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5 Incredible Stories About Dissertation Writing

Incredible Stories About Dissertation Writing
April 05, 2016

Writing a dissertation is a time consuming endeavor. Its importance can unlikely be ever overestimated because this is the document submitted to support a candidature for a degree or qualification. However, despite the seriousness of dissertations there a lot of entertaining stories related to this type of research paper. We have selected 5 most incredible stories about dissertation writing that you will find both entertaining and puzzling. If you are in the process of writing one, this article could become a good refreshment for you; you will not regret spending a few minutes on reading the stories below.

Dissertation Writing Stories

PhD for Ingeborg Rapaport. Almost 80 years ago Ms. Ingeborg Rapaport has written a doctoral dissertation on diphtheria. It was year 1938 and she was only 25 years old at that time. The professor praised the dissertation on the aforementioned subject highlighting the high quality of the research conducted. However, she was denied the right to pass final exam simply because her mother had a Jewish origin. It was the time when A. Hitler became the Chancellor and all Jewish people were persecuted. Ingeborg recalls how she saw the yellow stripe over her exam folder which meant she was ineligible for academic degrees. After that Ms. Rapaport left the country and moved to the United States where she did medical internships. After many applications to the colleges she has been accepted by one of the medical colleges in Philadelphia. The University of Hamburg however, decided not to leave the situation with the denied degree behind. Three professors from the university travelled to Ingeborg’s home to carry out the exam she was denied almost 80 years ago! As a result, Ms. Rapaport has become the oldest student to have been awarded a doctorate degree.


Dissertation in 48 hours. We all know what it is like to postpone the work on a dissertation or research paper. Most of students can relate to it as many of us still procrastinate today with the same kind of assignments. But there is one man, Paddy Hillyer, whom you cannot beat when it comes to procrastination. When he was a student he always found good reasons to postpone writing his dissertation. Six months have passed by and he had nothing! When he did get down to writing he had only 48 hours left. So he started from reading one book to get a general idea on the topic. But having no more time in store for reading books he had to build argument from there almost with no references to other texts. As a result, he didn’t sleep for two nights smoking cigarettes, eating sugary snacks and writing, writing, writing. He later confessed he even had had hallucinations at some point. Nevertheless, he submitted the dissertation on time and scored a grade of 68! He then said it was the worst time of his life without a shadow of a doubt.

Dissertation Dog. Have you ever seen anyone graduating along with a dog? Well, Jack Proctor had his dog with him when he was receiving his degree in Edinburgh. The dog even had a special robe on when receiving a degree along with the owner, Jack Proctor. The thing is that cocker spaniel named Fudge has been with Jack since the admission to the Edinburgh Napier University. As Jack said, the dog had been the part of his journey through the university; Fudge had been such a fundamental part of the study that Mr. Proctor mentioned the dog in the acknowledgement section of his dissertation. It seems like these two had a great partnership so it seemed just right to have Fudge on the ceremony as well.

358456-jack-proctor-and-his-dog-fudge-graduating-from-edinburgh-napier-university-on-july-7-2015-pic-from.jpgReal Obstacles. If you were asked to name some of the most common obstacles for writing a good dissertation you would likely fire out something like “the complexity of the research”, “not enough time”, etc. But you know nothing about real obstacles unless you hear about the story about the dissertation in one of the Missouri universities. Lindsay Ruhr, a student of the School of Social Work, has been writing a dissertation on the state’s law requiring a 72-hour waiting period before a woman can receive an abortion. It must have been a surprise to find out that state Sen. Kurt Schaefer tried to block the dissertation research on the aforementioned topic as he believed it would be nothing but a marketing aid for Planned Parenthood center. The thing is that Lindsay Ruhr has been conducting the research on the effects of the state’s abortion restrictions, which Sen. Kurt Schaefer believed to be the violation of state law and an abortion marketing ploy. The case hasn’t been resolved yet.


Dissertation Plagiarism. Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg has become a defense minister of Germany in 2009. He was described as an honest man of action who was believed to have a bright political career. Guttenberg was also known for his good decision making and crisis management skills that were very important for the office. However, his career didn’t went the way many people planned. The reason is his PhD dissertation which he wrote in 2006. It turned out the dissertation was plagiarized and later Guttenberg has been stripped of the degree by the University. As a result, he had to resign from the office due to the massive scandal. Angela Merkel had no choice but to accept the resignation.



If you are in the process of writing dissertation, this article could become a good refreshment for you | you will not regret spending a few minutes on reading these stories

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Abby Morells:

Hi! I belong to those people who always enjoy reading some interesting life stories! So thank you for sharing all these exciting stories here! I would like to mention the first story about Ms. Ingeborg Rapaport really inspires me! This woman did not abandon from her dream to write and to defend here doctoral dissertation on diphtheria! She had a long and difficult path to achieve her goals, but she did it and we all should take an example of her! It is never too late to do something,

Alexis Capel:

Interesting stories! Hope, I will write an amazing dissertation in the future too, who knows:)

Kelly Torn:

Hello! You were totally right and I do not regret that have read these stories that really inspire! Besides, each of these stories teach us something valuable! For example, the first story inspires us to move always toward our goals and dreams! And Paddy Hillyer, from the second story, must be a crazy man! I agree that we often postpone our assignments for later, but bring yourself to hallucinations - this is a bad decision. In spite of that, he managed to reach his goal! So that even time cannot be an obstacle if you are going towards your goal purposefully.

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