Top 240 Expository Essay Topics: Unleash Your Writing Potential

Topics for Expository Essay

What Is an Expository Essay and Its Principles of Writing?

What is an expository essay? The very word ‘to expose’ means to reveal or uncover something. Normally, it relates to discovering something or unveiling something. As a rule, the process of exposition is connected with informing others and letting others know about something. Thus, it is evident that an expository essay also deals with the process of uncovering some facts or issues. If you have been assigned to write an expository essay, keep in mind that your core purpose is to illustrate, explain or clarify some information so that it becomes clear to the general audience. If you are working on expository writing, you need to keep in mind that there are different types of expository essays. Specifically, there are five major categories.

What Is an Expository Essay

5 Different Types of Expository Essays

  1. Descriptive Type

The main goal of this essay is to describe a specific phenomenon, issue, fact, whatsoever by appealing to the readers` senses. As such, one needs to vividly describe the main topic, use figurative language when needed, etc.

  1. Process Type

The main purpose of this type of writing is to demonstrate the process of some action. For example, you may describe how to do something or how to perform some action.

  1. Comparison and Contrast Type

The main goal is to compare and contrast two things or units of something.

  1. Cause and Effect Type

When you are assigned this type of essay writing, it is essential to pinpoint the logical connection between the events or phenomena. Particularly, you need to specify the causes and subsequent effects of something related to your given topic.

  1. Problem and Solution Type

The core idea is to identify and narrate about a problem and find the best solution to it. It is also essential to be logical and concise when working on this type of essay writing.

How Are a Persuasive Essay and an Expository Essay Different?

As you might have already derived from the content, an expository essay is more related to providing information, clarification, and explanation of a specific subject or phenomenon. These characteristics make an expository essay a neutral type of writing.

Expository Essay vs Argumentative Essay

The main difference between expository and argumentative essay writing is that the latter appeals to emotions more. When you present arguments, you want to make them strong and convincing hence appealing to the emotions and beliefs of your target audience.

What Is the Purpose of an Expository Essay?

What Is the Purpose of an Expository Essay

If you wonder, ‘What is the purpose of an expository essay?’ be sure that it lies in the proper explanation of a topic in a structured and logical manner. This type of essay writing presents a balanced and concise analysis of the given subject that is predominantly based on facts without referring to the writer`s emotions, opinions, and beliefs. Instead, your main goal is to explain a topic in a clear and concise form. Your explanation should be well understood by your readers.

Expository Essay Outline

If you want to have a well-structured expository essay, be sure that it is strongly recommended to come up with a clear expository essay outline. Check out the following template:

  1. Introductory paragraph. Make sure you provide a catchy introduction that hooks the attention of your readers and provides specific details about the topic. It should be clear from the introduction what your paper is about. Make sure to finish the introductory paragraph with a strong and clear thesis statement.
  2. Start developing body paragraph one. Provide a topic sentence at the beginning. Make sure it relates to the first aspect of the topic mentioned in the thesis statement. Afterward, provide supporting details and clear examples. Finish the body paragraph with a closing sentence – it should analytically summarize what you have discussed in the body paragraph.
  3. Do the same for body paragraph two.
  4. Do the same for body paragraph three and the rest of body paragraphs (if you have them depending on the paper length).
  5. Provide a conclusion. You need to reiterate the thesis statement without repeating it in the same words. Remember that you are not allowed to introduce any new points in the conclusion. Make sure all the points you have discussed throughout the essay are connected with a common subject and universal theme.

Expository Essay Writing Techniques

After having a look at the outline template, you might probably ask what is the best way of working on the outline. Actually, there are specific techniques that may ease this process for you. Check it out:

  1. Provide a list of facts you have come up with while thinking about your topic. Some of them may not directly relate to the theme and it is perfectly normal. Therefore, just write a list of everything that comes to your mind and that is associated with your topic for you. You may change the facts in the very writing process or may even change your ideas as you are working on your draft. So far, you just need to brainstorm ideas.
  2. Focus on the central idea of the essay. Even though it is not obligatory to focus on one idea only as you are working on an expository essay, you still need to provide a thesis statement, which usually focuses on some specific aspects. There is no need to prove your point of view but you need to be able to explain it.
  3. After you have formulated the thesis, switch over to outlining the main points you will develop in the body paragraphs. So far you do not need to make a detailed plan but you need to identify the directions of your paper. For example, if you are writing about yoga in your paper, what aspects of yoga will you focus on?
  4. Now it is time to create a detailed and comprehensive outline. Once you have the basic idea of what you will focus on in the paper, be sure to delve into specifics and provide the outline. In case you lack time to do the outline properly, you can stop on the previous step. After you have finished working on the expository essay outline, you are free to move on to writing. Provide the rough draft, revise and proofread it, and then provide the final draft, which you will be ready to submit.

Expository Essay Topics for Middle School Students

Expositoty Essay Topics for Middle School Students

Since expository essays are assigned by professors starting from middle school, it is great to have ideas for brilliant expository essay topics for middle school students. Check them out:

  1. What are the pros and cons of your parents` upbringing style?
  2. What do you like most about cooking?
  3. What is your favorite cartoon?
  4. What would you do and what occupation would you like to have if you could live forever?
  5. What was your initial day of middle school like?
  6. What societal issues, in your opinion, are not managed effectively nowadays?
  7. If you could design your own world, what would it be like?
  8. Do you believe that alcohol, smoking, and drugs can actually help some teenagers solve some of their problems?
  9. How it is possible to combine studying, social life and a part-time job?
  10. What are the reasons for divorce and what impacts does it have on children`s academic performance?
  11. How have Internet-enabled people to communicate easier?
  12. Pros and cons of the Internet in relation to studying.
  13. At what age can a person become financially independent of adults (for example, parents)? Do some people have a specific disposition towards it?
  14. The relation between teenage depression and suicide rates.
  15. What subjects are considered to be appealing to middle school students?
  16. How can a student overcome the crisis in studying?
  17. Why can it be so hard for a middle school student to ask for assistance and advice from the professor?
  18. What are the benefits of middle school student life?
  19. How to manage time between studying and free time?
  20. Why is it so important to have friends while you are at school?

Expository Essay Topics for High School Students

Expositoty Essay Topics for High School Students

Check out the following expository essay topics for high school students if you belong to this category:

  1. Who is your role model?
  2. What criteria should one possess in order to become your role model?
  3. Would you like to be a celebrity? What would you do? Would you like to be a famous singer, actor, etc.?
  4. What is your favorite music genre? What do you get when you listen to this music?
  5. Do you believe that anyone can develop leadership qualities and become a leader? Why?
  6. What character traits should a person have in order to become a leader?
  7. Do you believe that artificial intelligence will soon become an inseparable part of everyone`s life?
  8. What could happen to the world and humankind if people could find some type of conscious life that is a bit less developed than we are?
  9. What are you most passionate about? Why is that pastime or hobby so interesting for you?
  10. If you could encounter any famous person or historical figure from the past, who would it be? Why?
  11. If you had a chance to come up with three superpowers, what would you choose?
  12. If you could get only one superpower, what would you choose?
  13. Would you personally prefer to live in a flat or a house?
  14. Are fast-food restaurants the core reason why people are more and more prone to obesity?
  15. Do you believe in the concept of healthy eating? Can people be sure that they are eating healthily?
  16. How to maintain a healthy life balance starting from teenage years/
  17. Should sport be an obligatory activity for every person starting from childhood?
  18. What makes you feel secure in modern society?
  19. What is the nature of protests? Is their main aim to get attention from the media?
  20. How can a person change his/ her life once he/ she starts getting immense attention from the media?

Expository Essay Topics for College Students

Expository Essay Topics for College Students

If you are already a college student, you may find the following expository essay topics for college students interesting to pay attention to:

  1. Is it fair that traffic laws are not always followed by policemen?
  2. Why is the American court not as strict when it comes to punishing those who are guilty of abuse in families?
  3. How can social services check whether people claiming for social insurance are really ill or just pretend to be? What are the best ways of uncovering these fraudulent activities?
  4. Do you agree that the elderly population faces more challenges in daily lives as compared with the previous generations?
  5. Explain why you have chosen a specific major in college?
  6. Are you aware of the history of your college?
  7. From what background do most students of your college come from?
  8. What do all students have in common with one another at your college?
  9. What differences have you noticed among students of your college?
  10. Interview one of the professors of your college. Narrate about his/ her personal history and background.
  11. What are the main reasons why students unite in communities such as fraternities or sororities?
  12. Are there ways to maintain good health while eating at a college campus?
  13. How to prioritize activities while still being a freshman? What challenges may arise?
  14. How has your studying at college changed your life?
  15. What is the best way to choose one of two extracurricular activities? How to choose if you have a long list of desired activities?
  16. What is the best way to study for the final exams?
  17. What are the ways to survive during the first weeks at college?
  18. How can you find a great roommate?
  19. Is it possible to help a suicidal friend?
  20. How can it be easier for a student to overcome homesickness?

Expository Essay Topics University Level

Expository Essay Topics University Level

  1. What happens to juvenile delinquents when they break the law?
  2. What is the main reason why people become homeless?
  3. What are the best ways to help the needy?
  4. What are the main reasons why teenagers flee from home?
  5. How does a divorce in a family affect teenagers in terms of security, education, nutrition, and hygiene?
  6. What are the ways of tackling discrimination in university?
  7. What is it like to live in poverty? What main challenges do the students encounter?
  8. What interventions could work out well when it comes to tackling bullying?
  9. What impact do different social media have on relationship and communication?
  10. What are the causes and effects of obesity among youths?
  11. Why are there increasing rates of autism?
  12. Would you like to become a scientist who discovers new facts about the brain and its functioning?
  13. Do you think that at a time when robots start living on a planet together with people they will have the same rights?
  14. How is a family affected when they have a child with physical and mental impairments?
  15. What are the causes of depression among young people?
  16. Why are so many teenagers and youths more susceptible to mental diseases?
  17. Is psychotherapy effective when dealing with teenage problems?
  18. What are the prospects and advantages of online learning?
  19. How can one improve memory?
  20. How do you understand the term «altruism»?

Expository Essay Topics from Students

Students of different academic levels (from high school to undergraduate) are assigned expository essay topics on a regular basis. Whatever topic you are assigned or you choose on your own, it is essential to focus the narration on facts rather than your personal beliefs and feelings. Check out some of the most widespread expository essay topics that are assigned:

  1. Who is the most admirable person for you among the celebrities? Why?
  2. Who of people you know should be regarded as a leader? What makes him/ her a leader?
  3. Why do some parents bring up children in a strict way?
  4. If you could own any animal (either a domestic or a wild one), what would it be?
  5. Do you have a favorite teacher? Why do you admire him/ her?
  6. Why do some areas have established curfews for children and youths?
  7. Why do some students have no other option but to leave home and schooling as soon as they turn 16?
  8. How does frequent moving from one place to the other impact teens?
  9. Why is it so important for teenagers to get their driving licenses?
  10. What are the major causes of stress in children`s and teens` lives?
  11. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of being a team worker.
  12. Outline some of the abstract phenomena or things that make you happy.
  13. What are the main reasons for teenagers to commit suicide? Please explain.
  14. The role of music in your life?
  15. The impact of different music genres on different individuals.
  16. What are the most drastic consequences of skipping school?
  17. What identifies teenagers` preferences in specific music genres?
  18. What are the main reasons why children are exposed to different addictions and deviations in behavior while at school?
  19. How can a student deal with the problem if he/ she has been expelled from school?
  20. The main reasons why teen girls prefer makeup and fashionable clothes.

Topics for Expository Essay Writing on Social Issues

Often topics for expository essay writing dealing with social issues are controversial and easy to write about. Why? - Because students may be passionate about writing on them and thus be more involved in the process of writing. Check out some of the popular topics:

  1. Importance and effect of taking part in the elections.
  2. What career prospects can a person have if he/ she dropped out of college?
  3. What are the drastic consequences of addiction to drugs, smoking, and alcohol among teens?
  4. Has teenage pregnancy become a normal occurrence in the current period?
  5. Benefits and drawbacks of wearing a school uniform in an obligatory manner.
  6. What are the main things that you would improve in your country if you were the president?
  7. In case of divorce within a family, who should a teenager choose to stay with: a mother or a father? What does it depend on?
  8. What does it mean to be tolerant?
  9. What are the main principles that should be adhered to when you hear the phrase «code of ethics»?
  10. What is the main consequence of the long-term Internet addiction of children and teenagers?
  11. What are the ethical challenges behind euthanasia?
  12. Would you like to live in the world without corporal punishment?
  13. Is there a need to implement strict gun control?
  14. How can the concept of ‘honor’ be evident in society?
  15. Are there perfect ways of eliminating racism and discrimination?
  16. Can abortion be claimed to be morally wrong in 100% of cases? Should it be banned?
  17. What are the main ways to keep fit?
  18. The short-term and long-term effects of eating healthy products.
  19. The relation between poverty rates and numerous diseases and epidemics in the modern world.
  20. The impact of Internet usage on people`s IQ level.

Expository Essay Topics about Education

Expository Essay Topics About Education

If you have not been assigned a specific topic about education and you are at a loss what to write about, be sure that you can look through the following list of expository essay topics about education and choose the perfect one for you:

  1. Why are so many adults are still illiterate in the modern world?
  2. What are the causes and effects of widespread illiteracy among different societies?
  3. Is it possible for a person to get a high-quality education from home?
  4. What are the best methods for improving the educational sector in the country where you live?
  5. Do you believe there are specific subjects that can be better taught at home?
  6. Is it fair in relation to the other students that the athletes and sportsmen get scholarships?
  7. Does higher education have an influence on your future career?
  8. Explain the peculiarities and differences of going to public school versus private school.
  9. Do you believe that the word «smart» has the same meaning as the word «educated»?
  10. What subjects would you personally exclude from the school curriculum?
  11. What are the criteria of a good teacher?
  12. What is the brightest memory connected with schooling from your childhood?
  13. What is the most striking and memorable success in sports?
  14. What is the first memory of yours as you went to primary school?
  15. What was your favorite discipline at school? What made it so outstanding for you?
  16. Who was your favorite teacher at school? How has he/ she impacted your personality?
  17. Outline five aspects that are most important and influential for you in terms of your upbringing.
  18. What is the literary work that inspired or encouraged you to study better?
  19. If you were to create your own school system, what would it be like?
  20. What is your favorite movie about school or education?

Expository Writing Topics

Expository writing is a form of writing that gives information based on facts. Expository writing mainly involves coming up with an idea, finding evidence, giving an explanation on the idea and presenting a sensible argument. Expository writing includes an introduction, the plot, and the conclusion. Some expository writing topics are;

  1. What career would you want to engage yourself in and why?
  2. Would you prefer half-day learning or full-day learning? Explain.
  3. Which is your favorite subject at school and why?
  4. Parents would do what it takes to cater to their children’s needs. If you were a very poor parent, what would you do to make sure your children never lack?
  5. Corruption is one of the major problems bringing down our economy. If you were put in charge of fighting corruption, what would you do?
  6. 16th birthday is in two weeks. Choose a suitable place where you would want to go and explain why.
  7. If you were to choose a celebrity to attend your party, who would you choose and why?
  8. Which is your favorite part of a novel and why?
  9. Which country if given the chance would you visit?
  10. Nowadays there are both online and classroom lessons. Which kind of lessons would you prefer and why?
  11. Your best friend happens to be a bully and you don’t like it. What would you do to make sure he stops bullying students?
  12. Exercise is very important in our lives. Which would be your reasons for exercising?
  13. Which elements do you consider most important in life and why?
  14. There are many problems in our society. Which problem concerns you the most and which solutions would you give?
  15. Which is your favorite holiday and why?
  16. Would you prefer to live in a big city or in the countryside? Give reasons.
  17. Which rule do you consider the most important in your school and why?
  18. Who is your favorite teacher and why?
  19. What are the benefits of having computers in an institution?
  20. Why is it important to have a good relationship between teachers and students?
  21. Your neighborhood has had a blackout for five days now. Write down what you would do to keep yourself busy, the means of lighting you would use and why.
  22. Imagine your home is under attack by burglars. Give a description of the place where you would hide.
  23. One of your friends lost her parents. Describe what you will do to help her get back on her feet.
  24. You are planning to move from your home to another place. Describe the place you are moving to.
  25. Write down what you would want to be changed in your school.
  26. Describe the best lesson you ever attended.
  27. Describe the most special day in your life.
  28. Write about the best pet you have ever had.
  29. Write down the advantages and disadvantages of rising technology.
  30. Describe your favorite sport.
  31. Write down the good qualities of your best friend.
  32. Your aunt is visiting for a weekend at your house. Write down the directions to your place.
  33. Write down what you would prefer between a movie and a novel and why.
  34. Write down what you would do to prevent an endangered species from becoming extinct.
  35. Write down a recipe for your favorite meal.
  36. Elections are about to start at your school. Write about the post you would prefer and why.
  37. Write about your worst experience in school.
  38. People have started dumping waste irresponsibly in your neighborhood. Give measures you would take to stop this habit.
  39. Write about your role model and what you admire about them.
  40. Think of one nutritious drink that you would want to be introduced to in your school cafeteria and write about it.
  41. Write ways on how you would deal with a conflict in your school.
  42. Write about something or someone who is very important in your life.
  43. A certain area has been hard hit by an epidemic. Write measures which would be taken to prevent it from spreading.
  44. Write about how you think your life will be like in 20 years to come.
  45. Write down the importance of a person utilizing their talent from childhood.
  46. Write down how obesity affects a person’s life.
  47. One of the families in your area has lost their home to fire. Explain how you would help them.
  48. Give the advantages and disadvantages of going on a space flight.
  49. Write about your favorite tv show and explain why you find it interesting.
  50. Explain how you would use your first salary.
  51. Everyone has a talent. Write about your talent and its advantages.
  52. Write down the causes and effects of World War II.
  53. Write down the effects of colonization on African countries.
  54. Write down the effects of the Titanic capsizing.
  55. Write down the History of the first president and his reign.
  56. Explain how aeroplanes came to existence and their advantages.
  57. Describe the evolution of man.
  58. Describe the means of transport and communication used in the 19th century.
  59. Write about different languages and how they came to be.
  60. Write a letter to your principal explaining why your performance is deteriorating.
  61. Write a report about your trip to the museum.
  62. Write a letter to your teacher explaining why you did not attend a lesson.
  63. One of the members of the student council is failing in his duty. Write a letter to your principal explaining why he has failed.
  64. Write a letter to a company where you would want to be employed and include your qualifications.
  65. Write a letter to your favorite author explaining why you like his/ her books.
  66. Write a letter to the ministry in charge of water complaining about unclean water in your area.
  67. Write a letter to your best friend describing the experience you had on a trip.
  68. Write a letter to your parents including the details of what you would like them to bring when they visit you in school.
  69. You wronged your best friend and you want to get back together. Write a letter apologizing to him/her and explain why you did the mistake.
  70. The impact of social media on interpersonal communication.
  71. The role of artificial intelligence in the future of work.
  72. The importance of mental health awareness in schools.
  73. The effects of climate change on global agriculture.
  74. How to develop effective time management skills.
  75. The pros and cons of online learning versus traditional classroom education.
  76. The history and evolution of the feminist movement.
  77. The benefits and drawbacks of nuclear energy.
  78. Strategies for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
  79. The role of the United Nations in promoting global peace and security.
  80. The impact of music therapy on mental health and well-being.
  81. The influence of cultural diversity on global business practices.
  82. The benefits of adopting a plant-based diet for personal health and the environment.
  83. The role of space exploration in advancing scientific knowledge and technology.
  84. The impact of parental involvement in children's academic success.
  85. The ethics of animal testing in scientific research.
  86. The history and significance of the Olympic Games.
  87. The role of meditation and mindfulness in stress reduction and mental health.
  88. The impact of globalization on local cultures and traditions.
  89. The importance of financial literacy and personal finance education.
  90. The effects of caffeine on the human body and cognitive function.
  91. The role of renewable energy sources in mitigating climate change.
  92. The history and development of the internet and its impact on society.
  93. The importance of early childhood education for lifelong learning and success.
  94. The benefits of regular physical activity on overall health and well-being.
  95. The impact of the gig economy on traditional employment structures and job security.
  96. The role of public libraries in promoting literacy and lifelong learning.
  97. The history of civil rights movements and their impact on society.
  98. The science behind the placebo effect and its implications for medical research.
  99. The impact of urbanization on the environment and natural resources.
  100. The role of genetic engineering in agriculture and food production.

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