Good Cause and Effect Essay Topics for College Student

Good Cause and Effect Essay Topics for College Student

If you are not sure what subject to choose when you are working on a cause and effect essay, check out the list of good cause and effect essay topics for college students:

  1. The point of no return when it comes to the situation with seas and oceans.
  2. The most drastic effects of pollution.
  3. The aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement.
  4. The growing popularity of sports among teenagers.
  5. Cause and effect of the accelerating rate in the spread of fast-food restaurants.
  6. The impact of Internet usage on children.
  7. Domestic violence and family abuse.
  8. The influence of alcohol consumption on a human`s nervous system.
  9. Professional sports among children and its effect on their studying process.
  10. The effects of bullying on schoolchildren.
  11. The effect of different music genres on the human body.
  12. The effects of dating on teenagers.
  13. The main causes of women`s repetitive involvements in destructive relationships with men.
  14. The probable dangers that natural disasters cause.
  15. The effect of the rapid boost in social media usage in youths.
  16. The effects of people`s growing up in poverty on future career prospects and lifestyle.
  17. Causes of stress and the main effects it has on the human organism.
  18. The effect that your favorite movie has had on you.
  19. The causes and effects of the war in Syria.
  20. What are the main causes of why people deceive others?
  21. A cause and effect essay on divorce.
  22. The aftermaths that globalization poses on the global economy.
  23. The main impact of being a global traveler on one`s personality.
  24. The effect that positive relationships has on a person.
  25. The reasons why World War II happened and its main effects on the present time.
  26. The main outcomes that may appear resulting from online dating.
  27. What qualities and skills are inherent in a good teacher?
  28. What makes one a good father or mother?
  29. What was the main cause of choosing your college?
  30. Causes and effects of diabetes.
  31. Causes and effects of heart problems.
  32. Causes and effects of terrorism across the world.
  33. Are there any advantageous effects of video games on teenagers and youths who are ford of them?
  34. Effects of an optimistic approach to life on people`s health.
  35. Positive effects from social media within the framework of the betterment of communicative skills.
  36. Effects of recycling on the environment.
  37. How can social media networks help in the process of socialization?
  38. The influence of cohabiting before getting married.
  39. Do you agree that the main effect of a happy marriage is increased life longevity?
  40. Effects of having a completed degree.
  41. Improved communication skills help partners communicate better and resolve conflicts more efficiently.
  42. Long-distance relationships promote distrust.
  43. What are the specific causes of rivalry between siblings?
  44. Causes and effects of inferiority complex among women.
  45. The effects that fast food restaurant chains have on the rapidly increasing obesity rates.
  46. Causes and effects of the homelessness problem.
  47. The causes and effects of insufficient exercising.
  48. Do you agree that the main effect of healthy lifestyle promotion is the reduction of junk food popularity?
  49. The effects of illiteracy on society as a whole.
  50. Causes and effects of vaccinations.

List of Topics for Cause and Effect Essay

List of Topics for Cause and Effect Essay

If you would like to get ideas for cause and effect essays on more specific topics, please check out the following list of topics for cause and effect essay:

  1. Mental rubbish can be a cause of the overall degeneration of society.
  2. Vapor as the main reason for the occurrence of the greenhouse effect.
  3. The increasing rates in temperature lead to the growing increase of different diseases such as cholera or malaria.
  4. The main effect of the chaotic spread of pests results in a shortage of food.
  5. A cause and effect essay on the influence of fast food on the growing organism of a teenager or child.
  6. The increase in the global sea temperature is the cause of many sea species going extinct.
  7. The main cause of floods in the world is the melting glaciers.
  8. More accurate weather forecasts could prevent many global natural disasters and inform people about them in advance.
  9. Emotional problems, anxiety, and nervousness are the causes of the weak immune system.
  10. Increased consumption of fast food leads to a decrease in one`s energy levels.
  11. Child-oriented advertisements for junk food products lead to increasing rates of obesity.
  12. Problems with digestion stem from emotional eating.
  13. One of the major causes of bulimia and anorexia nervosa is the lack of support in the family and among friends.
  14. Analyze positive changes as a precondition of stress.
  15. A cause and effect essay on the causes of bullying.
  16. Teenagers are bombarded with images of beauty standards from the screens and thus have a distorted view of their bodies.
  17. Poor relations in a family can lead to sleep disorders.
  18. If both partners or spouses earn enough money, they get their own psychosocial and financial benefits and rewards.
  19. Insufficient communication can end a friendship.
  20. If a child has divorced parents, it is more likely that the child will also divorce when he/ she becomes an adult.
  21. Insomnia has a negative effect on a human`s cognition.
  22. Good movies can impact people`s beliefs, opinions, and even lifestyles.
  23. Free music downloading has a deteriorating influence on the artist`s salary as well as future creativity.
  24. The one-child-per-family Chinese policy has a deteriorating impact on the relationships within families.
  25. Skinny models who are the frequent role models for many teenagers are to blame for the increased anorexia and bulimia cases.
  26. Reality shows have a negative effect on the audience and their mental state.
  27. The choice of college or university has a long-term effect on one`s abilities, skills, and further academic performance.
  28. Cheating at college results in a lack of confidence in academic life.
  29. Financial issues and insufficient money is one of the top reasons for falling out with your partner or spouse and then breaking up with him/ her.
  30. Cramming has no positive effect on a student`s overall level of knowledge.
  31. Children`s behavior is mainly influenced by their parents.
  32. Professors` attitude to their students is affected by students` class attendance.
  33. The mass media is the main cause of bias in society.
  34. Advertisements positively influence on the brand image of a specific product.
  35. Knowledge of one`s native language impacts the way he/ she acquires foreign languages.
  36. Excessive usage of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram make students really unhappy.
  37. Temper tantrums may be mainly caused by hormonal changes.
  38. Reading fictional stories helps people to develop empathy.
  39. The boom in technology has altered the way people communicate and interact.
  40. A good sense of humor has a positive effect on friendship.
  41. A cause and effect essay on the influence of cell phones: their main role in communication.
  42. Positive effects of workouts on the hormonal system.
  43. Team sports have a positive effect on the communicational abilities of people.
  44. A regular workout reduces stress levels.
  45. A cause and effect essay on smoking: smoking leads to 90% of breast cancer and lung cancer.
  46. Learning a foreign language is a preventive method against Alzheimer`s.
  47. Using smartphones before sleeping has a deteriorating impact on the quality of sleep.
  48. Positive effects of gamification.
  49. Multitasking has a negative effect on memory.
  50. Procrastination is the main cause of the stress levels acceleration.

Cause and Effect Writing Prompts for Middle School

Cause and Effect Writing Prompts for Middle School

Middle school students are also frequently assigned cause and effect essays, so if you do not know what to write about, check out the following cause and effect writing prompts or middle schools:

  1. People`s choice of clothing is predominantly based on weather forecasts.
  2. People who have a pet wish to live a longer life.
  3. Eating fast food leads to one`s feeling unhealthy and lack energy.
  4. Poor environment and shortage of food during the process of upbringing lead to future behavior deviations and disposition to crimes.
  5. Rooms that are not clean are less cozy.
  6. Homework assigned to students does not help them achieve better grades.
  7. A cause and effect essay on cyber bullying.
  8. The effect of the Internet on the promotion of specific software.
  9. The relation between divorce and depression.
  10. Stress at work in relation to general satisfaction with life.
  11. The main economic preconditions that lie beyond the homelessness issue.
  12. A poverty cause and effect essay: international adoption may bridge the gap between the rich and the poor nations.
  13. The language barrier is one of the top reasons why many people cannot get jobs of their dreams.
  14. The main causes why the elderly or the retired should still look for employment prospects.
  15. Causes and effects of gender inequality in companies.
  16. Cause and effect of social media essay: trend popularity. What theories might be applied to the analysis?
  17. The main effects of social issues nowadays.
  18. Causes and effects of racial discrimination nowadays.
  19. What religion has the biggest effect on modern society?
  20. The impact of globalization on the modern-day position of women.
  21. Immigration cause and effect essay writing: the causes and effects of the massive immigration presently.
  22. What is the influence of standardized testing on students’ performance and the school curriculum?
  23. The effect of one`s being labeled as an indigo child.
  24. The negative effects of dyslexia, ADHD, and adjacent problems on the educational process.
  25. The main reasons why studying is boring for the majority of students.
  26. How does the quality of education correlate with the students` interest in studying?
  27. The drastic effects that technology may have on the learning process.
  28. The usage of modern apps, devices, and gadgets make students less attentive.
  29. Single-sex classrooms are the main causes of poor socialization.
  30. The effects of using interactive boards or online courses.
  31. Homeschooling has predominantly negative effects on future education.
  32. School uniforms help to eliminate prejudice in schools.
  33. The main effect of living on campus is the faster development of independence by students.
  34. The main reasons why teachers suffer from emotional burnout.
  35. The main causes why some educational establishments prepare good specialists while others do not.
  36. Positive effects of PE on schoolchildren in elementary schools.
  37. Long schooldays have a negative impact on students’` productivity and energy levels.
  38. The effect of teachers on student`s confidence and overall performance.
  39. Effect of part-time jobs on a student`s academic excellence.
  40. Effect of computers on daily students` lives.
  41. Long-term effects of dropouts from schools on students` academic lives.
  42. The main reasons why peer pressure and bullying occur in educational establishments.
  43. Causes of cyberbullying and how to overcome them.
  44. The main effects of internships and experience of studying abroad.
  45. The main reason for students` burnout.
  46. The effects of prolonged vacations on students` academic excellence.
  47. The effects of homeschooling on future academic performance.
  48. Technology cause and effect essay writing: the main effects that video games have on teenagers.
  49. Why do some students lack interest in social media networks?
  50. The main reasons why students prefer to take courses online.

Best Cause and Effect Essay Ideas

Best Cause and Effect Essay Ideas

If you have written the aforementioned lists of topics but have not found the most appealing one for you, check out the following best cause and effect essay ideas below:

  1. The effects of computer games on small children.
  2. Child obesity cause and effect essay writing
  3. Why are video games not the worst way of expressing aggression among children?
  4. What are the main factors that make Google the best search engine?
  5. The effects that artificial intelligence may have in normal life.
  6. The main causes why the US government monitors Internet usage.
  7. The effect of technological advancement on the quality leisure time in families.
  8. Does online shopping save money or make you spend more?
  9. Cause and effect of depression essay.
  10. Effects of social media usage on different types of relationships.
  11. Benefits and drawbacks of wireless technologies.
  12. Cause and effect essay about love: what are the main causes of divorce?
  13. The main effects of failing to keep a personal budget.
  14. A homelessness cause and effect essay: what is the main cause of homelessness in your region?
  15. Positive effects of technology in surgery.
  16. Short-term and long-term effects of unemployment.
  17. Cause and effect essay on cancer.
  18. The main effects of not getting sufficient sleep.
  19. The main aftermath of famine in the world.
  20. The causes of gun abuse and the lack of gun control.
  21. The main causes and effects of dating online.
  22. Causes of illegal migration.
  23. Essay about air pollution cause and effect.
  24. Effects of being brought up in a single-parent family.
  25. The main effects of the growing fast food popularity.
  26. The main causes of anorexia.
  27. The effect of music on a runner`s performance.
  28. Global warming cause and effect essay.
  29. Positive effects of regular exercising.
  30. The main causes of premature birth.
  31. The main effects of abortion.
  32. Effects that children without vaccination may suffer from.
  33. Causes of the development of autism among children.
  34. Causes of people`s tendency to seek a remedy in alternative medicine partitions.
  35. The effect of birth control pills on the hormonal system.
  36. The main cause of allergies.
  37. The main causes of allergies in animals.
  38. Cause and effect essay on the 9/11 events.
  39. How is mood affected by the weather conditions?
  40. The main effects of misdiagnosis.
  41. The effect of stress on the overall well-being.
  42. The most drastic effects of the Great Depression.
  43. What are the causes of decreased sporting activity?
  44. The causes of excessive workouts.
  45. Possible effects of not taking regular baths or showers after workout.
  46. The main effects of multitasking.
  47. The main causes of riots in society.
  48. The main outcomes of child pornography.
  49. The main causes of ecosystem threats.
  50. The effects of animal testing.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Sports

  1. What is the main cause why children and teenagers lose interest in physical activity?
  2. Does one get positive or negative effects if he/ she starts exercising hard right before the competition?
  3. The main cause of a productive schedule in sporting activities.
  4. Is there a correlation between children`s participation in sports and stronger friendships?
  5. Can the fast socialization process be a result of teamwork?
  6. The effect of childhood sporting activity on the child`s future.
  7. The main causes of excessive workout.
  8. The effect different sporting activities have on the development of personal character traits among youths.
  9. The main causes of violent activity in youths.
  10. The main effects of drugs affecting the effectiveness of performance.
  11. What effects do neurological injuries have on sportsmen`s lives?
  12. The effect of technological advancement has on the current sport.
  13. The main effect when a child is involved in many different sports clubs.
  14. The effect professional sport has on the personal life of a player.
  15. The effects of sports competitions on school performance.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Criminology

  1. The main causes of riots in big cities.
  2. What effect do crime prevention tools have on the regulation of criminal activity?
  3. Long-term effects of increased criminal activities in specific regions.
  4. The main effect of corporal punishment.
  5. The main causes why young people start smoking marijuana.
  6. What is the effect of opium harvesting on the whole world?
  7. The main causes of increased crime rates in the outskirts of the cities and in the suburban regions.
  8. Causes and effects of why prisons are overcrowded currently.
  9. What are the main causes why criminal justice systems are lenient?
  10. The main cause why illegal gun usage has become so widespread.
  11. The main effect of why excessive force is successfully used by police officers.
  12. What are the causes of widespread child pornography?
  13. What is the main reason why TV and media have become so violent?
  14. What are the effects of poor gun control in schools and educational establishments?
  15. Causes and effects of white-collar crimes.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Animals

  1. The main causes of so many animal species becoming endangered.
  2. The main effects that threats to ecosystems may have on the whole humankind.
  3. Causes and effects of animal trafficking.
  4. The main causes of attachment to pets.
  5. The main causes and effects of people`s cruelty to animals.
  6. Effects of animal cloning.
  7. The main causes of the mass extinction of marine species.
  8. The main effects of testing cosmetics on animals.
  9. Causes and effects of deforestation.
  10. The main effects that conservation of rainforests may have on the whole ecosystem.
  11. Causes and effects of keeping animals in captivity (in zoos, for example).
  12. The main cause why cats purr.
  13. The main effects of crossbreeding.
  14. The effects of biological experiments on animals.
  15. Why do specific groups of insects like to lurk to houses?

Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Business

  1. The main causes of corruption in big business.
  2. The main effect of implementing financial software in large corporations.
  3. The main cause of downsizing in the business sector.
  4. The major effects of restructuring businesses.
  5. The main effect of outsourcing.
  6. The main effects of online advertisements.
  7. The main causes of the increasing popularity of online marketing.
  8. The main reasons why so many non-profit organizations appear in the community.
  9. Effects of corporate governance on corporate business.
  10. The main causes and effects of the popularity of child labor in third-world countries.
  11. The main effects of a huge wage gap between different professions.
  12. The main causes and effects of being a workaholic.
  13. The main effect of regular appraisal in the workplace.
  14. Major effects of telecommuting on a person.
  15. The main effects that uniforms in the workplace have on the personnel
  16. The pros and cons of the effect that a family business has on family relationships.
  17. The main effects of startup failure.
  18. The main effects of strategic mapping in businesses.
  19. The main causes and effects of the business recession.
  20. The main effect of the increased manufacturing process in China.

Topics for Essays Focusing on Causes

  1. The main causes of divorce in families. Do you agree that miscommunication and individual immaturity are the main reasons?
  2. The main causes of obesity among youths. Do you agree that bad eating habits and insufficient of sporting activity are the main effects?
  3. The main causes of examination failures. Do you believe that health issues, nervousness, anxiety, and lack of time are the top causes?
  4. The main causes of global warming nowadays. Do you agree that CO2 emissions from the agricultural sector are the top cause?
  5. The main causes of the increased number of illegal immigrants. Do you agree that the violation of human rights and high unemployment rates are the main reasons?
  6. The main reasons why the Great Depression took place. Do you agree that failures in banking operations, as well as the crash of the stock market, played their role?
  7. The main causes of hunger in poor and third world countries. Do you agree that overpopulation is the main reason?
  8. The main causes of stress and anxiety among youths. Do you agree that the lack of support and poor time-management skills are the main reasons?
  9. The main causes of anorexia. To what extent do you agree that they stem from the lack of support within a family?
  10. The main causes of bullying in educational establishments. Do you agree that family issues and personal problems have their part?

Topics for Essays Focusing on Effects

  1. The main effects of binge eating.
  2. The main effects of emotional eating. Do you agree that this urge to eat more and more is connected with low mood or depression?
  3. The effects of peer pressure. Do you believe that people who cannot cooperate in a team and who find it hard to get acquainted with others are more susceptible to peer pressure?
  4. The effects of online dating. Do you think it results in problems with commitment and poor communication?
  5. The effects of abortion. Do you think it may cause severe reproductive problems?
  6. The effects of social media. Do you believe it negatively affects the attention span?
  7. The effects of sharing a room with a roommate. Do you think one can develop empathy and learn to better manage time?
  8. The effects of regular workout. Do you think it positively impacts one`s emotional state of mind?
  9. The effects of close family relations on the child`s performance at school and further confidence.
  10. The effects of video games. Do you believe they are the root causes of violence?

Cause and Effect Essay Topics about Smoking

  1. The main cause of picking up the habit of smoking is peer pressure or bullying at school.
  2. The higher advertisement rates of cigarettes and alcohol are closely related to the consumption levels.
  3. If a person has a role model who smokes, then he/ she is more likely to pick up smoking in the future.
  4. Nicotine found in cigarettes is one of the main causes of fatigue as well as problems with eyes.
  5. Tackling the bad habit of smoking helps smokers to avoid some long-term health risks.
  6. If a baby is born to a smoking mother, then he/ she is more likely to lave low weight and birth defects.
  7. Smoking is one of the major causes of lung cancer.
  8. Second-hand smoking is damaging to health even more.
  9. Smoking has a deteriorating effect on the reproductive, digestive, and cardiovascular systems.
  10. Being constantly exposed to cigarette smoke is not less harmful than smoking.

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