Choose Your Favorite Google Doodle

Google`s homepage is one of the most popular and viewed pages on the web. Every day, billions of Internet users visit this page to start their searches.

A Google doodle is a change with Google`s logo to celebrate the anniversary of a well-known scientist, artist, event, etc., much like how a letter of recommendation service aids in commemorating and highlighting individual achievements. The best Google doodles are brief and comprehensive sources of information. By studying them on a daily basis, one will learn a lot about the surrounding world.

The first doodle was created in 1998. It was dedicated to the famous festival Burning Man. Since that day, the idea of celebrating important anniversaries has progressed. Now, Google company has a team of talented illustrators, who are working on creating new eye-catching doodles. It is worth noting that each country has its own famous people. Thus, Google`s homepage can look different in different countries. The team of doodlers has already created more than 5000 short notices for homepages. We are going to provide you with a list of the most popular doodles that are both informative and interesting to the audience.

Marie Curie`s Birthday


7 November 2011

Marie Curie (Sklodowska), a knowledgeable physicist, was born in Poland in 1867. Due to her diligent and devoted work in physics, Curie won a Nobel prize in 1903. Also, she was the only person, who won a Nobel Prize in various branches of science. In 1911 Marie Curie was also awarded a Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

This female scientist was known for investigating radioactivity, which later was used to kill cancerous tumors. Marie Curie was the first female professor at the University of Paris. That educational institution was very prestigious at that time. She shared her Nobel Prize in Physics her husband Pierre Curie, as well as Antoine Henri Becquerel. Yet, Curie was the sole winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1911. Unfortunately, Curie died from aplastic pernicious anemia. This condition developed after many years of exposure to radiation.

Alan Turing's Birthday


23 June 2012

Alan Turing was a famous English computer scientist and mathematician. The Turing machine, his most famous invention, has helped simulate the logic of any computer algorithm. This invention was very useful in explaining the CPU functions inside the computer.

During World War II, Turing played a significant role in deciphering the messages encrypted by the German machine called Enigma. The Allies greatly benefited from Turing`s work. After the war, Turing worked on developing the first computer. In particular, he investigated the mechanisms through which computers could make operations.

Nicolaus Copernicus’ Birthday


19 February 2013

Nicolaus Copernicus was one of the greatest minds in history. In addition to making fantastic inventions in astronomy, he was also a good physician, mathematician, artist, economist, jurist, and diplomat. In case you need excel for your mathematics or economics homework, specialists at can assist you. Just contact our customer support agents with your request “do my excel homework” and we will help you. It was Nicolaus Copernicus, who claimed that the sun was the center of the Universe and all planets surrounded it. As such, Copernicus is known as the father of the heliocentric model in astronomy.

When observing the surrounding world, Nicolaus Copernicus did his greatest inventions. For instance, when observing the movement of clouds without a telescope, he realized that the Earth rotated on its axis. Many decades later, other astronomers have proven the theories suggested by Nicolaus Copernicus.

The Birthday of the Rubik's Cube


19 May 2014

In 1974, the famous Hungarian sculptor Ernő Rubik created one of the most popular puzzles, known as the Rubik`s cube. Being a professor of architecture, Rubik has spent a couple of weeks trying to solve his own puzzle. Later, the sculptor signed a contract with a toy factory ensuring the production of a new toy. Nowadays, according to estimates, one out of eight people has tried to solve this puzzle. Only those people, who are dedicated, attentive, and committed can do this.

Yps Magazine’s Anniversary


13 October 2015

Yps is a well-known German comic magazine that has been releasing engaging comic stories since 1975. The first comic stories were replete with tales of mystery, adventure, and peril. Yet, the greatest surprise for children was the toy that came with each new edition. The toys ranged from simple to sophisticated and even weird. For instance, there was a package of Shrimp eggs. The readers were encouraged to hatch them and grow themselves. The doodle enables adults to remember their childhood when everything was more intriguing.

Juno Reaches Jupiter


5 July 2016

Juno spacecraft launched its journey to Jupiter on August 5, 2011. Jupiter is the largest solar system planet. Thus, NASA has been working on its in-depth investigation. On July 4, 2016, Juno reached Jupiter after a long journey. The research was very successful. Juno’s discoveries have advanced the common view of Jupiter’s atmosphere and interior. In particular, it revealed an atmospheric weather layer that was not familiar to scientists previously. At the end of the mission, the spacecraft’s orbit evolved.

Kids Coding


4 December 2017

In the 1960s, Seymour Papert and his colleagues at MIT developed Logo. It was the first coding language designed for kids. This language allowed children to program the movements of a turtle. As such, it provided them with the opportunity to investigate interesting ideas in math and science. Papert and other researchers considered coding as an instrument necessary for developing confidence and fluency with a piece of powerful and modern technology. Coding was presented as a significant part of the National Curriculum in 2014. Due to its nature, Logo has quickly become a popular subject in schools.

Dropping and dragging blocks of code, manipulating content, as well as solving simple tasks, are the most common skills demonstrated by children. According to 74% of parents, learning programming and advanced coding skills will benefit children later when they will start job hunting.

Wilder Penfield`s Birthday


26 January 2018

Wilder Penfield was a talented scientist, who worked on a treatment for epilepsy. His study made it possible for the patients to remain conscious, while a surgeon used electric probes to find the brain areas responsible for setting off seizures. The experimental method suggested by Penfield was known as the Montreal Procedure. Later, Penfield’s research led him to another amazing invention. According to the scientist, physical areas of the brain were responsible for different duties, such as speech or movement. Thus, their stimulation could generate specific reactions in the human mind.

Wilder Penfield’s research has made a revolution in the study of neuroscience. It has allowed scientists to find the areas of the brain connected to important motor functions. Also, his theory has helped people figure out the processes behind sensory experiences like hallucinations and memory.

The Anniversary of the World Wide Web


12 March 2019

On March 12, 1989, Tim Berners-Lee presented an information management proposal. His work, Information Management: A Proposal, suggested the idea for a computerized system that would allow users to write, format, and link content through hypertext.

This event has marked the appearance of the Internet. By applying the best persuasive skills, Berners-Lee got permission to build his system, which he named The World Wide Web. Later, the scientist has written the world’s first web server, as well as the first browser client. As such, Tim Berners-Lee invented a way that enabled people to access and use information on the Internet.

Seiichi Miyake


18 March 2019

Seiichi Miyake’s design has appeared in 1965 when the engineer used his own money to invent mats with raised patterns and shapes. This invention helped blind people to avoid danger. In 1967 the blocks were first used near a school for blind children in Okayama. The invention was incredibly successful. Thus, it was later used in all the Japan Railway platforms. The design was created on a basis of a sophisticated algorithm. It included two key patterns that could be detected through the feet. The received signals ensured a better understanding of the surroundings.

Since the original purpose of the design was to provide ease and safety to people with limited vision, it was later widely adapted for public spaces.

Nicholas Winton’s Birthday


19 May 2020

Sir Nicholas Winton, the British humanitarian, organized the escape of 669 children from Czechoslovakia occupied by Germany before the beginning of World War II. With the expansion of his operation, he launched an office in Prague. Soon, thousands of people visited this office looking for a safe place for their children.

The first group of children was moved by plane to London on March 14, 1939. It was the day before the German troops occupied the Czech lands. At the train station, there were foster parents, who had to take care of the children. The number of people rescued by Winton’s efforts cannot be estimated.

After the war, Nicholas Winton’s efforts remained unknown. In 1988, his wife found a notebook with all the photos and names of the rescued children. For his services to humanity and dedicated work, Winton received a knighthood.

Udupi Ramachandra Rao’s Birthday


10 March 2021

Professor Udupi Ramachandra Rao was a famous Indian space scientist. Also, he was the chairman of the Space Organization in India. The scientist has made enormous contributions to the development of space technologies, as well as its extensive application to communications.

Professor Rao supervised the 1975 launch of India's first satellite, Aryabhata, and many others. These satellites were launched for providing meteorological services and advancements in communication.

The professor has also contributed to the successful development of rocket technology. In addition, he has contributed to the launch of the rocket and the operational launch vehicle. His commitment and hard work have made the scientist one of the most popular people in India.

The Deepest Photo of the Universe


12 July 2022

NASA presented fantastic images taken from the James Webb Space Telescope on 12 July 2022. The images of the Southern Ring demonstrated a dying star surrounded by dust and layers of light. These images represent the James Webb Space Telescope`s general science operations. Thus, their importance cannot be underestimated.

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