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2016 Coming Out Movies Trailers

Coming Out Movies 2016

Movie fans just cannot wait to watch the films that are going to see the world in 2016. If you are planning a visit to the cinema, check this list and get prepared for these movies releases.

1.       Suicide Squad

Release day: August 5

It is definitely one of the most expected movies releases. Fans of superhero villains are waiting for premiere. Superpowers, fantastic fights and a threat of the end of the world – here is why we wait for this movie on the screens.

2.       Gambit

Release day: October 7

Do you know what to watch in October? Definitely “Gambit”! Starring Channing Tatum, the movie is about X-Men origin. This is a story about a very controversial character. Let’s see who Gambit indeed is.

3.       Inferno

Release day: October 14

Who else can save the world if not Tom Hanks? Based on the novel by Dan Brown, the movie features the fantastic opposition of the good and evil.

 4.       Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Release day: October 21

You will certainly spend a great movie time watching this promising masterpiece. It is a story about a wanderer, starring Tom Cruise, who has to overcome the ghosts of his past and reunite with his loved one.

 5.       Doctor Strange

Release day: November 4

If you like adventures, magic, and fantastic riddles, this movie will be a great one to watch. Besides, the film probably has the most promising cast, including Benedict Cumberbatch as the main hero.

 6.       Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Release day: November 18

This is one more masterpiece of J.K Rowling you cannot miss. Mystery, witches, wizards, and monsters are opening the world of magic to you.

 7.       Moana

Release day: November 23

This is a good family movie for Disney lovers. Embark on adventures, see fantastic creatures and visit brave new worlds together with Moana and her loyal friends.

 8.       Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Release day: 16 December

Do you like fantastic movies? Are you a fan of Star Wars? You simply cannot wait for this movie to appear on the screens, do you?

 9.       Assassin’s Creed

Release day: December 16

The movie is based on the incredible video game under the same name. If you used to play it and know all the characters, watch the movie and make game time even more interesting.

 10.   Passengers

Release day: December 21

What can be more fun than cosmic adventures? Buy yourself a cinema ticket and enjoy this fantastic movie.

Have a great time watching these new films of 2016!


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