17 Best College Party Ideas

Best College Party Ideas

College years are remembered not only for rush papers, deadlines, failed grades and terrible teachers. The positive memory in students’ minds is usually associated with sleepless nights and parties. Pajama party, ugly sweater party or masquerade party? What are the party theme ideas collegestudents will remember throughout the entire life? Probably, college students will memorize the craziest and the most original college party themes. If you are looking for the best party theme ideas college students will be impressed, check out our 17top college theme party ideaslist!

17 College Theme Party Ideas

  1. ABC-1 party – Anything But Clothes

    Clothes are not permitted. Members should use their creativity to create the clothes-free attire. Tape, shower curtain, blanket, newspapers, bags, bowls (instead of bra), boxes and foil. Everything except for real clothes is good to go!

  2. ABC-2 – Anything But Cups

    Visitors are not allowed to drink from cups. So, everyone has to bring the own thing that will be used for pouring the alcohol. Again, everything except for cups is welcome. You may use shoes, hat, cat’s bowl, vase, toy, shampoo tube, or even the baby bottle. It is funny to observe people drinking from the stupid things.

  3. Hollywood style party

    Red carpet and the attires of the celebrities! Choose your favorite actress or actor, copy her/his outfit, make-up, hairstyle and habits. This party is full of exaggeration and fun! To make the idea more entertaining, add the condition of presenting the hugest occasions and scandals of the chosen celebrities.

  4. I’m glad I’m not party

    Everyone has to wear a costume of the person, character or thing he/she is proud not to be. For example, one may hate raspberries or Pink. Way to go with showing up in such outfit.

  5. Stoplight party

    This is an excellent college party theme for those, who are in active search of their couple. Wearing green clothes means the person is single and open for relationships. Yellow means complicated (wish to meet someone, but not necessarily serious purposes). Red clothes means taken – the person has a couple. Visiting such type of a party, you do not need to guess if it is a good idea to offer a cocktail to the approaching beauty in green outfit.

  6. When I grow up party

    Everyone comes in the outfit representing his/her future profession. Someone will wear the form of a doctor or nurse. Someone will wear the outfit of the judge. Someone will come in the dress of lifeguard, policemen etc. 

  7. Casino party

    While going to Las Vegas to enjoy gambling is impossible for most students, there is a fun party idea to create the artificial casino. The money, cards, and other equipment could be toylike. Nevertheless, students would like the atmosphere of gambling.

  8. End of the world party

    Just think of the idea of apocalypses. What are you going to do? What is it better to take with you? Students wear the clothes they prefer to meet the end of the world and take the things that might help to cope with the problem. Some would bring the laptop. Others would bring mirror, toothpaste and toothbrush, matches, water or alcohol. Tips: take care of the atmosphere by turning off the lights, and making the place reminding the crash.

  9. Cartoon heroes party

    Sponge Bob, Mickey Mouse, Captain America, Scrooge McDuck, Cinderella, Bugs Bunny, Homer Simpson, Fred Flintstone, The Grinch or whatever you like! Wear the costume of your favorite cartoon character and you are welcome to the party. Such type of party is bright, kind and reminds the childhood! Isn’t it a good idea to feel 5 years old naughty?

  10. Blackout or get out party

    If you are a sober, don’t try to visit this party! The idea is that those people who cannot drink the next glass have to leave the party! This is the party for the most lasting alcohol drinkers! Have fun!

  11. House address party

    The idea behind this party is to wear an outfit that represents the fashion of the time that corresponds to your street address. It is a good idea for American big cities, where all addresses start with a 4-digit number. 1899 Coney Island Avenue – you may wear the haute couture collection dress!

  12. I can’t believe you wore that party

    Everyone wears the unbelievable costume. The funniest and craziest is the outfit – the better!

  13. Rubik’s cube party

    People come to party in different colors clothes. During the party, they have to switch the clothes to get the one-color outfit! It is really fun!

  14. Cocktail party

    Everyone wears the clothes that represent the certain type of drink: whiskey, cosmopolitan, macchiato etc. Think of people who are associated with your favorite drink (Carrie from Sex in the City is the face of Cosmopolitan), or country that is the motherland of the drink (Ireland is the Whiskey-baby).

  15. College teachers party

    Students copy the style, clothes and habits of their teachers. Teachers are not welcome.?

  16. Call me may be

    Everyone wears white shirt with the printed or written phone number on it. The person who gets the highest number of calls is the winner of the party! Besides, it is a good choice for those, who are looking for relationships as phone numbers of all party-members are available!

  17. Sweet season party

    It is very good and memorable idea for a college party. Students have to wear summer outfits in winter and winter attires in summer. Isn’t it beautiful to wear the swimming suit under your winter coat?

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Alicia Oliver:

I have never been a member of such a college party: Blackout or get out party! The winner of this party will be the most lasting alcohol drinker! I would like to see it!

Eva Simons:

There are so many amusing ideas for parties! But the best things we remember for years of college, this is crazy parties and time spent with friends!

Linda Clausen:

Wow, glad to find this article! I am a fan of college parties and every time I am waiting eagerly for them, but I could not imagine that there are so many party theme ideas and all of them are really impressive! It is great that students can have such parties, because it is the best way for them to connect their boring studying with something interesting and exciting. So now I know what college party we will have for the next time!