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Business Writing Mistakes

Business Writing Mistakes

High quality communication requires training; the analysis of the following business writing mistakes can help you to teach your colleagues to write effectively.

Written Communication

Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

A common email from one of the most successful companies had an attachment with the directions how to get to their office. Recipients were advised to “go pass the parking ramp.” Spellcheck will not always help you to indicate spelling and grammar errors.

How to help: Remind your employees why it is important to follow the principles of business writing. It concerns with the image of your company.

The Message is too Detailed

Sending a 200-word letter is a huge mistake, which confuses the recipient. The majority of business emails contain just a single word of gratitude, which expresses the appreciation of partnership.

How to help: Prioritize good writing, which will be free from spelling and grammar errors, among company’s employees. Letters proofreadingworkshops, additional writing exercises, and mentorship can help to enhance business writing skills. 

Inappropriate Tone

Some businesspeople do not hesitate sending a highly emotional letter. Others describe the details, which are more important for the sender than to the recipient, or use confusing language.

How to help: Always review your email letters and think about the reader’s interpretation of the message.

The Message is Weak

There are always several ways to emphasize the meaning of the message and strengthen its potential effect by using business writing skills. Many professionals, including accountants, use sophisticated words and adverbs to make the message more formal and effective in business communication.

How to help: Remember to avoid using unnecessary words in writing. It will increase the power of the message and will stress the sender’s professionalism.

Message Should be Spoken

People are used to writing a lot, but sometimes calling or meeting a person saves much time spent on unnecessary writing.

How to help: If the message is too long or you cannot choose an appropriate way to formulate it, use other means of communication to reach your addressee and discuss the problem.

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