Good Persuasive Essay Topics

Good Persuasive Essay Topics in 2020 for Middle School, High School, and College Students

Persuasive Essay Definition

Every diligent student knows a persuasive essay definition, but even valedictorians wrestle with writing assignments aimed to persuade the target audience. If you are able to persuade someone, then you can masterfully express your opinion. However, it is not as easy to accomplish, as it seems, especially in terms of writing.

  1. This academic task comprises of encouragement in its core. You must evoke interest in your readers and create a strong influence to make them accept the writer’s point of view. It means they should perceive the author as an expert of opinion. Besides convincing your audience, it is essential to reveal the specifics of an issue you investigate in a concise and comprehensive way. People cannot be convinced of something they do not understand, right?
  2. This type of essay is different from an argumentative one where you merely express an individual opinion. Your readers must perceive your investigation as the only logical and veritable one in a certain context. In other words, your mission is to present the subject, prove its validity and truthfulness.
  3. Instructors often pay attention to your ability to convince others, as it is a part of your learning experience on your way to professional life. Students receive such assignments to expose their persuasion skills, which are scrupulously analyzed by their teachers. Despite the topic you select, you must always remember that this task entails thorough investigation supported by credible and relevant references.

A list of compelling topics for your best persuasive essays will be presented further. Prior to that, we would elucidate the major purpose and structural elements of such a research paper.

What Is the Purpose of a Persuasive Essay?

What Is the Purpose of a Persuasive Essay?

Can you effortlessly answer the question, “What is the purpose of a persuasive essay?” While the keyword makes it obvious, the essay’s intention is not simply to convince. Ask yourself, “What makes a decent persuasion? Can I become a persuader?” Apparently, you start imagining this person who can convince others. This is an eloquent leader who can influence and inspire others. Indeed, the major purpose is to verify that your opinion is significant and cogent. While your readers may have different points of view, your argument has to surpass their assertions or prove them wrong. Unlike the argumentative essay, your persuasive oeuvre may not reflect the indispensable truth. However, your task is to convince the readers. It may be compared to a political campaign where only one leader remains in the end.

Another goal is to find your immaculate triggers of appeal. Thus, a good persuasive written work is an embodiment of manipulation art. A subjective and partial opinion should be turned into an object of overall belief. Although this is a harsh comparison, it resembles a dystopian mind game, almost a foul play of the authoritarian regime that controls its nation. You must control your readers and be able to change their minds. You have to sound logical, but your viewpoint may remain independent.

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What Are the Three Basic Components of a Persuasive Essay?

What are the three basic components of a persuasive essay? Those components consist of a seamless introduction, three or more unifying paragraphs, and an engaging conclusion. An excellent Introduction can be compared to opening the right door to a beautiful room you would wish to step into. If it hooks readers from the very start, then there are high chances that your written work will be further read attentively. A succinct thesis statement is an integral part of a good introduction. Body paragraphs explicate the focal notions of the essay. The well-written conclusion helps the audience recollect all the important details and the major theme of the work.

Persuasive Essay Template

If you do not know how to write a persuasive essay, it is always useful to look through the persuasive essay templates to get an idea of how it should look like. The structure of a standard persuasive essay is the following:

  • Paragraph 1: Elucidate your opinion.

(Think about the best natural park in Canada to explore the wilderness with your group mates, being involved in environmental projects). Present three main motives why it is important to preserve this territory. Try to convince your readers that the location you chose is the best one. You must employ three major reasons supported by evidence and the results of a meticulous investigation.

  • Paragraph 2: Present your initial indispensable motive, explaining its main points.
  • Paragraph 3: Present your second crucial motive, which comprises the core of your argument. It has to involve the strongest elements of persuasion.
  • Paragraph 4: Continue supporting your opinion with the third important motive you investigated.
  • Paragraph 5: Become as convincing as possible in this paragraph as this is your last option to persuade your readers that your opinion is reasonable and significant.
  1. Focus on the sentences that conclude and paraphrase your opinion (why this Canadian national park is the best one for environmental projects).
  2. Reiterate the strongest arguments you previously mentioned.

Elements of a Persuasive Essay

Elements of a Persuasive Essay

These are the foundational elements of a persuasive essay that usually consist of five paragraphs:

  1. Introduction

Hook: This element exists to grab the attention of your target audience. Ponder on a profound citation, unusual case scenario, rhetorical question, or describe the subject matter in a unique way.

Thesis statement: Present your opinion confidently and distinctly. (1 sentence)

Arguments: Reveal three substantial arguments that would further lead your line of persuasion. Elucidate them in a nutshell. (1-3 sentences)

  1. The First Paragraph

Reread your primary paragraph where your first argument is briefly presented. Start elucidating its main points, amalgamating them with supportive examples. A good transition sentence should also be a part of it.

  1. The Second Paragraph

Start working with your subsequent argument to create another paragraph.

The essential elements of this sequence must include trustworthy citations, examples of other experts’ researches, veritable statistics, as well as facts. There also must be a well-written transition sentence.

  1. The Third Paragraph

Start elaborating on your third argument to create an efficient paragraph about it. This is your last chance to use all the authentic sources and studies to prove the resourcefulness of your opinion.

  1. Conclusion

It should embody a perfect amalgamation of your thesis statement, arguments, as well as final thoughts. You should not simply paraphrase your previous points of view, as your task is to write a strong closing statement intertwined with your foundational hook.

How to Start a Persuasive Essay? A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Start a Persuasive Essay

If you understand how to start a persuasive essay, it means the prewriting phase will not seem tricky for you, but it still needs patience and scrupulous attention to detail.

This section involves planning your essay structure and writing down the essential components. The key tips are:

  1. Choose a topic that encourages your own thinking. You cannot become persuasive if you are not confident about a certain subject. You must ponder on the topic that illustrates your knowledge and evokes your interest as an investigator. Brainstorming is crucial as it helps your brain scan all the found resources to highlight the strongest points.
  2. Study your readers’ inclinations. You should meticulously estimate your audience and find the trigger to keep their attention. It is beneficial to discover the main reason why your readers would favor your opinion.
  3. Collect vast resources and solid evidence. Thorough research never relies only on one source. You must turn into a collector of versatile material related to your research. You should not merely rely on Internet resources. Make questionnaires for both professors and students. Delve into library bibliography that can be more accurate than the data from random websites. Do not forget to write significant information down. Every substantial evidence should be arranged separately in order for you to find it easily in the process of task implementation.

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How to Write a Conclusion for a Persuasive Essay

Despite a variety of tips presented above, you still have to learn how to write a conclusion for a persuasive essay to make your oeuvre complete. The final significant section of your paper should consist of the conclusion paragraph divided into three parts. If to scrutinize these sections, your main tasks are to support the thesis statement once again, explain the most convincing reasons that appear in your essay, and create a call to action. When restarting your thesis, you must present your opinion in an affirmative way. It has to sound like proof of your veritable position.

Dedicate two influential sentences to reiterating your strongest reasons, employing transitions to these judgments. Your call to action re-conceptualizes your argument by dint of triggers of influence. This tricky task is not only to make your readers follow your judgments, but also contribute to the realization of your ideas. The audience must finally believe that it is their turn to promote the same concept you researched as you persuaded them that your opinion is an authoritative one. As a leader of opinion, it is essential that you suggest the plan of action or certain advice on how to implement the discussed matter in practice. Keep in mind, your tone must be spirit-stirring and enthusiastic.

Popular Persuasive Essay Topics Infographics 2020

Most Popular Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School

  1. Does the vast Internet access negatively affect adolescents?
  2. How do video games with realistic special effects influence young people?
  3. Why higher education is important even in the world of alternative opportunities?
  4. What should schools implement to eradicate bullying?
  5. Does television influence our perception of real life?
  6. Nature and young people. How can you contribute to environmental conservation?
  7. Persuasive essay on school uniforms.
  8. Prove that arts education is as significant as other subjects.
  9. Challenges every contemporary student should take up.
  10. How does mainstream culture influence youngsters? Choose an opinion to support it or object it.
  11. Social media accounts used by children must not be spied by parents.
  12. How can the mentality of a certain country affect an individual way of thinking?
  13. What is more essential in a competition: to win or take part in it?
  14. The myths and facts of climate change. What is happening for real?
  15. What human rights are indispensable regarding general education?
  16. Persuasive essay about smoking.
  17. Persuasive essay about bullying.
  18. Persuasive essay on transition words.
  19. Can we amalgamate science and religion in the Digital Age?
  20. Why school should start a later persuasive essay.

Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

Persuasive Topics for Writing Essay in High School

  1. Tolerance is not always the right choice.
  2. The advantages and disadvantages of smartphones in educational establishments
  3. Persuasive essay about education.
  4. Legalization of marijuana. Reasons and motives.
  5. Death penalty persuasive essay.
  6. Global warming persuasive essay.
  7. Are airports secure for real? Choose the safest airport in the world and persuade your readers about it.
  8. The negative effect of birth control on general health.
  9. The influence of sex education on students’ self-awareness.
  10. Free Wi-Fi spreads too fast. The investigation of its effects on people’s health.
  11. Qualification does not always reflect genuine knowledge. Prove this point.
  12. Though animal product testing is deemed unethical, humanity still practices it. Why?
  13. The benefits of exchange programs.
  14. Should high school students study international religions?
  15. Texting while driving a persuasive essay.
  16. Exotic animals should not be kept as pets.
  17. Should adults and minors have the same punishment for serious crimes?
  18. Gun control persuasive essay?
  19. Should paper books be replaced by digitized copies in the future?
  20. Should students get paid for good grades persuasive essay?

College Persuasive Essay Topics

College Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. College textbooks and iPads. Prove that we still need both to study.
  2. Special courses to monitor students’ passions and aptitudes should be implemented.
  3. Skipping classes for the sake of hobbies: is it always bad?
  4. Animal testing persuasive essay.
  5. Reasons to eliminate student loans.
  6. The importance of socialization with other students.
  7. Abilities that summer classes bring to unconfident students.
  8. How part-time jobs influence students’ independence.
  9. Dress code persuasive essay.
  10. Drunk driving persuasive essay.
  11. The most vulnerable audience to cyber-attacks.
  12. Creation of new environmentally-friendly programs by students.
  13. Persuasive essay on gay marriage.
  14. Gender equality is still a myth of a modern world.
  15. Why you should go to college persuasive essay.
  16. Parent classes positively influence decisions to adopt children.
  17. How the existing tax system should be improved.
  18. Romeo and Juliet's persuasive essay.
  19. The difference between European and American universities.
  20. The alternatives to TED Talks students should create themselves.

Sports Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive Topics for Essay about Sports

  1. Do we have to perceive cheerleading as a full-fledged sport?
  2. Banning animal sports as a means to eradicate cruelty.
  3. Why sports programs reimbursement in colleges is too high.
  4. Reasons to provide more scholarships for students who take part in sports competitions.
  5. There are many excellent sportsmen, but there are always fewer seamless coaches.
  6. Sports and mental health: how these things are related.
  7. Can female coaches work with male athletes?
  8. Ruining stereotypes about bodybuilding for women.
  9. Can men and women compete equally?
  10. Sports as a panacea. Can it make people happier?
  11. Countries where sports activities are integral to the whole society.
  12. A risky opinion: steroids should be widely legalized because of the hyperactive pace of life.
  13. Widespread corruption in FIFA. Ways to conquer it.
  14. Is Michael Jordan the most successful basketball player ever known?
  15. The roles of command and control in pitching.
  16. Why should cyber-sportsmen not be deemed, professional athletes?
  17. Eating disorders in female athletes because of unrealistic images on the web.
  18. Ways to prevent serious injuries in adolescent athletes.
  19. Individual and expert opinions on the prevention of panic attacks in athletes.
  20. Stress resistance of female athletes. Do women need a special approach?

Animal Persuasive Essay Topics

Animal Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. While we try to protect endangered species, we do not pay attention to the problems related to widespread animals.
  2. Should animal dissection be banned?
  3. Medical cases where testing on animals can be justified.
  4. The investigations of animals’ reactions similar to the ones of people.
  5. Animals in decent zoos are protected in comparison to their habitat in the wilderness.
  6. Animal therapy: lonely people need companion pets.
  7. Euthanasia persuasive essay: The malpractice of stray animals’ euthanasia in developing countries.
  8. Vegetarian perception: why consuming animal products is unethical.
  9. Genetic modification of livestock does not diminish moral concerns about animal treatment.
  10. The major human activities that made animal species endangered.
  11. The cruelty of people towards animals. Why do we still think we are “higher beings”?
  12. Sport hunting is an outdated practice that should not exist in the modern world.
  13. The dilemma of choice: experiments with chimpanzees are the most successful ones, but also the cruelest ones as we deal with animals who have consciousness.
  14. Arachnophobia is one of the most irrational fears.
  15. Modern circuses should exist without animals.
  16. The dangers of keeping exotic pets.
  17. Dolphins are unique mammals that should be more meticulously studied and protected.
  18. The creation of the “Constitution for Pets” to protect animal rights.
  19. Is animal intellect a myth?
  20. All pet owners should implant microchips into their animals.

Medical Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive Topics to Write about in Medical Essay

  1. Herbal and mineral-based medication is better than chemical pills.
  2. Persuasive essay about technology.
  3. Dangerous diseases people should be more aware of.
  4. Regular health examinations save many lives.
  5. Healthcare procedures must be made free of charge.
  6. The health threats of birth control pills we do not always know.
  7. The burning issue of feigned medical workers.
  8. The distorted influence of plastic surgery on people’s self-perception.
  9. Imposing taxes on junk food to educate a healthier nation.
  10. Why sexual education scares certain categories of parents.
  11. Blood donation as a form of altruism.
  12. Alcohol restriction does not protect teens against harmful habits.
  13. Persuasive essay on abortions.
  14. Medical advancements to replace chemotherapy.
  15. The revival of alternative medicine by means of more progressive approaches.
  16. Legalizing marijuana persuasive essay.
  17. Persuasive essay on vaccines.
  18. Unusual but effective ways to cure infertility.
  19. Individuals with bipolar disorders are among us. Statistics and symptoms.
  20. Fake healthy eating tips on social media.

Environmental Persuasive Essay Topics

Environmental Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Discovering the depths of seas: the dangers we do not speak about.
  2. Recycling persuasive essay: Poor ethics of recycling in third-world countries.
  3. The usage of oil in the cosmetics industry poses a threat to our health.
  4. Massive deforestation in Eastern Europe.
  5. Caring about the environment is more essential than improving human genetics.
  6. The wilderness in Alaska needs protection.
  7. The necessity to replace regular cars with electro mobiles.
  8. The pain of eco-friendly bibliophiles: paper books destroy our trees.
  9. The main causes of earthquakes in New Zealand.
  10. Human activities lie behind coral bleaching.
  11. Terms overused by radical environmentalists.
  12. Organ donation persuasive essay.
  13. Carbon tax as an ecological achievement of the nearest future.
  14. The importance of missions to teach less developed countries to use renewable energy.
  15. What lies behind the green IT.
  16. Multifaceted creatures: why we need to save marine mammals.
  17. Is it even possible to get rid of plastic?
  18. How overpopulation aggravates climate change issues.
  19. The evidence that the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has contributed to an abundance of beneficial environmental projects.
  20. The ecological menaces of dwelling in urban areas.

Persuasive Essay Topics about Music

Persuasive Essay Topics about Music

  1. A singer who does not play a musical instrument cannot be regarded as a professional musician.
  2. Music education helps to develop other essential skills.
  3. Dance and music lessons should be combined.
  4. The inequality of salaries of American and European musicians.
  5. The challenges musicians face investing in a personal band.
  6. It is not enough to have a decent musical hearing to become a professional musician.
  7. Why bass guitarists are often underestimated.
  8. Ruining the myth about death metal and suicides.
  9. Music as the most effective approach to improve mental wellbeing.
  10. Gothic music as the aesthetics of morbid symbols. Unveiling the dark philosophy in songs.
  11. Jazz influences our brains as mellifluous math: it makes us more intelligent.
  12. Why pop music negatively affects general erudition.
  13. How hard rock influences our outlook.
  14. People lose interest in classical music in its initial form.
  15. The Information Age as an amalgamation of music epochs.
  16. Old-school genres successfully revive in the modern world.
  17. The primitiveness of mainstream music makes people sillier.
  18. Why rap cannot be deemed genuine music.
  19. Vinyl mania: why Generation Z is addicted to vintage records.
  20. The evil of free downloads. Music piracy in developing countries as a sensitive issue.

Persuasive Essay Topics on Economics

Persuasive Topics for Economics Essay Writing

  1. The elegance of going bankrupt: how millionaires lose it all.
  2. The benevolence of capitalism: canceling the debts of third world states.
  3. Earning money through social media.
  4. The damaging effects of outsourcing projects for the national economy.
  5. Huge companies pose a threat to small businesses.
  6. Salary inconsistencies between male and female workers.
  7. The World Bank does not help to eradicate poverty.
  8. 21st-century monopolies.
  9. Ageism issues regarding entry-level employees despite their knowledge and skills.
  10. Even good leaders are not protected against bankruptcy.
  11. The role of proper advertisement for microeconomic markets.
  12. Creativity is your benefit to achieve success.
  13. Why some people in first-class countries remain unemployed.
  14. Marketing trends that destabilize the global economy.
  15. Prices do not reflect the purchasing ability of regular consumers.
  16. How the food industry helps the American economy thrive.
  17. Alternative opinion: why female professionals should earn more than their male colleagues.
  18. Pricing wars of the future: reasons and insinuations.
  19. Reasons to ban gambling worldwide.
  20. Internet shopping effects on globalization.

Persuasive Essay Topics on Business

Persuasive Essay Topics on Business

  1. Inherited leadership is a myth: it is a matter of meticulous self-cultivation.
  2. Ways to take full advantage of a small company’s profits.
  3. How to keep your employers stirred due to a better pay scale.
  4. Only leaders are able to suggest genuine innovations.
  5. When it is impractical to invest in social media promotions.
  6. Business without good communication skills is useless.
  7. Introverts are more elaborate businesspersons.
  8. Ways to initiate a new business after thorough market research.
  9. Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone.
  10. The advantages and triggers of cold emailing.
  11. How to keep your customers interested.
  12. Market position awareness for medium corporations.
  13. Awards for clients make your business more successful.
  14. Persuasive essay about social media.
  15. Blogging for business as a means to attract young clientele.
  16. Future businesses will involve more freelancers.
  17. Experience leaders must share with their followers.
  18. Transformation of the negative feedback into new opportunities.
  19. How to turn even the most whimsical hobby into a fruitful business idea.
  20. How to become a businessman without a penny.

Political Persuasive Essay Topics

Political Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. The dark side of democracy: secrets behind the kind mask.
  2. Media silence regarding the Middle East makes peace campaigns valueless.
  3. Freedom of speech is dangerous in several post-Soviet countries.
  4. Why even an excellent President should serve only one term.
  5. Detrimental American policies regarding the rights of aboriginal people.
  6. The pros and cons of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s governorship.
  7. Hate politicians can embody dystopian plots in reality.
  8. Superstars should never become politicians.
  9. Voting choices for democratic immigrants.
  10. The idea of global leadership is utopian.
  11. Educational establishments should become apolitical.
  12. Why the world cannot exist without politics.
  13. If people cannot have power, then all democratic efforts are useless.
  14. Reasons to maintain immunity for politicians.
  15. Journalism as a fourth power.
  16. The risks of supporting economically uneven nations.
  17. Why Abraham Lincoln is the unique President of all time.
  18. Persuasive essay on immigration.
  19. Political campaigns to eradicate poverty.
  20. The probability of technocratic societies in the future.

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