration and management should concentrate mainly on entrepreneurship. 
  • Are the popular courses currently offered by colleges and universities more aimed at the needs of informational or industrial age?
  • Should students aiming to get a specialty of an obstetrician have a free tuition? 
  • Do you view higher education in universities as a justified financial expenditure? Are there so many job opportunities afterwards upon completion?
  • Are there benefits in moving towards online learning at Master’s level? What about flexible teaching? Can these benefits be maintained at an undergraduate level?
  • Should the process of obtaining a university degree be more extended due to the high costs? Will it make easier for students to bear the education costs and gain more practical experience in their sphere?
  • Can a person without practical experience after university graduation perform better during the first years of employment in comparison to a person who has no university education but more years of practical experience? 
  • Analyze the alternatives of A-levels as trustworthy guides on the way to university success.
  • Are elite and prominent universities granting opportunities for the disadvantaged and the working class in the society? Discuss the question in regards to the concept of positive discrimination. 
  • How do higher educational establishments justify the worth of payment for their courses?
  • Analyze the impact of the Internet on the process of studying at universities.

Dissertation Topics in Higher Education in the Teaching Sphere

Teaching is a vocation that bears its importance in different spheres and levels of teaching, such as nursery teaching, primary teaching, secondary teaching, higher education teaching, etc. Teachers are given an important role as they guide students into the learning field. The following are some of the good dissertation topics for education:

  • Can teachers trained in Montessori Method better handle pre-school children than teachers trained in a conventional way?
  • Argue about the dedication of the modern teachers: are they less dedicated than teachers working a few decades ago? Support your answer with evidence.
  • Is teaching merely a job or a vocation or lifelong career/ calling? Why? 
  • Can teachers adequately teach and train the modern youth, considering the current threats, such as the use of weapons as well as drug and alcohol abuse?
  • Analyze how training courses for teachers can help manage behavior in students.
  • Do you agree that teaching has become more dangerous in comparison to the period of a few decades ago? Are teachers more susceptible to becoming under the threat of violence than representatives of other professions? Can they be victims of verbal and non-verbal aggression from students?
  • What can be encouragement factors to start a teaching profession? Investigate the role of salary, social support, and other services.
  • Compare and contrast the roles of a principal or head teacher with that of a manager or an administrator. 
  • Are teachers influential when it comes to the formation of students’ character and behavior?
  • Investigate and analyze the core reasons why people opt for a teaching career.
  • Explore the major challenges for the training of teachers in the modern era.
  • Discuss the disadvantages of the college teaching courses as opposed to the advantages of the work-based teaching training.
  • Discuss and analyze the role of technology in teachers’ training. 
  • What do you think about the drop our teachers’ rate after the first years in the career?

Dissertation Topics for Private School Education

It has become a growing trend nowadays for parents to send their children to private schools despite the fact that they are not funded by the state. If you think of investigating this realm in your dissertation, check out the following suggested topics:

  • Considering the fact that there is a fast-growing trend of private education, would it be beneficial for the government to establish the same notion as private education by proposing benefits that are not available in the public system of education and schooling? 
  • Investigate teachers’ motivation: are teachers more encouraged and motivated to perform better in private educational establishments rather than public?
  • Consider education of pre-school children: are privately financed Montessori Schools more effective in schooling and developing the kids?
  • What is the reason that a growing number of parents decide to educate children in private schools? 
  • Why students from private schools have better average scores than those from public schools? 
  • Do students from Montessori Schools get better grades and are more successful academically than children from state schools? 
  • Do public schools place less emphasis on the development of students’ personalities in comparison to private schools?
  • What are the core benefits for students if they study in private schools? Which of the advantages are public schools unable to provide?
  • Are students graduating from private schools enjoying a competitive edge over those graduating from public ones?
  • Do you consider public schools scholarship as a great tactics for attracting talented students?
  • Explore the major differences between the educational process in private schools and public schools.
  • Investigate the role of school scholarships and its socio-economic effect on families. 
  • Does education in private schools help to instill more confidence in students in contrast to education in public schools?

Dissertation Topics on Education in Public Schools

95% of schools based in the USA, Australia, Canada, and the UK are publicly funded. As a rule, they offer primary and secondary education, so students from 4 to 18 years of age can study here. If you want to focus on the investigation of public schools for your dissertation, check out the following topics:

  • Is such modern plague as the use of weapons by youths as well as drug and alcohol abuse prevalent only among public school students? Is this problem so grave in private schools as well?
  • Explore the topic of schooling for children with special needs. Should such schools be 100% funded by the state to ensure proper development of these children?
  • Investigate the issue of public education in the UK. Is it a declining trend nowadays?
  • What are the reasons why parents in the UK are not motivated to send their children to public schools? 
  • Do students in public schools learn about the challenges of real life in a faster way than children from private schools? Is it a positive effect of learning about life challenges starting from school age?
  • Should it be obligatory for students in public schools to participate in sports competitions?
  • Should students in public schools be offered additional courses in nutrition, meal choices, cooking technologies, and healthy eating?
  • Should students be given a chance to influence the school menu or participate in cafeteria food preparation?
  • Should the state fund certain religious schools? Should the government then control any hints of radical teaching? 
  • Is religious education important for promoting the value of ethics and morals?
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