Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying Abroad

advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad

Education is fairly considered as one of the critical stages in a person’s life. The developed world treats it as one of the biggest opportunities and biggest assets. Only an educated person is believed to have enough resources and opportunities to achieve his or her ambitious goals. Globalization opens new frontiers, and the advantages and disadvantages of studying overseas are becoming a popular subject of debates. There are numerous reasons to study abroad, and students who manage to get to a college in a different country are often in a better position than their peers studying in home universities. However, the process of studying overseas also has its drawbacks. In fact, learners should be realistic about the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad. Read our blog to learn more!

How to Study Overseas: Advantages of Getting Education Overseas

When you are discussing the opportunities of studying abroad, you should mention numerous advantages of being a student in a foreign college or university. Below are just some of the advantages of going overseas for university study.

1. Independence and autonomy:

By studying abroad, you can become more independent and self-sufficient. When you come to a foreign country, you do not know anyone. You have to rely only on your own skills and expertise. Besides, you should get use to a completely different lifestyle. As a result, you become more independent and autonomous in your decisions. However, it is such a great thing to learn how other people live and what values and principles they pursue in everyday lives. The moment you get an education opportunity to study abroad, you learn to be independent.

2. Different people and different cultures - enjoy:

If you decide to stay in your hometown and get to a local college, you will lose a chance to learn more about people who are different from you. The moment you cross the border of a foreign country, you find yourself in a completely new cultural environment where people of different backgrounds come together to learn and study together.

3. New techniques of learning and advanced educational process:

The developed world invests heavy resources in its education and learning. Therefore, studying abroad can be beneficial in a sense that it exposes learners to new knowledge and education techniques. Besides, other countries may have better opportunities for education and research. For example, foreign universities can have great laboratories that empower students from all countries to come together and research an interesting topic. If you want to devote yourself to science, studying abroad can be the only way for you to reach your goals and realize your ambitions.

4. More opportunities to find a decent job:

Most developed countries maintain higher standards in education and learning, which is why it is easier for candidates with a degree obtained overseas to find a decent job. As labor markets become more competitive, studying abroad can be your chance for perfect employment.

5. Better professional image at home:

When you come back home after studying abroad, you also come with a huge amount of information and knowledge. You develop a better professional image, which is why you can find a better job or position in your hometown.

6. Studying overseas is like investing in your future salary:

Obviously, the amount of salary employers are willing to pay to a candidate with home education is much lower than it is for candidates with a degree obtained overseas. You are a person who used the advantages of advanced learning techniques and communicated with the best professionals in your area of study. This is why employers are willing to pay you more.

7. Having a better reputation in investment and business decision making:

As a student, you certainly dream of having a small business or being an owner of a large company. However, if you want to be respected by your investors, you need a degree from a recognized university overseas. When you have a Master’s or PhD degree obtained from an international educational institution, investors will trust you more, and you will have fewer difficulties opening your own business facility.

8. You come in touch with the best professionals in your field of study:

Why get an education opportunity overseas? The answer is here: the most reputable colleges and universities in western countries cooperate with the best and most famous experts in different fields of study to deliver their practice knowledge to learners. As a result, you can communicate with the most outstanding scientists, researchers and practitioners in your discipline and possibly develop closer connections with them.

9. Universities abroad will change your mindset:

Placing yourself in a different educational environment will change your worldview and your mindset. When you are in a foreign country, you meet a lot of new people who come from different cultural backgrounds. These communication opportunities change the way you look at the world.

10. Now you can manage your finances in a better way:

One of the greatest things about being a student overseas is learning how to manage finances more effectively. No matter if you are a scholarship student or pay tuition, you will still need to consider all factors that may affect the amount of money you have in your pocket. You will need to get used to a different currency, learn how to manage your bills, and may be even seek part-time employment to meet your financial ends.

11. Networking is all you need – study abroad tips:

Networking is truly one of the greatest things about being a foreign student. You get so many networking opportunities when you get to a college or university overseas. You make new professional contacts and connections while creating a positive reputation among your colleagues. Besides, if you find a part-time job you can build a whole network of useful links.

12. Advice for students studying abroad – use other opportunities beyond learning:

When you study in a foreign country, you not only devote yourself to studies but also look into other communication and interaction opportunities. For example, you may want to travel around the country to see how other people live. You can participate in a variety of extracurricular activities or volunteer to get a better understanding of the country around you. Just enjoy this learning adventure to its fullest!

13. Pursue education abroad to understand how other people live:

The prevailing majority of foreign students work part-time to improve their financial situation and gain some useful experiences abroad. As a result, when you are a student overseas, you can develop a better understanding of the way other people live and work.

Studying Abroad: Disadvantages

1. Lack of language proficiency:

Communication is everything, particularly when you study overseas. However, it is a huge disadvantage study overseas when you cannot communicate with others and feel that you do not have enough communication and language skills to study abroad. You may even feel isolated and depressed because you cannot communicate with the people you want. You will miss the friends and acquaintances you have left in your hometown.

2. Being unethical – disadvantages of studying abroad:

Because you are in a foreign and alien country, you may not always know how to behave properly. Should you commit a mistake and behave unethically, the university would be ready to expel you. Sometimes you may behave in ways that are acceptable in your country but inacceptable in your foreign university. Such conflicts may cause you huge difficulties and ruin your reputation.

3. Higher cost:

Even if you manage to find cheap study abroad programs, you will still need a huge amount of money to pursue a degree overseas. In fact, studying abroad is an expensive thing for anyone, and it keeps thousands of talented learners in their home countries.

4. No one can save you from discrimination because of your personal background:

One of the main disadvantages of studying abroad is that you may face discrimination and even harassment simply because you look differently. This is a problem in many countries, even the most advanced ones. You may have tough times trying to integrate yourself into the learning community. Be ready to struggle if you want to stay and continue your studies.

5. Being homesick – not the best positive sides of studying abroad

Studying abroad can have many advantages, but it is also surrounded by difficulties. One of them is homesickness, and if you feel anything like that, you may end up having poor grades and willing to go back home. Because you do not know anyone there, you may prefer spending your evenings alone to gathering with others to discuss the latest events.

6. Disappointment:

It may also happen that you have had too many unrealistic expectations about your studies, and the feeling of disappointment keeps haunting you, keeping you from making any progress in your learning tasks. No one is guilty that you imagined your study overseas as a castle full of money and rewards. It is a hard work; otherwise, you should come back home.

7. No help or support in difficult times:

As an adult learner, you still hope that someone will lend his or her helping hand to you in difficult times. You may not know how the laws of the foreign country where you study work. You may be in a disadvantaged position, as compared with native students, and because of that you may find it particularly problematic to address your needs and concerns in an alien country.

8. The credits you earn may not be useful in other countries:

The benefits of studying abroad for career have been well documented, but it may happen that the credits you earn in a university overseas cannot be translated into credits that are used in your home country or any other country in the world. This is a real problem, and this is why some learners choose not to study abroad.

9. Lack of or poor transportation:

As a student in a foreign country, you may need to get to your hometown quickly in case of any emergency. However, you can imagine how many hours and days it will take you to reach your home. If you need to visit your home frequently, it is a good reason to change your mind and choose a college or a university in your hometown. You can always study without leaving your family!
Despite these numerous disadvantages, you can also choose a college or university overseas. Studying abroad has numerous advantages. You can easily overcome any hurdles associated with the study overseas. You can become a brilliant learner and a role model for those who seek new experiences and want to become more competitive in the job market.

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